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May 1, 2012 Dave Hunt Israel, Islam Armageddon {God, Jesus, Bible, Prophecy, Endtime, Apocalypse, Nwo

The role of the State of Israel in end times prophecy is throughout the Bible. This tinny Nation with 1/1000 of the world population will take center stage in God’s plan for the whole world.

As such is the case the spiritual forces guided by Satan will turn all the nations of the world against this Nation with the intent of destroying the chosen people through whom Jesus will rule the world in the Millennium.




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  1. NOTE the many reasons for a SUNDAY, SHAVUOT 2012 RAPTURE. Just DELETE if disinterested:

    Can’t believe I’m still at this??!….Well, get a grip! because the following SHOULD amaze you IF you have not given up? What kind of a fool would I be to give up now?! It is IMPOSSIBLE to give up when one ponders the following. Daniel didn’t say that the subject would become more obscure, but CLEARER! What is one to do, pray tell me? Sadly, I didn’t formerly agree with the prophecy experts who saw Shavuot, 2012 as a very possible Rapture date; but I surely see why now. The following only clarifies the details of some of the significant patterns involved:

    1-yr warning (Jerem 51:46) spanned Jan 29, 2011 (Temple Mt UFO,Rev 11) to Jan 29, 2012. Add 49 days to arrive at Shavuot/Pentecost, 2012 (Sunday, May 27, Sivan 6) a very possible Rapture date. Sivan 6 is the B-day of Judaism/Giving of the Law and the B-day of the Church (Pentecost). The disciples waited 49 days from Resurrection to Pentecost (Holy Spirit given).

    Jan 29, 2012 (end of the 1-yr warning) plus exactly 4 Jewish mths (“to Harvest”) is Sunday, May 27, Shavuot/Pentecost, Sivan 6. Thus, it looks like the Church must notice the ‘120’-day warning (“to Harvest”) as well as the 49-day wait (the delay endured by the 120 disciples in the Upper Room) to the RAPTURE. As for a ‘days of Noah’ sign, the 120 days is akin to the 120-yr warning to the world while Noah built the ark.

    God commanded Noah to start the “BEGINNING of DAYS” at the day the flood ended, NISAN 17. In the Millennium the 1st day of the year will be NISAN 1, APRIL 1 when the earth is straight and both calendars and the Mazzarot are synchronized (NISAN 1, APRIL 1, TAURUS 1). At the RETURN, the earth reverts back from April 21 to April 1 (actually Mar 30+) because the straightening likely takes 2 days (i.e. minus 23 plus 2). See the presumed Millennial calendar below (& remember that each Mazzarot sign presently begins on the 21st-23rd of each month but WILL begin on the 1st day of each month when the earth is straight (Isa 13:13, 24:1,19,20) with both calendars and the Mazzarot 360 days each as at pre flood:


    Nis 1…….Apr 1…….Taur 1

    Iyyar 1….May 1……Gem 1

    Siv 1…….June 1…..Can 1


    Tam 1…..July 1….,Leo 1

    Av 1…….Aug 1…..Virg 1

    Elul 1…..Sept 1…..Libr 1


    Tish 1….Oct 1……Scor 1

    Ches 1…Nov 1…..Sagi 1

    Kis 1…..Dec 1…..Capr 1


    Tev 1….Jan 1……Aqua 1

    Shev 1…Feb 1…..Pisc 1

    Adar 1….Mar 1….Aries 1

    Exactly 2520 days past Shavuot/Pentecost, 2012 (Sun, May 27) is FIRSTFRUITS, Sunday, NISAN 16, April 21, 2019, TAURUS 1, the presumed RETURN. Taurus, the 9th sign, is the ‘angry bull/judgment’….Deut 33:17. He came the first time as a LAMB (GRACE); but the 2nd time will be in JUDGMENT. The Millennium will NOT be easy for anyone….strict beyond belief. The Millennial SPRING will begin at the 9th sign (Taurus) because the gentleness of the LAMB (ARIES, 8th sign) only pertains to the AGE of GRACE. We only know Jesus as the LAMB; but the world at His Second Coming will see Him as an ‘angry bull’ (judgment).

    30 days of mourning (Zech 12:10, 13:6) after the Return is GEMINI 1, the day Jesus walks with with His Remnant from Petra up to Jerusalem (Isaiah 63), May 21, 2019. Gemini (10th sign) is the ‘twins walking hand in hand in harmony’ (Jesus & Remnant). This Temple Entrance Day is also 2550 days past the Rapture date as the 2550 YRS from 583 B.C. (1st Temple Destruction to 1967, Temple Mt reclaimed). 2550 is 2520 (1260 + 1260) plus 30.

