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Lydia F (17 Dec 2011) “Yet another great Obama/Hanukkah piece”

Nothing to add to this post, but make sure you click the photos and the links


Lydia F (17 Dec 2011)
“Yet another great Obama/Hanukkah piece”

This is the third in a series that Ultraguy at New Wineskins has posted, with lots of relevant history. It seems this occurrence has very, VERY deep layers of meaning.


Another article by same person.


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December 17, 2011 at 4:47 pm

Luis Vega (17 Dec 2011) “The Last Decade 2010 to 2019 | the Math of Eclipses”

Luis Vega has reached a very realistic timeline that could possibly be close to the real one.

The graphics are outstanding!


Luis Vega (17 Dec 2011)
The Last Decade 2010 to 2019 | the Math of Eclipses 

The Last Decade

Mathematics of the Solar & Lunar Eclipses from 2010-2020
by Luis B. Vega
PDF Chart online at:


The purpose of this short study & chart (see link above) is to focus on the decade from [2010 to 2019]. The ‘math’ or numeration/counting & its date associations will be examined in relation to the Total Solar & Lunar Eclipses. For this study, only the complete sequence of Total Solar & Lunar Eclipses for the Decade are noted. The figures are taken from the NASA Eclipse data site. Total Solar & Lunar Eclipses happen all the time but this [2010-2019] Decade is significant as to their timing, configuration on certain key dates, day count patterns & symmetry. There is a sum of (6) Total Solar & (10) Total Lunar Eclipses for the decade. There will be a lot of detailing of numbers so please verify the calculations. For Illustration Purposes Only, No Predictions are Made.

In no other decades in this century has there been such a series of Blood Moons repeating patterns or symmetry. We had (10) Blood Moon in the decade of [2000-2009]. Now we are going to have (10) Blood Moon in this current decade of [2010-2019]. Having 2 decades of 10 Blood Moons back to back is unprecedented & thus significant. Will the unique repeating numbers, peculiar properties & patterns correlate to possible key occurrences that are about to commence in this decade? Could this celestial double-witness of the Solar & Lunar Eclipses signal that we are in a sort of count-down of the ‘Last Decade?’ Perhaps. We shall see.

Eclipse Patterns

A ’Total Eclipse’ is one that speaks of punctuation & precision. Thus the dates that correspond to such timing can have a profound spiritual/religious and/or political correlation, especially realizing that the Tetrad of [2014-15] is hinged on the LORD’s Moedim or Feast Days. IF the LORD is indeed using these Eclipses as time-markers, then it could be possible to realize that something momentous is about to take place in this Decade -like no other. All these Eclipses could be heralding the season for the ‘countdown’ to the reign & rule of the Anti-Christ & the time of Christ’s 2nd Coming. Perhaps. If this is so, then realize then just how much closer is the possible timing of the Departure or Rapture of this ‘Last Generation’ of the Bride of Christ (Church Age) on the ‘Last Day.’ Assuming that the Rapture & the 2nd Coming are 2 distinct events. (Subject to dispute).


The [2010-2019] Decade has 3 profound Total Solar Eclipses that bracket the decade’s time-span from end-to-end. The sum number of years happens to be 6.66 years (rounded off) from the beginning Total Solar Eclipse of [Nov 13, 2012] to the end Total Solar Eclipse of [July 2, 2019.] Will the significance of this ‘666’ year count mark-off the reign of the Anti-Christ to come? Maybe. This will make the Total Solar Eclipse of [Mar 9, 2016] the center Focal Points & date of the Decade & the 3.33rd year in relation to the Eclipses. This Center Date also happens to correlate precisely with the midpoint of the Jewish year 5776. Many Biblical Researchers believe that this date corresponds to the Year of Jubilee that is to be traditionally Proclaimed on Yom Kippur the year prior in 2015.

The Tetrad that falls precisely on Jewish Feast dates seems to offset another Focal Point center of the Total Solar Eclipse [6.66 year ]pattern. The 3 Total Solar Eclipse timeline appears to be dissected into 2 spans. The first part is from the Total Solar Eclipse of [Nov 13, 2012] to the Total Solar Eclipse of [Mar 9, 2016] as the 1st half.  The Total Solar Eclipse of [Mar 9, 2016] to the Total Solar Eclipse of [Jul 2, 2019] is the 2nd half. Each of these time-spans within the [6.66 year] timeline seems to be pointing to several key Focal Points/Dates. Mainly [Jul 12, 2014] & [Jul 27, 2018]. Are these dates going to be significant? Astronomically yes… other than that? It will remain to be seen.

