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Jim Bramlett (25 Apr 2012) “Ten-Day separation”


Jim Bramlett (25 Apr 2012)
Ten-Day separation


Both Ascension Day May 17, 2012 and Pentecost May 27, 2012 point to the possible resurrection/rapture.  Since they are two separate events, could not May 17 be the resurrection of the dead and May 27 be the rapture of those who remain?

Marilyn Agee is looking to May 17 as the rapture, while others are looking to May 27.

That is a ten-day separation.  Could those be the ten days of Revelation 2:10?  It makes sense that “those who remain” would be greatly persecuted after the resurrection.

I am intrigued with that Fibonacci curve/number as God’s signature seen throughout the universe.


It makes sense that He would stamp the most important day in history with His signature.

Just sayin’.



Written by twelvebooks

April 25, 2012 at 11:22 pm

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  1. This is very interesting!

    I wonder if there might be a connection with the parable of the ten virgins. For in that parable there is the trumpet blast that wakes up all ten sleeping virgins, then an (unspecified) interval of time where the story of the ten plays out and then the 5 wise virgins enter the marrigae feast. Perhaps the trumpet is on ascension day and ten days (of tribulation ala rev 2:10 NASB) later the 5 wise virgins enter the marriage feast.

    So perhaps the bride is raptured (preTRIB) on ascension day which starts the (Great) Tribulation followed by the 5 virgins 10 days later on Penetacost (after 10 days of trib… perhaps it pays to stay awake)!

    ron wilson

    April 27, 2012 at 7:08 pm

    • I have believed that it is possible for the two witnesses and the trumpet blast to be the ones that awake the virgins. It is also a good interpretation that the resurrection of the dead believers is the cry that the virgins hear and there is time to exchange words and for the foolish virgins toe ask for oil from the wise ones.
      This parable is one of the most difficult parables to interpret due to the many things that are in it.
      Some questions to ponder:
      Who are the virgins, the church or Israel or someone else?
      Why did they fall asleep?
      How long did the groom delay? 1970 years?
      The groom is Jesus then who is the Bride? Is it the Church or the ten virgins?
      Why are they virgins? does it mean that they are believers in Jesus if not who?
      What does the oil represent? If it is the Holy Spirit then can it be bought from the people that sell it?
      Who sells the oil?
      Why did the groom welcome only the wise virgins and why was the door closed on the others?
      If this means a rejection is it equivalent to a loss of salvation or are the foolish ones left behind at the Rapture.

      As you can see there are no easy answers on this one, we may not know all the answers till it happens.


      April 28, 2012 at 11:34 am

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