    With the above in mind, the horrific mid trib is Nov 8, 2015, SCORPIO 18 – note Rev 13:18. This day is the 18th (666) day of the ‘death sign’ (Scorpio), Great Trib Begins. SUNDAY, Nov 8, 2015 is also CHESVAN 26 (double 13), interesting but spec.

    An awesome fact is that the RETURN will be as the FIRST DAY of the MILLENNIUM in all 3 respects as per the post-flood command to Noah:

    ……TAURUS 1 (Sunday, Apr 21, 2019)

    ……NISAN 16-17, Firstfruits (if Nisan 16 is a Sunday, it counts as FIRSTFRUITS/same as Nisan 17)

    ……APRIL 1 (because the Return at April 21 minus the earth tilt loss reverts back to April 1 as the straightening will likely take 2 days/Hos 6:2-3, one meaning, other meaning is 3rd ‘thousand’ from Jesus’ birth. (APRIL 1 will be the NEW and continuing NISAN 1 in the Millennium as well as Taurus 1). Nisan 1 is to be the yearly NEW YEAR’S DAY/cleansing of the Temple, Ezekial 45:18.

    Remember the significance of FIRSTFRUITS (Nisan 16 or 17, whichever is a SUNDAY): flood ended, Red Sea crossed, Jews entered Canaan, Haman hanged, Jesus Resurrected, possible SECOND COMING. The 49-day count to Pentecost was to begin on the SUNDAY after Passover.

    SIX MONTHS past ROSH HASHANA 2018 (the END of the Pyramid timeline which is 2011 – 2018) is NISAN 2019 because the Millennium has to start on Nisan 1 according to God’s command to Noah and as per Ezek 45:18.

    I think you must see that according to the Millennial calendar, the following will be true once the earth is straight:

    Dec 24 = Kislev 24 (anniv Creation Day/8th Feast/anniv Christmas during Age of Grace)

    Jan 1 = Tevet 1 (anniv 8th day of 8th Feast/Jesus’ concep +280 gestation = Succoth/Jesus’ birth)

    June 6 = Sivan 6 (anniv 6-day War/original Shavuot Giving of Law & N.T. Pentecost)

    Oct 1 = Tish 1 (Rosh Hashana each yr during Millennium)

    Oct 15 = Tish 15 (Tabernacles ” ” ” ” )

    Apr 1 = Nisan 1

    Apr 10 = Nisan 10

    Apr 14 = Nisan 14

    Apr 17 = Nisan 17

    All the modern FIG TREE PATTERNS still hold, ending at ROSH HASHANA, 2018 (before the 6 mths to Nisan are added):

    1898: 2nd Zionist Conference 1898 – 2018 (Christ’s Return) = 120 yrs.

    1967-2018 = 50 FULL yrs

    1898 – 1938 Holocaust = 40 yrs (testing)

    1898 – 1948 Statehood = 50 yrs

    1917 – 1967 = 50 yrs

    1918 – 1938 = 20 yrs (military age & end of age of accountability/begin at age 12)

    1918 Balfour Decl – 2018 = 100 yrs

    1948 – 2018 = 70 yrs

    1918 – 1948 = 30 yrs (30=maturity)

    1897 (1st Zionist Conf) – 1967 = 70 yrs

    1938 (Holocaust) – 2018 = 80 yrs

    519 B.C. (Hag 2) + 2520 = 2011 (the 1-yr warning, Jerusalem UFO Jan 29, 2011)

    1611 King James Bible + 400 yrs = 2011

    The above are only the MODERN FIG TREE PATTERNS. The O.T. patterns is a whole separate, awesome study.

    As for the 2300 days of Temple Worship (Dan 8:13-14) before the Temple is Reconsecrated (when the 45-day judgment of the Nations is finished/end of the 1335 from mid trib), the 2300 days seem to span exactly from PURIM 2013/IAdar 14 (Feb 25) and June 12, 2019, end of trib (with the -23-day tilt loss considered…..without the 23-day loss the end is July 5, 2019).

