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Preston (22 Nov 2011) “Is Barack Obama The Anti-Christ?”

I agree with the conclusion, Barack Hussein Obama is the Antichrist!


Preston (22 Nov 2011)
Is Barack Obama The Anti-Christ?

Here’s a great great video for those doubting Obama is the anti-christ..  Please doves, watch this video..


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November 22, 2011 at 11:19 pm

Nov 22, 2011 Bonnie Gaunt’s reaction to # 333, the Rapture, Dec. 20, 2011, and Apr. 11, 2012

Today I received this e-mail from Mr, Ron Reese. The subject is about the 24 of Kislev that falls on Dec 20, 2011. I posted a reply to Ron about his post, but did not post the post itself.

In this e-mail after the first paragraph Ron puts a link to his post. Make sure the reader does not miss it.

Mount Hermon  is also consider to be a portal where the angels have traveled back and forth from heaven and this is documented in Temple at the center of Time by Mr. David Flynn and Apollyon Rising by Tom Horn on page 322 of the book.


The post that I wrote a few days ago MAY turn out to be one of the most profound posts that I have ever written.  It was entitled, “The 333rd day of Obama’s 3rd year (Satanic #) is Kislev 24, Dec. 20, 2011”.  In that post, I showed how, using the occultic numbers of 333 and 3333, going backwards and going forwards, we amazingly arrive at the very same possible BIBLICAL (Haggai 2) date of Dec. 20, 2011, for the time of the NWO’s Planned Sudden Destruction, and, therefore, possibly the Rapture.  If nothing happens on this date, we will know that it was not profound, at all, but just a coincidence.  It is a MUST read, and I strongly encourage you to read it at the link below: 
Below is an unsolicited email that I received from Bonnie Gaunt, whom I had not heard from, in several months.  Bonnie is the author of many excellent books, on Bible gematria, and has appeared on The 700 Club.  I had the privilege in the summer of 1999, to co-host with Bonnie, a Bible Prophecy Revival in our home town, that lasted for 13 consecutive Saturday nights.  Being an expert on Bible gematria, she found my post on the occultic numbers of 333 and 3333 to be very important.  I strongly encourage you to read her reply to my post below: 
   I usually do not answer your emails because I know that you probably receive dozens of them from others and it takes much of your time to plow through them. However, your recent post regarding the number 333 is very important. I have read it over and over again since receiving it yesterday — have printed it out and highlighted it. I think you have something here that bears our utmost attention. I write this as a friend, not as a challenger. I feel that what you have written is excellent and also very important. I have also studied and written about the number 333 — and have put much of it into my 2006 book: “Jordan: the Promise Fulfilled.” Your concept of this number, and my concept of this number, are definitely not in opposition to each other. They are simply taking the two aspects of this number and fitting it into a magnificent revelation. So please bear with me. I am not trying to argue. I am trying to show the full meaning and beauty of this number and how it impacts us on the dates that you have suggested.
   I have known for a long time (and I think you have also known) that Satan is the great “counterfeiter.” I believe it was the Apostle Paul who told us that Satan appears as an angel of light — his purpose is to deceive. But the prophet Isaiah told us something about Satan that is extremely important right now. He quotes Satan as saying, “I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of the assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain (Zaphon). I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.” (The Hebrew word Zaphon means “north.”) It refers to Mount Hermon, which sits at the northern border of Israel.
   This is exactly what you have suggested in your letter. You have shown how Mount Hermon bears the numbers 333 and 333. But look at how it is used. Satan is saying that he will usurp this position and take it away from God. We already know that Satan has usurped the number 666 — and now, here, he also usurpts its two factors, 333 and 333.
   All that you have written in your letter shows Satan’s usurpation of not only the number 333, but that which 333 represents, namely, the dwelling place of God — God’s throne. You have done an excellent job of making this very plain to the reader.
   The place that Satan desired to usurp is the dwelling-place of God. Not that Mount Hermon was literally the dwelling-place of God, but that it represents the dwelling-place of God. This has been Satan’s desire from the beginning. And now we are coming to the very time when he will attempt its accomplishment.
   Below, let me quote from my book regarding Jordan and Mount Hermon. I think you will readily see the application. Satan wants the “utmost height of Zaphon.” And that is what he is going for.
“Mt. Hermon is at the lower part of the Anti-Lebanon Range, which runs about 93 miles in a northeast to southwest direction. The Hermon peak stands just north of the ancient border of Israel, providing its northern boundary.
   The mountain forms one of the greatest geographical resources in the area. Because of its magnificent height (about 9,300 feet) it captures abundant precipitation in a country that is otherwise very dry. It literally provides life for the land below.
   Meltwater from its snow-covered summit seeps into its rocky pores, providing a perennial flow of fresh pure water which becomes the Jordan river.
   Throughout history, this beautiful, lofty mountain has been given many names. The Canaanites, who once occupied the land, called it Baal-Hermon, reflecting their association of its snowy peak to their god Baal. The Sidonians called it Sirion. The Amorites called it Senir.
   One of the loving appellations given to it was “the gray-haired mountain.” A fitting observation of its snowy head. It was often called “the mountain of snow,” and sometimes called “Sion” which, in Hebrew, means “peak.”
   Mount Hermon stands in a very important geographical location in its relation to the land of Israel, and in relation to the entire plan of God for the salvation of man. The mountain represents the dwelling-place of God, and the scriptures so present it. The cool, refreshing waters which bubble up from the springs at the foot of the mountain form a waterway rich in Biblical history, and rich in symbolism of the way of salvation through Jesus Christ.
