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Nicole (24 Apr 2012) “Pentecost 2012 My Next Watch” Very good article!

Nicole has put together several videos and charts that are a must to see or read.

The importance of this years Pentecost Feast is again emphasized.


Nicole (24 Apr 2012)
Pentecost 2012 My Next Watch

I am not setting dates, but I did want to show you my findings about my next watch date of Pentecost 2012.   I have already made my mind up to watch through the end of the blood moons.   But these watches help me sustain through.

I found this chart by Luis Vega, and the “Swirls” on the chart almost look to me like the Norway Spiral, or that a “stargate” is opening for the Church to escape this Earth?

The Norway Spiral as the Sign of the Rapture & Eclipses and the Sign of the Rapture

Significant Crop Circle showing May 20th eclipse and Venus Transit tied to return of aliens

Charts by Luis Vega of the May 20th Eclipse and Venus Transit

Bible Study from Christsaves888 about watching for the rapture at Pentecost this year: Not Setting Dates but high watch

What is really funny about his dream about the creatures chasing him to the water and he got on a boat named PENTECOST and they sat on the beach, reminds me of the movie Where the Wild Things Are the 2nd to the last scene of the movie…


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  1. For MathMan:…We all know the qualifier fo any look at timelines…”…but my Father only…”.


    God love you brother in Christ, you are diligent and an outstanding example of as student of the Word. Jesus Himself crushed the idea that we can narrow it down like that. Times and seasons…YES, ABSOLUTELY…but never boxing it in to a day. He is the author and finisher.

    Myself, I’m tracking what happens with the temple. Little happens in the timeline of God dealing with the world, through the lense of Israel, without the temple being extant and in use. Its the hinge pin. The Dome of the Rock currently occupies that space and it would not shock me to see a world war started over who controlled the temple mount.

    Personally, I’m going to go home when he calls me and occupy till then. By way of the Grave or the Trump, I’ll see Him face to face. His way is higher than mine. His thoughts are higher than mine. May God have mercy on this world and I pray for salvation for all.

    The Lord Bless you and keep you. Stay strong in the word! You are an example to other believers in word and deed.


    May 2, 2012 at 1:00 am

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