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Archive for February 13th, 2012

MathMan (13 Feb 2012) “Another Subtle, but Direct, NWO warning!!”

Thanks to Mathman we have another article pointing to Feb 17. The article points to the license plate shown in the second link which is 999 NYG.
As I have been doing for many years of communicating with God through license plates I want to refer you to the very first post I placed on the start of my new blog and the reason for starting to write in here. It was because I had seen a license plate 999 GOD that I saw as a message that the end was here. I had just listened the day before to a prophecy in the news video about the number nine and the meaning that it has of being the end or judgment. I new that the message was the end is near signed GOD.

Well the message below is not mainly an inverted 666 but the end is here (999) (NYG) New York signed God. It is also 3×333 or 666 + 333


MathMan (13 Feb 2012)
Another Subtle, but Direct, NWO warning!!

Dear Doves,

Did the Illuminati just give another subtle, but direct, warning to us of their upcoming Planned Sudden Destruction in the New York Times on February 10/11.  I often read the New York Times and Washington Post for insight into the Illuminati.  Definitely NOT because these two news sources are any good for REAL news, but because I view these two ESPECIALLY as Illuminati mouthpieces.

On that note, please take a look at the following two similar, but not identical, articles written for the New York Times, supposedly posted on both February 10 AND 11.  However, I found these both on February 10th, and therefore they were BOTH posted on February 10th!!  Why the “mislabelling” of the publishing dates?  Keep reading to find out!!

But first, the subject of the articles.  Why people are REALLY UPSET about custom license plates for the New York Giants being made already when the State of New York has REFUSED for years now to do the same for the 9/11 attacks:

As always, the above articles seems innocent enough.  But is it REALLY that innocent when you TRULY scratch the surface?

First off, the mobile version, though posted on February 10th, was dated February 11th.  The regular version was correctly labelled as posted on February 10th, but is categorized in the reference link (as per above) as a “2012/02/11” related post.

In other words, COULD this be both a 6 (3 + 3) day warning AND a 7 day warning from the Illuminati at the exact same time, using the exact same topic, wherein PERHAPS they are both pointing towards February 17th?  Craft, yes?  There trademark!!

Notice when you click on either article, that the illustrative license plate is an upside down 666.  Not only that, but they use a font that I have often seen used when people illustrate this terrifying number (sometimes hidden in a revolving circle of three sixes).

Regardless, 999 = 3 x 333, another 3333!!  Just another coincidence?  How many do we need before we realize that Satan truly is the god of this world (for now) and are mocking the people soon to be destroyed in the coming Sudden Destruction.

Did you also notice that the people quoted in the article are absolutely outraged that the State of New York REFUSED to put out commemorative license plates for the 9/11 attacks.  Indeed, in 2006, it mentions in the article that the governor specifically REFUSED to.  But yet, within days of the Super Bowl, the state could do so for their sports heroes.

OR DID THEY?  PERHAPS they were instead honouring the Super Bowl half-time Illuminati Madonna coming out ceremony.  This was a satanic ceremony that lasted EXACTLY 13 minutes.  This was the TRUE event of interest to these evil doers.

By the way, for those who do not believe the 9/11 “Terrorist” attacks were a false flag attack, just check out the flight numbers:

–  Flight 11

–  Flight 77 (7 x 11)

–  Flight 93 (3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 3333)

Flight 75 (7 x 5 x 5) is the only number that I can’t see as being Illuminati related, but perhaps other Five Doves may have thoughts on this.  Regardless, the other three were VERY telling.  There are no “just happened” with the Illuminati.  All is planned in advance and is well thought out.

Indeed, each and every one of the above flight numbers are the very numbers the Illuminati so loves.  Just another “just happened”?  Again, you decide.  I already know what I believe.



YbiC, MathMan


Written by twelvebooks

February 13, 2012 at 7:53 pm