   God, speaking to Jeremiah, gave us a beautiful word picture of the life-giving pure water that flows from this lofty mountain, He said: “Does the snow of Lebanon ever vanish from its rocky slopes? Do its cool waters from distand sources ever cease to flow? (Jeremiah 18:14)
   This metaphor is far more than just poetic language. Looking deeper into its meaning opens an abundant storehouse of understanding. The “snow of Lebanon” is, of course, the snow covered peak of this lofty mountain in the Anti-Lebanon Range — the mountain that provides the water of life.
   Look again at the word “snow”. It is the Hebrew word sheleg, from a Hebrew root meaning to be snow-white. If we assign the letters of this word their numberical equivalent, and add them, the sum will be 333. In Psalm 45:6 we find the statement: “Thy throne, O God, is forever,” and it has a number value of 333. ” (end of quote from the book)
   Going over to the New Testament, we find that the Apostle Peter quoted: “Behold I lay in Sion a chief cornerstone.” It bears the number 333. “Sion” is another name for Mt. Hermon — and it literally means “peak.” And the Apostle John (3:14) called Jesus “The Son of Man” which also has a number value of 333. Put it all together and we have beautiful snow-covered Mount Hermon bearing this magnificent number — 333. But it is not called Satan’s throne. It is called God’s throne.
   This is the place that Isaiah said Satan desired to usurp. And you have beautifully shown, in your most recent letter, just how Satan is going to do it. And I agree with you that before One World Government can be set up, there must be a world-wide conflagration such as the world has never seen. It will be short-lived, and will result in the setting up of New World Order.
   Going back to the symbol, the snows on Mount Hermon melt and seep down through the rocky interior of the mountain, and bubble up as three magnificent springs near the base of the mountain. These three springs are called Hasbani (127), Leddan (84), and Banias (122). Add their Gematria numbers and we get 333.
   One more little item of clarification. You and I both mentioned that Mount Hermon is at 33.3 degrees North and 33.3 degrees East. This must be explained. Today it does not sit at 33.3 degrees East. The place of the prime meridian has changed through the centuries. Prior to 1884 the prime meridian went through Paris. When it went through Paris, the longitude of Mount Hermon was 33.3. Today it is not.
   I am trying to keep this as short as possible so as not to take too much of your time. So, to summarize the whole concept let me state it this way: God’s throne — His dwelling place — is represented by Mount Hermon. However, Satan desired to rise above the position which God had given him, and desired to usurp the place of Mount Hermon. In the process, Satan will attempt to set up a New World Order in the earth. We are coming upon the very time when Satan attempts to do this. He not only attempts the usurpation of the position, but also usurpts the numbers involved — namely 333 and 666.
Portions of my follow-up response, and Bonnie Gaunt’s replies are included below:
   My response is below in red.
Hi Bonnie,   So very good to hear from you.  Are you still writing? 
Paul Jablonowski has made a website for me, so I still write articles to post there. Although I have not written anything since my last hospitalization about a month ago because I just haven’t had the strength. If you are interested these articles can be found at
Please do not ever hesitate to write to me.  I need more quality responses like yours.  I get plenty of negative ones.  I read your last book in July of 2011, while I was visiting my daughter’s family in Missouri.  I also went to a Bible Prophecy conference in Branson, MO, while I was there.  I remember your book seemed to imply that there was a good chance of the Rapture taking place between Sept. of 2011, and Sept. of 2012.  Am I correct in that?
Yes, that is what I implied, but did not specifically predict it. I believe that the reason Jesus went into the temple at the age of 12-1/2 is because he knew that he would soon experience his 13th birthday and would be required to make the choice to become a “son of the Law.” That was in the spring of A.D. 12. On Rosh Hoshanah of that year he would become 13 years old, and would formally make that choice. A Jewish boy, upon becoming a Bar Mitzvah is given many legal rights of manhood, one of which is the right to marry. Prior to his 13th birthday this is not a legal right (however under certain cirmstances it was permitted). Jesus, at that time was the first “Manchild,” as was represented by Isaiah’s first son. Precisely 2,000 years later, on Rosh Hoshanah 2012, the second Manchild (the antypical one) becomes 13 years old, giving him the legal right to marry. This means that Jesus will then be lawfully able to take his bride to the wedding. It does not necessarily mean that he will marry then, but it means he has the legal right to do so. However, it is very probable that the last members of his bride will be called to the wedding chamber prior to that date. Personally I do not see a large number of people being involved — I suspect that here at the end of 2,000 years of the call and development of the bride, that she is nearly complete already.
You did not mention in your response anything about Dec. 20, 2011, Kislev 24 (Hanukkah Eve), or Apr. 11, 2012.  Do you have any reaction concerning either of those two dates?
Yes, I have a definite reaction. And thank you for asking, because I meant to repond to this but forgot. For many many years I have pondered the statement that God told Haggai to “mark well” the date of Kislev 24. It is the only place that I know of where this urgency is expressed. It suggests that Kislev 24 is something very special — however God did not go on to tell Haggai why it is special — and so we have been left dangling. I have secretly suspected that it may have been especially marked because it has to do with the taking of the last members of the bride from this earth. There is a lot of information about April 11, 2012, most of which is not in my head at this writing, but it is a very important date. I suspect that these two dates have directly to do with the taking of the bride.
I would love to see you forward your response letter “Re: The number 333” to 5 Doves.  If not, may I forward it?
I would like to have it posted on 5 Doves, but I think it would be much more appropriate for you to post it than for me to. That way it would “connect” better in the minds of the readers.
Ron Reese


