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March 25, 2012 More replies to Watcher Woman

This is a continuation of my last post about license plates. I read this post after I posted mine and it is so interrelated to it that here it is.


Watcher Woman (24 March 2012)
And He that sits in the Heavens shall laugh……………..oh yeah……Ps 2:4

Dear Doves

I just had to share the following crazy story with you.

Each morning as I leave the driveway, I pray the same approximate prayer for myself, my family, friends, employers, etc.

Lord, I am covered under the 91st Psalm and the Blood of Jesus. No weapon that is formed against me shall prosper.
Lord, I thank You for stationing angels around bout my house, my car, my friends and family. Etc Etc.
I usually end it with thanking Him for helping me to be an overcomer and to be part of the Bride of Christ and coming to take me home.

Last week, I had not been sleeping well and was very groggy and not fully awake as I left home for work. I said my usual prayers but
probably more so by rote and routine than consciously and then went on my merry way.

Later that afternoon after I had caught my second wind, I checked in with the Lord as I always do and boy, oh, boy, did things get

The Lord said to me, (in my head, heart or spirit, I don’t know)   Do you remember what you prayed this morning?
And I had to stop and think about it because I didn’t remember much about the entire morning but yawning a lot. Then it began
to come back to me and I said:

Oh, good Lord! Oh, I didn’t! Did I? And He said, Yes, you did. And I said, But you know I meant to say……
And He said, I know what you meant.

And I just burst out laughing and I began to feel God laughing with me. Really laughing.

What I had said in my half awake state was:

Oh, Lord, make me an overcomer  and a part of your Bride. Forgive me, Lord, for my sins

and save me from the wrath of Khan.

The Wrath of Khan…………….for heaven’s sakes!!!!!

For the first time in my life, I felt like The Father, Son and Holy Spirit were absolutely cracking up
at me. It was embarrassing but also hysterically funny and I just rofl!!!

Needless to say, I will never be able to say the words, Save me from the Wrath to Come again with a straight face!!!!!

lol lol   pray for me. I’m crazy!!!!!!      blessings, the Watcher Woman


Written by twelvebooks

March 25, 2012 at 6:40 pm

March 25, 2012 To Watcher Woman and doves License plate messages I received this week

The day before yesterday I posted a communication I had with Jesus by license plates. That same day I had given my testimony of the many years that Jesus has communicated with me using license plates.

Yesterday on my way to the car dealer to fix some warning light I was thinking of the post that I had on fivedoves about Obama being the Antichrist and at that moment a car besides mine goes by with the license plate 666. two cars ahead there was a car with the license plate 277.

Today while leaving the parking lot of church the car to the left had the 666 license plate also.

This week I have been under very intense physical and spiritual attack and the fight is still on. The physical altercation was witnessed by my neighbors when I called the police.

My neighbor is a strong believer in Christ and yesterday he came to talk to me and told me that the day that everything happened he was awakened at three o’clock in the morning and when he looked into the camera he saw an angel in front of both our houses, he awoke his wife but she could not see it. I believe his story and I know that Jesus is protecting me and my family.

I am in the front lines of this battle that is being waged by the forces of Satan against the family of believers and I now that the enemy will attack those who fight him the most.

Please remember me in your prayers.

Watcher Woman I just showed your post to my wife and she found it unbelievable, thanks for showing us.

To you readers Obama is the Antichrist and the Tribulation and Rapture are at the corner.



Watcher Woman (24 March 2012)
For those of you who don’t believe God speaks to us thru license plates…….!!!!

Dear Doves

About two weeks ago, a close relative of mine lost his 26 yr old wife. It was a tragic thing and we are still all
stunned about it. Her name was Bree Love.

While driving to another state the day after her funeral, to attend a memorial service for her relatives that could not attend,
my grief stricken young relative was shocked and amazed to see a black vehicle pull in front of him. He grabbed his cell phone and took the following picture.  Nobody on earth can tell me that was not God…………………!!!!  It gives me chills. God is so good!!!

Bless you all,  Watcher Woman

March 23 Interviews with Malachi Martin and Glenn Beck about the Vatican Pope and the next Pope

To those of you who are following the events at the Vatican and the book Petrus Romanus this article below shows an interview done to the brilliant book author, now deceased, Mr. Malachi Martin. He is an ex Jesuit Father and before all this ruckus it was one of my favorite author.

After this there is a link to a video by Glenn Beck about the Vatican and the battle that is taking place there now.