The Year 2012 & ‘33’

Taking some liberty here with numbers, the year 2012 mathematically is going to be very interesting in more ways than one. I was recently reminded from a email comment I received emphasizing the fact that many Watchers are over-looking the (3) Total Solar Eclipses of [2008, 2009, 2010]. They dove-tailed onto the (3) Total Lunar Eclipses of [Dec 2010, Jul 2011, Dec 2011]. Here you do have a 3-3 sequence or a ‘33’ number pattern. These 2 ‘witnesses’ then lead up to the year 2012 as being very significant. The year 2012 can be converted to another form of ‘33.’ This is how the year 2012 can be mathematically interpreted as ‘33’:



20   :   12
2+0     1+2

2         3
(11)  x (111) =

12   :   21
1+2     2+1
3         3


Where the number [33] starts to get interesting is that it seems to initiate the 6.66 Year time-span of the Decade’s Total Solar Eclipses. The last Blood Moon of the Triad of 2011 [Dec 10, 2011] is exactly [339 Days] to the 1st Total Solar Eclipse of [Nov 13, 2012]. This date of Nov 13 is the beginning of this [6.66 Day] count. The number 339 can be broken down into 2 pairs of ‘33’s:

(33) + (3×3)

3-3  +   3-3

Thus another [33] number pattern mirroring the [33] from the Total Solar & Lunar Eclipses that seem to highlight the year 2012. With the 2012 Year & the ‘339’ day count you have 2012 = (33) + (33) from the 33 of the number of 339 Days + (3×3 or 33) from the 9. With these factors then you get a conclusive [33-33-33] number pattern just from the year 2012 itself. The [33-33-33] pattern can then also be converted to (6-6-6) -if added or (9-9-9) if multiplied. Here then is the [33-33-33] or [6-6-6/9-9-9] pattern that leads up to the start of the 6.66 Year Total Solar Eclipse pattern. There is yet another 33 witness of the same start date for the [6.66 year] pattern from the start date itself. The start date of [Nov 13, 2012] also renders another ‘33.’

Nov    13
11     –   13
111    –    3
(1+1+1)    (3)

So in more ways than one, the number ’33’ seems to ‘confirm’, if you will that the year 2012 will be established to the ‘highest degree’. The number ‘33’ is the base number & common denominator for all these mathematical calculations given the Total Solar & Lunar Eclipses. The number 33 is one of the most significant numbers in the occult/Masonic/luciferian religion. It signifies the highest level of enlightenment & achievement. Thus the year 2012 could be the year of the ‘arrival’ of initiation of that which the 666 pertains or belongs to. Is this then the year of the revealing of who the Anti-Christ will be? Perhaps.

What Time is It?
Furthermore, by taking the years in the Decade [2011-2019] & splitting them like this [20-11] & then ascribing a 24-hour military conversion count, you can extrapolate a certain meaning from them –given the numbers sequence. You would have the 11 of the year [20-11] as possibly correlating to the ‘11th Hour.’ The 11th Hour means “a time which is nearly too late“. (Matt 20:6). The year 2011 may go down in history as a missed opportunity of what the US Citizens & those around the world could have averted much of what the luciferian N.W.O is wanting to have come down. (See Georgia Guide Stones -lucifer’s 10 Commandments). The 12 of the year [20-12] could then possibly correlate to the ‘End’, or ‘Time’s Up’. The 13 of the year [20-13], like that of the 1pm hour on an analog clock, could mean the start of a ‘New Cycle’ or New World Order? Maybe. Interestingly, from the start at the 2013 year (inclusive) + 7 years, you get to the year 2019. The year 2019 is the end of the [6.66 year] count based off of the Total Solar Eclipses from [Nov 13, 2012] to [Jul 2, 2019].


As to the precise timing of the Departure or Rapture? Certainly the Eclipses of this current [2010-2019] Decade could possibly be a clue from a celestial reference point. One aspect of what Christ said about signs being in the Sun & Moon before His 2nd Coming is that this Decade will make that come to pass-like no other before or thereafter. An aside note, since most Watchers are expecting the Rapture to be on some Jewish Feast day, as in Rosh HaShana, Yom Kippur, Hanukah, or Pentecost, then it can possibly be a sure bet that it will not be on those high-expectant watch dates!? Maybe. As many have already stipulated, the Rapture does not have to be tied to the Jewish Feast typology. One thing is for sure profound, the Blood Moon Triad-Tetrad-Triad sequence of this [2010-2019] Decad

e seems to highlight a Prelude, a Climax & a Finale. But of what? Whom? Lucifer knows his time is short, in fact 42 months according to Rev 12:12 & Daniel 9:27. Will or could the 42 month reign of lucifer fall within this 7-year time span? Will it be the first part or second part or both? Will the year 2013 then be the year that the lucifer system is to be fully initiated & operational? Perhaps. At that ’Time’ he will have near total control of what he has made of the world by then. We can see the plans for this decade by his New World Order that are beginning to be implemented now through legislation like the National Defense Authorization Act (SB 1867) & war in the Middle East for example.

The increasing & overwhelming ominous signs that this decade of 2010-2019 could be the ‘Last One’ are all around us; of ‘wars & rumors of war, earthquakes, floods”, weather, collapsing economy etc. All these are indications that this Decade has already started to head toward the ‘Last Day.’ Christ had some conversations about this coming ‘Time’ & the ‘Last Day.’ In John 11:7 Jesus & Martha had a conversation about this Last Day… Martha answered, “I know he will rise again in the resurrection at the Last Day.” What is going to be the catalyst & accelerate the process of the NWO’s plans will be the Rapture on the ‘Last Day.’ The Rapture will reveal the Anti-Christ & allow his full force & demonic powers to manifest during this allotted time.