Jim Bramlett (22 Nov 2011) ” The rapture, from the History Channel”

Thanks to the links in this article we have the video presentation that the History Channel had about the Rapture.

With minor incorrect parts the overall subject of the Rapture was well presented from a biblical point of view.

If you only know the basics of what the Rapture is or have never heard of it then view it to obtain a clearer knowledge on the subject.

Thank you Jim Bramlett.


Jim Bramlett (22 Nov 2011)
The rapture, from the History Channel

Dear friends:

Surprisingly, the History Channel has done a documentary on the rapture.  It is on YouTube in five parts, below, and each is less than 10 minutes in duration.

The title of the series is “Nostradamus Effect.”  I don’t know why they call it that.  Old Nostradamus has nothing to do with it.

Typically, such a secular source offers a certain amount of skeptical input, but it is amazingly biblical in many respects.  The dramatizations are superb.  The explanation will be helpful for the many sincere believers who have not studied the subject, and for the many who tragically will be left behind.

If you are among those who do not believe in a pre-trib rapture, no hard feelings.  All I can say is, have a nice tribulation!  Personally, I am listening for the trumpet sound, the shout, the voice of an archangel (1 Thessalonians 4:16), and my Savior saying, “Come up here” (Revelation 4:1).  It could come any day now.  When I hear that, I’m outta here.  See you later, alligator!

Enjoy the videos!  Be ready.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Part 4.

Part 5.



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November 22, 2011 at 1:27 pm