Mercer (22 March 2012)
If you are following Petrus Romanus….Here’s the real deal….Malachi Martin

In his own words


Glenn Beck and the Vatican


March 23, 2012 Immigration records missing for week of Obama’s birth

Last night a friend of my daughter visit out house and we started talking about politics and the conversation turned to Obama. He said after I mentioned that he was the Antichrist that the man had nor done anything drastic to imply he is the Antichrist, so the thought lingered in my mind about the veracity of his statement.

About a half hour latter my wife arrived and due to the hour 9 PM I decided to go out and buy it.

Iwent to pollo tropical a take out chicken place and when I get into the drive through lane the car in front had the following license plate:

IAV 793     I= Jesus  A = Antichrist  V = my first initial on the last name   793 = The gematria of Barack Hussein Obama.

The total # of cars I saw before this one was less than 10 if you want to figure the probability that this occurred by chance.

This morning there was a news item in Rapture Ready the referred to Obama’s birth and I am posting it below.



Immigration records missing for week of Obama’s birth

Arpaio’s team probing possibility president born abroad

Published: 10 hours ago

author-image by Jerome R. CorsiEmail | Archive

Jerome R. Corsi, a Harvard Ph.D., is a WND senior staff reporter. He has authored many books, including No. 1 N.Y. Times best-sellers “The Obama Nation” and “Unfit for Command.” Corsi’s latest book is “Where’s the REAL Birth Certificate?”More ↓

After months of searching, investigators commissioned by Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio to examine Barack Obama’s eligibility for office found Immigration and Naturalization Service travel records for foreign flights into Hawaii in 1961, only to discover that records for the week of Obama’s birth were missing.

Investigators were searching to determine if Barack Obama might have been born in a foreign country and returned to Honolulu in or around August 1961 with his mother, Ann Dunham.

Arpaio’s team looked at databases in the National Archives and Records Administration with microfilm of INS passenger records for foreign flights arriving in Honolulu and New York City.

If Obama was not born in Hawaii, as he and the Hawaii Department of Health have been insisting, there should be INS passenger cards that the new mother filled out for herself and her infant son upon arrival in Honolulu from a Pacific Rim city or arrival in New York City from across the Atlantic.

Arpaio launched the investigation after being presented with a petition signed by 250 members of the Surprise Tea Party in Surprise, Ariz. He authorized a volunteer Cold Case Posse of former law enforcement officers and detectives in October 2011 to examine the authenticity of Obama’s long-form birth certificate and to determine Obama’s eligibility to be president under Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution.

Before he was first elected Maricopa County sheriff in 1993, Arpaio spent 25 years with the Drug Enforcement Administration, including service as DEA regional director in Mexico City and special agent in charge in Phoenix. He is running for re-election to his sixth term as Maricopa County sheriff.

As WND reported, Arpaio’s team found probable cause that the document presented one year ago as Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery. WND reported yesterday that Arpaio asked Selective Service Director Lawrence Romo in a letter to produce original documentation of Obama’s Selective Service registration, noting his team’s finding that there is probable cause that it, too, was forged.

Microfilm examined

After INS passenger records for foreign flights entering the U.S. through Hawaii in a database identified as “A3573″ were found, Arpaio’s investigators found a second database, designated as “A3998,” with comparable INS records for foreign flights arriving at New York City’s Idlewild Airport.

One complication was that the National Archives and Records Administration, or NARA, held only the original microfilm records for INS 1961 airline passenger record. Since the original microfilm records were often the only existing copies of the passenger manifests, NARA would not permit them to be viewed by researchers. The intent was to protect the originals from being scratched or damaged, especially by placing them on a microfilm reel or copier.

Finally, NARA agreed to produce microfilm copies of 24 reels of records for the time period from July 1961 through September 1961.

Subsequently, 28 microfilm reels from A3998 records of INS passenger cards for foreign flights arriving at New York’s Idlewild Airport in August 1961 were copied by NARA and made available for examination at the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

Read the preliminary findings of Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse investigation.

To date, researchers are waiting for the additional 1961 records for both datasets to be copied by NARA and made available for inspection at the National Archives.

Obama birth-week records missing

Investigators examining the microfilm records found only one week of INS passenger cards to be completely missing in all the records so far examined.

In some sequences of cards, the records were blurred or overlapped each other, obscuring the data.

Specifically, in Record Group A 3573, data records for Aug. 2, 1961 through Aug. 7, 1961, appear to be completely missing, as if the records were removed from the database prior to the microfilm recording.

