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March 4, 2012 Is war in Israel near?

Well the news and articles about Israel are getting louder for war against Israel.

On a very serious note that will affect this war is the election of Vladimir Putin as president of Russia. He will take power in mid May.

Another important news is the meeting Monday the 5th between Obama and Netanyahu at the White House. According to an article on the Miami Herald today the main topic of conversation is the pursue of Atomic weapons by Iran and the need to prevent this from happening.

In the daily news update of Friday March 2, Mr. Gary Stearman covers these subjects quite well and links them to the appropriate prophetic passages.

In the USA in anticipation and warning to the USA against taking a position of nonsupport to Israel the mainland has been struck with several Tornadoes whose destruction was vast and deadly.

Events are coalescing fast and furious and the hoof-beats of the four horses of the Apocalypse can be heard at the gate of time.