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Sept 29, 2011 Are the numbers 9/11 a warning also for 9/11 (September/2011) of incoming doom?

Today is Tishri 1 or the day of the feast of Trumpets called Rosh Hashanah. Many Christians are looking for the Rapture to be on a day such as this.

On a day like this on the year 2008 an economic judgement fell on America as the DOW fell 777+ points starting the economic downturn that is still plaguing the economy.

BG Ellis has posted two videos of Sid Roth program where he interviews Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn about the judgments that America has brought on their heads by disregarding His place at the heart of the Nation.

The judgements started on day 11 of month 9 of 2001 and here we are 10 years latter and America has not repented. The Nation is still in rebellion.

Did the date of 9/11 refer only to month/day or is it also a prophetic sign, harbinger, of the start of final judgment for this Nation and the rest of the world. Did 9/11 also meant month/ year bringing judgments time to the month of September of the year 2,011? These are powerful questions that time will answer, but this much is certain Israel is the key to the welfare of what will transcribe in this Nation and the world.

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BG Ellis (28 Sep 2011)
Sid Roth – The future for America with Jonathan Cahn.  THIS IS THE BEST STUDY I HAVE EVER SEEN!  MUST WATCH!!!

Sid Roth – The future for America with Jonathan Cahn:

Jonathan Cahn – Part 1


Jonathan Cahn – Part 2


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September 29, 2011 at 12:44 pm

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