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April 27, 2012 God’s Warning to America “The Harbinger” by Kahn

It is the way of God to warn the people He is to chastise or punish before He does.

In the Harbinger book that is the theme of the book and it covers the attacks of 9/11 on the twin towers of New York and all the events posterior to it. It covers the economic crash that came afterwards and many other subjects.

I have not read the book or seen the DVD”s that are offered in this video link to an interview with the author by Gary Stearman, but it is my intention to read it.

The real question to ask is if God is still warning us of coming chastisement or are the warnings way past the point of no return for the whole Nation USA as a whole and only individual repentance will be possible?

It is my opinion that National repentance is way past the reach for these warnings to count and that only individuals will hear the call and will be saved.

The evidence that the Nation is beyond the point of repentance and avoidance of punishment can be seen in the many things that are occurring daily with no hint of a change of heart on the National level.

This year this Nation will vote to elect its president and the leaders of the government that run the way this country will go. Here we find the most compelling reason for the execution of God’s judgements that are detailed in the Harbinger.

Almost four years ago and exactly seven years after 9/11, this country had an election and elected as president Mr. Barack Hussein Obama. A lot of information had been uncovered by many Christians about who this man was and what he represented. This blog and many others uncovered evidence that  showed him to be the future Antichrist (

and many other articles listed on

that leave no doubt on the mind of a person who loves the Lord Jesus Christ of the seriousness of these indictments).

These words of warning were ignored by the grand majority of the people in the USA and by the small circle of Christians who viewed what was happening with intense alarm. Time has past and further evidence has been compiled by more people as to who and what is the course that this man has steered the ship of State and what do we as a Nation do collectively? Nothing!

Our response is to play politics and think that we can solve the problem by ourselves without the help from God. We turn to the opposite party to give us the solution to get rid of him through the electoral means. Who then has this party and the christian people of America chose to give its support to, non other than a man who professes a religion Mormonism that is as atheist of the true God as you can get and discards its support for several good Christians that would have shown Jesus that their hearts was following the path of repentance and turning to Him for guidance and protection. This I believe has sealed the judgment that is coming to America. I believe individuals that turn to Him will be protected so for them is not to late. For the rest they will see judgment and salvation will come if then they turn their hearts to Him Jesus Christ.


Donna Danna (27 Apr 2012)

In this video, Jonathan Kahn, author of the Harbinger tells us that two of the biggest financial collapses in the U.S. both happened on the 29th day of Elul (the last day of Elul) in a sabbatical year (the 7th yr.) which were also 7 years apart on 9/17/2001 and on 9/29/2008.  Both days were Elul 29 on the Jewish calendar. Please listen to this video. Jonathan Kahn tells other interesting facts as well.
Here is a chart of the Dow Jones in this article showing the financial losses on 9/17/2001 and 9/29/2008 at
Here is a Jewish calendar at  where you can convert the days on our Gregorian calendar to the days on the Jewish calendar so if you type in 9/17/2001 or 9/29/2008, you will see that they both take place on Elul 29 which is the last day on the Jewish civil calendar followed by Rosh Hashanah, the 1st day which is called Tishri 1.  Jonathan Kahn didn’t mention that both 9/17/2001 and 9/29/2008 fell on Monday.


As a last thought I am a registered independent voter and I think both parties stink!