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Sept 11, 2011 Israel under siege by the world. Impending judgment

When the middle east countries started revolting in what is known as the Arab Spring, the world hopped that freedom and democracy were finally taking hold in the region. One by one the countries started rebelling against their dictatorial governments and those living in the democracies of the world projected their hopes and aspirations for those people.

Those of us that know the prophecies of the Bible concerning the end times and the role of these nations and Israel new better. There will not be a rash of democracies and a Renaissance of economic and cultural wealth coming to the area.

For Egypt there will be utter devastation to the extent that for forty years the whole nation will be uninhabited Ezekiel 29). Syria will have the city of Damascus wiped out completely and it will remain uninhabited forever(Isaiah 17). A similar fate awaits all the Palestinians the Turks, the Iranians, and all the other Arab and Islamic Nations of the world that are plotting to eradicate Israel of the map.

Know this all you people sinful, rebellious a full of hate. The fire in your spirit will consume you as in your blindness you go against the God who made you and the Universe around you. He is sovereign and all powerful and with your believes and actions you have become His enemies and as sure as His Word is you will be utterly destroyed.

Your ears will not hear these words so your fate is sealed already and will become true as prophesied. The whole world has been blinded by Satan who is the enemy of all your souls but who beguiles you into thinking that he is your God  and your friend and protector.

The news that are coming out of all these regions as the one below are giving testimony to these words above.

Israel you are the recipient of all the blessings and protections that will come to you in the coming years of strife, but you also have been blinded and your blindness and infidelity will bring you great pain and death. At the end of it all after more distress than the one you got at the Holocaust your eyes will see again.

Yours in Jesus Christ,


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