Exhibit A shows NARA Record Group A3573, Reel 184, for INS passenger records on foreign flights into Honolulu from July 28, 1961 through Aug. 7, 1961.

Exhibit A: INS cards, Honolulu, July 28 to Aug. 7, 1961

Exhibit B shows NARA Record Group A3573, Reel 185, INS passenger records on foreign flights into Honolulu from Aug. 8 through Aug. 12, 1961.

Exhibit B: INS cards, Honolulu, Aug. 8 – Aug. 12, 1961

Remarkably, all INS records for the week of Obama’s birth, Aug. 1 through Aug. 7, 1961, were missing from the end of Reel 184 and were not discovered anywhere on Reel 185 or any other microfilm reel in the record group.

Exhibit C is a Photostat printout of what the end of Reel 184 looks like.

While the printout is only partial, what can be observed is one of the two or three INS cards in the records from Aug. 1, 1961. The reel ends with about 10 inches of white blurs and black space, without any other records from Aug. 1 to Aug. 7, 1961, despite the written documentation to the contrary on the microfilm reel’s box.

Exhibit C: INS cards, Reel 184, end of reel

NARA explains

In a series of emails beginning Nov. 21, 2011, investigators notified NARA archive reference specialists of the missing dates. NARA specialists in Washington, D.C., checked with the NARA employees in College Park, Md., who had made the duplicate microfilm reels for public inspection.

College Park NARA officials found the INS passenger records in Record Group A3573, Reels 184 and 185, were also missing in the original microfilm reels. No INS original paper documents could be found for 1961.

At the request of investigators, NARA archivists documented the missing records in a two-page letter. The first page of the letter can be viewed here and the second page here.

In the Feb. 6 letter, Brenda Beasley Kepley, chief of NARA’s Archives 1 Processing Section, acknowledged that passenger records for Record Group A3573, Rolls 184 and 185, covering the period July 28 through Aug. 12, 1961, had been filmed by the INS in August 1961, and the original paper records were not retained.

Kepley acknowledged that the records for the period Aug. 2 through Aug. 7, 1961, were missing. She argued that the missing data was due to poor quality control that allowed multiple cards to be fed through a document feeder and become bunched together, obscuring the images underneath.

“Apparently no quality control was done at the time of filming to check for these errors,” Kepley wrote. “Consequently, it is difficult to determine whether or not images of cards for the period August 2 through August 7 exist on Roll 184. If they do, they are unreadable.”

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office ordered and obtained duplicate microfilm of Rolls 184 and 185 to be placed into evidence.

Investigators examining both microfilm rolls determined that the 10 inches of microfilm filled by white blurs and blank space would have been a fraction of the microfilm inches needed had records been intact for all foreign flights arriving in Honolulu Aug. 2 through Aug. 7, 1961.

While a few bunched records are observed at the end of Reel 184, investigators did not find evidence of the volume of INS passenger record cards that would have been present had the records been microfilmed.

The bunching up of several hundred INS passenger card records for the dozens of flights arriving in Hawaii Aug. 2 through Aug. 7, 1961 would have constituted a major collapse in the document feeding mechanism that could not possibly have gone unnoticed by the microfilm technicians making the archive record from the physical paper copies.

MCSO investigators concluded that the NARA explanation of bunched up and overlapping records caused by a defective document feeder was not a credible explanation for what was observed on the two microfilm reels.

Reel 185 begins with Aug. 8, 1961, with minimal and expected blank lead microfilm and with no trace of bunched or overlapping records from previous dates.

Instead, MCSO investigators have concluded that the INS passenger records for the dates Aug. 2 – Aug. 7, 1961 are missing from NARA Record Group A3575 for reasons that remain unexplained.

MCSO investigators are currently waiting for NARA to duplicate the remaining 1961 INS passenger cards in both record groups for subsequent inspection at the National Archives in Washington, D.C.

Editor’s Note: Arpaio’s team authorized WND’s Jerome Corsi to examine the INS documents at the National Archives.

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March 21, 2012 A very serious warning of a makjor 9+ earthquake tomorrow in the Pacific coast of the USA

The post below has two links, the first I have already posted another article that links it, the other is for a video whose author I have listed before and I consider it a serious issue to read.