Their evil plans include population reduction, chipping, a global control through currencies, economies, food, medicine, education, military & religion, etc. The plans that lucifer & his minion world leaders have for humanity is enslavement. They are seeking to enthrone lucifer as their true Messiah. It is contrary to the lie that he seeks to aid humanity & champion its enlightenment. He is no friend of humanity but a Murderer from the beginning, a Thief, the Father of Lies. The issue at the core for all this celestial & human conflict against the LORD is whom will we worship. Who will get the worship? Christ or lucifer?  This decision will come to a head, possibly on a world scale beginning in 2012, as it could signify an ‘End’ & of possibly even of our Last Decade as well. Perhaps.

– The total year count is 6.66 years (rounded off) from the Total Solar Eclipses of [Nov 13, 2012] to Total Solar Eclipses of [July 2, 2019].
– The Total Solar Eclipses of [March 9, 2016] is the 1/2-way point & also of the Jewish Year 5776 (Year of Jubilee) or at the 3.33rd year marker.
– There appears to be a recurring ‘33’ Number Pattern given the (3) consecutive Total Solar Eclipses of Av1 in 2008, 2009, 2010.
– The (3) Total Blood Moons coming after the (3)Total Solar Eclipses gives you the ‘33’ number pattern which seems point to the year 2012.
– In the year 2012, you have a [33-33-33] or a (6-6-6) number pattern. The year 2012 itself is a ‘33’ & the [339 Day] count that also renders 33-33.
– The years starting from 2011 could be dissected like [20-11] & can be converted into 24-hour military time & ascribed numerical ’clock’ counting.
– The year 11 could be the ‘11th Hour’, 12 could mean ‘The End’, 13 could mean the 1pm or ‘New Beginning’ etc. The 7th year would end on 2019.
– From the Partial Solar Eclipse of [May 20, 2012] + 1948 Days = [Sep 19, 2018 ]. This date happens to correspond to the Feast of Yom Kippur.
– From the Total Solar Eclipse of [Mar 9, 2016] + 42 month (1260 days) = [Aug 21, 2019], the ‘7th Year’ in 24hr/military counting.
– The Central Blood Moon occurring on [Jun 15th, 2011] that was directly over Jerusalem is exactly 7-years from the Blood Moon of [Jul 27, 2018].
– The [Jul 27, 2018] Blood Moon is also centered between the Total Solar Eclipses of [Aug 21, 2017] & [Jul 2, 2019].
– In no other time in the century has this pattern of Blood Moons been so frequent; (10) in last decade & (10) in this decade.
– The key Focal Points highlighted on the Decade’s timeline all fall at Full Moons: July 12, 2014, Jan 5, 2015, Nov 4, 2017 & Jul 27, 2018.

Total Lunar Eclipses
of Current Century (Last 120 years)

1900-1909  1910-1919  1920-1929  1930-1939  1940-1949  1950-1959  1960-1969  1970-1979  1980-1989  1990-1999  2000-2009  2010-2019
6                 7                  9                 8                  7                  8                  9                 9                  9                  7                10                10

Hebrew calendar

It is currently governed by precise mathematical calculations & no longer relies on direct observation. It is thus possible to predict what day the various holidays will fall on for any future date. Modern Religious & Secular Jewsish practices vary as to what types of calendar is followed. The Start Date begins at Sunset. There are differing view also & an on-going debate as to what the correct Jewish calendar is.

Jewish Months

The “1st month” of the Jewish calendar is the month of Nissan, in the Spring when Passover occurs usually around April. The New Year is in the 7th month, Tishri which happens to fall around Sep/Oct in the Fall of each year.

A decade
It means a grouping of 10 years. In modern times & in the West, decades have a beginning in a year that ends in zero for convenience. Because there is no “0” year [1BC-1AD], the 1st full decade had the years from 1 to 10, thus making the end of the 1st year the actual start of the decade. (Subject to interpretation & application.)


Total Solar Eclipses (6)
A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth. (2010-2019)
1.  Nov 13, 2012
2.  Nov   03, 2013
3.  Mar   20,  2016
4.  Mar  09, 2016
5.  Aug   21, 2017
6.  Jul   02, 2019
7.  Dec   14, 2020

Total Lunar Eclipse (10)
A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Moon passes behind the earth so as to block the Sun’s rays from striking the moon.
1. Dec 21, 2010
2. Jun 15, 2010
3. Dec 10, 2010
  4. (1)-Apr 14, 2014  | Passover
5. (2)-Oct 08, 2014  | Sukkot

  6. (3)-Apr 04, 2015  | Passover

  7. (4)-Sep 28, 2015 | Sukkot

8. Jan 31, 2018

9. Jul  27, 2018
10. Jan 21, 2019


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December 17, 2011 at 4:12 pm