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March 5, 2012 The Tripartite Man and the concept of Salvation

A few years back I became aware of the tripartite nature of men. At the time I learned that we are made up of body, soul and spirit and were formed in the image of God who is also a Trinity, God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. At that time I also learned that the spirit was eternal versus the soul and body which were subject to death and carnal. I had learned also of the carnal versus the spiritual natures of men and that it was through the spirit that one came to be saved and that a war was present all of our lives between the spiritual and the carnal.

In her post Arlene gives a link to a book with an introduction and eight chapters called Salvation of the Soul, Saving of the Life by Arlen L. Chitwood.

I have just read the chapter one and was so enriched as to the depth of this work that I am posting it for all of you to have and read before I finish the other seven chapters

Thanks Arlene for your post.


Arlene (5 March 2012)
For John and all the Doves…

Hi Y’all….Whew!  I’ve had a busy few hours, and I hadn’t intended to post anything else, but this couldn’t wait.  First, I’ll ask what seems like a fairly simple question to everyone.  Personally, I DID NOT know the answer, and I’m truly ashamed that I didn’t.  It’s my own fault because I didn’t research it, but, then, I didn’t even realize it was a question that needed to be asked.  Anyway…’s the question:

What is the difference between “spirit” and “soul” salvation?  There is a HUGE difference….and knowing what these differences are means how we will spend eternity….as a “son” or not.  I kinda think this might be important….and since I didn’t know, and I haven’t heard anyone mention this, maybe y’all need to know about this.  I sure hope you can open the link….it has study chapters which we all need to know.

Piece taken from introduction: (I kinda cut it up so it would fit)

Many Christians take Scriptures dealing with the salvation to be
revealed and seek to apply them to the salvation that we presently
possess.  And misapplying Scripture in this manner, these individuals
arrive at the erroneous conclusion that it is possible for a saved
person to be lost, which not only casts reproach upon the sufficiency
of the finished work of Christ at Calvary, but also does violence to
numerous portions of the Word of God.

Then, on the other hand, there are those Christians who recognize that
the loss of one’s eternal salvation is not possible, but still fail to
understand distinctions be! tween the salvation of the spirit and the
salvation of the soul.  Most from this group take many of these same
verses and seek to either apply them to the nation of Israel or to
unregenerate individuals, whether Jew or Gentile.  And applications of
this nature not only remove the Spirit’s exhortations and warnings to
redeemed individuals, but erroneous interpretations in one area of
Scripture will often, for the sake of consistency, lead to erroneous
interpretations in other areas.

Well, that’s it for now….maybe I’m the only one who didn’t know this, but I’m sure glad I found out now!!




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March 5, 2012 at 4:11 pm