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Feb 14, 2012 Obama the occult and his role in the end times as the 666

Much of the information found in the link below Was known to me, but a lot was new.

The important thing is that the author of the link has compiled it in a place for easy access.

If he is the Antichrist, for me he is, then what are the implications to the whole world?

This man will be responsible for the future destruction and killing of “””billions””” of humans in a period of time of a few years.

Then if he is the AC are we in the Tribulation or is it to start soon? If you do not know the answer it is important that you the reader know that without Jesus in your life as your God and savior you are very close to dying and ending in hell for all eternity.

The choice is yours to take.

Thanks for the post Gerlinda


Gerlinda (14 Feb 2012)
No one, in modern times, has done so much to present himself, in his own name, whom the world will accept


I’d like to send this on to show those that just cannot see Obama as the A/C.  Please read the over-whelming evidence in this article.  Now, that more and more Doves are beginning to understand the workings of the Occult (Hidden) things that dominate this world, it may be much easier to look more objectively at other evidence presented by members of this forum who have worked the numbers and dates.  Notice, when you read this, that no one in modern history has gone to such pain-staking detail to present himself….the one who comes in his own name.  g