Sara B (21 March 2012)
“********TO MATHMAN AND ALL DOVES*******”

To Mathman & Doves,
A lot of you may have seen these videos, we found them especially interesting.  While we were actually watching one of these today, the earthquake in Mexico occurred.  Is there more to come? We don’t know.  But Mathman, we specifically thought of you when we saw both of these videos. At this point every time we see numbers…. we think of you :)                     happy.  A lot of the mathematics you can’t deny and who knew the Movie the Matrix would make so much sense now!!!
The GOD-CODE MATRIX of 188 …. LEY LINES on Earth from the 188 DAY CYCLE of MEGA-QUAKES?!?
March 22, 2012 Press Release Warning!!! (Earthquake Warning!)
See you all REAL SOON!!!!!
Sara B & The Prayer Warriors


Steven King (21 March 2011) “188 day earthquake pattern decoded:The GOD-CODE MATRIX of 188 …. LEY LINES on Earth from the 188 DAY CYCLE of MEGA-QUAKES?!?”

Today there has been a number of posts related to earthquakes that are predicted to occur tomorrow or in the proximity of tomorrow.

This post gives a link to a video that takes the phenomenon of the 188 days cycle and shows in a flat world map the location of these major earthquakes and the geometric figures that they form. The video presentation is fascinating and it implies the existence of a planned pattern by an all powerful and controlling creator-designer.

Fasten your seat belts and prepare for a shocking unfolding revelation.


Steven King (21 March 2011)
188 day earthquake pattern decoded:The GOD-CODE MATRIX of 188 …. LEY LINES on Earth from the 188 DAY CYCLE of MEGA-QUAKES?!?

Hi Doves,
Enjoy this very fascinating video decoding the 188 day earthquake pattern.

The GOD-CODE MATRIX of 188 …. LEY LINES on Earth from the 188 DAY CYCLE of MEGA-QUAKES?!?
Steven King
Jesus is coming soon!
Come join and Visit our Rapture Forum!


Written by twelvebooks

March 21, 2012 at 6:37 pm

Gail (21 March 2012) “Eight days prior to Tohoku Japan’s 9.0 Earthquake. Please keep this in your prayers”

In this article below you will find additional physical parameters about the 7.4 earthquake in Oaxaca Mejico.


Gail (21 March 2012)
Eight days prior to Tohoku Japan’s 9.0 Earthquake. Please keep this in your prayers

In the days before the 9.0-magnitude Tohoku earthquake struck off the coast of Japan – data collected by scientists indicated that Earth’s atmosphere above the earthquake’s epicenter was heating up. The data came from satellite observations showing large increases in electron density and infrared radiation (or heat) emissions above the earthquake’s epicenter over a period of about eight days prior to the earthquake on March 11, 2011.
The scientists used satellite data to collect information on outgoing long-wave radiation and the electron content of the ionosphere. The ionosphere is the layer of the Earth’s atmosphere that contains a high concentration of charged ions and free electrons, which are able to reflect radio waves. The ionosphere extends from about 80 to 1000 kilometers (50 to 620 miles) above the surface of the Earth.
The scientists discovered that there was a rapid increase of emitted infrared radiation (or heat) on March 7, 2011 near the epicenter, and that radiation levels peaked just prior to the earthquake. The scientists also observed that the total electron content of the ionosphere near the epicenter increased from March 3 to March 10, peaked on March 8, then returned to background levels after the main earthquake subsided.

According to the scientists, similar atmospheric anomalies have been observed a few days prior to the earthquakes in China (magnitude 7.9, 2008), Italy (magnitude 6.3, 2009), Samoa (magnitude 7, 2009), Haiti (magnitude 7.0, 2010), and Chile (magnitude 8.8, 2010).

The scientists attribute these precursory atmospheric events to the phenomenon of Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere (LAI) Coupling. During LAI Coupling, the air is ionized by the emission of radon and other gases from the Earth’s crust in the vicinity of an active fault. The ionization of air initiates a cascade of other atmospheric reactions including the condensation of water molecules and the release of latent heat, which increases air temperatures.

Tuesday, Mar. 20, 2012
ELECTRON STORM: The number of energetic electrons in Earth’s outer radiation belt is significantly elevated according to analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab.
And remember Tohuku experienced –
The first major foreshock was a 7.2 MW event on  March 9 2011.
The Ring of Fire Vicinity –
The Mexico: Oaxaca earthquake on March 22, 1928 had a magnitude of 7.7. The earthquake caused injuries, deaths and damage in millions.
And that’s where seismicity is centered now- 
Map showing earthquakes
Mid-Point – March 21st 2013
God Bless,