    If PURIM 2013 (Feb 24) begins the 2300 days of Temple Worship, that is the end of the 7 mths burying bodies and bldg 3rd Temple in Jerusalem which will have begun AV 10, 2012, 1 day after the AV 9 VICTORY (hail, earthquake, huge carnage). In other words, Av 10, 2012 (July 28) plus 7 mths (210 days exact) is Purim, 2013. If this is the case, God’s great DIVINE VICTORY in the mts of Israel following the N. Invasion (Gog-Magog, Ezek 38-39) of Israel will occur on the most serious FAST DAY in Jewish History, AV 9. Remember that God promised to turn the 4 FAST DAYS into joy (Zech 8:19) and Av 9 saw 8 catastrophes for the Jewish people throughout history. I’m speculating a bit perhaps; but it is clear that this span and its accompanying significance is awesome if it BE the case.

    Now SUNDAYS hold all across the board; and counts concerning believers always occurred on SUNDAYS (Palm Sun, Resurrection, Pentecost, etc). Also Creation was a SUNDAY (8th Feast) and the 8th day of that Feast was a SUNDAY, the day the Creation Count began, 8th Day of 8th Feast, Jesus’ conception anniv (Tev 1).

    Another important study is that of the 17 ‘uncounted’ years (Rosh 2018 minus 17 = 2001, then + 6 mths = Nisan 2002) that are ‘not counted,’ a study that NO ONE is willing to entertain. The 7-yr trib while the Restrainer is ‘taken out of the way’ is NOT COUNTED because they are Satan’s yrs not worthy to be included in God’s promised 120 Jub’s (6,000 full yrs). Also Jesus’ ministry of 3.5 yrs (counted as 4 yrs since months were never counted) were not counted because God (Jesus) was not STRIVING (Gen 6:3) with fallen man when He was on earth, but counted it “all JOY to go to the cross.” Those years of Jesus’ ministry were MILLENNIAL in nature because the potential for salvation, healings and salvation was infinite. There’s also the 1-yr warning not counted because the warning/promise IS the event. At Creation there was only eternity for humans; but at the fall, God promised the 6,000 full years (120 Jub’s) for allen man; and that 1st year had to begin on a ONE year (as do all new 50-yr Jubilee counts)…..thus 2 yrs are NOT counted. A child’s age (namely Jesus) is not counted until He reached AGE ONE; thus 1 yr not counted. The 280-day gestation of a human (namely Jesus) is not counted, needing another 75 days to complete a Jewish yr, (1 year) NOT counted. The 280-day spiritual gestation of the Remnant (plus another 75 days need to complete a year), thus 1 yr is not counted. Thus you have 7+4+1+2+1+1+1 = 17 yrs; and 2018 minus 17 year is 2001, plus the 6 months to get to the legal start of the Millennium, NISAN, is 2002 ,

    Know too that the year Rosh 2018 is the Jewish year 5779 and 5779″ is the ht of the Pyramid with the Capstone. Without the Capstone the ht is 5449″, the total of all the Hebrew letters (added) of Isa 19:19-20, the verse that speaks of the “monument in the midst of Egypt on the border therof that shall be a great testimony of the Lord.”

    Hope your are still trying to surmise a possible Rapture date as well since Daniel said that:

    ……the day would “come into focus” (clarify itself) as the day nears; and the “wise” (those who study) would understand

    ……we would know when He is “at the door”

    ……we are “children of light”

    …..we won’t know the “day or hr” but of 3 days/wk/mth….we CAN know

    ……the betrothed virgin would have HEARD the shout (1-yr warning) and would then watch intently for His

    arrival at the door

    …..she would also SEE & HEAR the approaching footsteps and the knock at the door

    In the above I haven’t even touched upon the amazing OLD TESTAMENT patterns, all beginning at the Birth of Abraham (1996 B.C.) ending at the year 1996 A.D….then plus 7 years is the year Rosh 2003 A.D. which is really Rosh 2001 A.D. These patterns are AWESOME phenomenal spans connecting all the main O.T. dates with patterns even in BETWEEN all of the dates as well. In this respect, the SEVEN-yr trib that will NOT be counted was COUNTED already in the year 1996 to 2003; because DAYS never DISAPPEAR, but are counted SOMEWHERE in time because each day under God’s control is sacred.


    To review the JUBILEES, note that according to Genesis 6:3, God promised 120 Jubilees for man (120 x 50/six thousand full yrs/6 ‘days’ for man). This promise was given AFTER the Fall. Before man’s fall into sin (the curse), man had eternity. Time for man began at God’s promise of the 6,000 full yrs. Strive means to ‘put up’ with man (even though each human deserves Hell) for 6,000 yrs (6,000 FULL yrs because the 121st Jubilee span must start on a ONE yr (as do all Jubilee yrs). The year 6001 must begin the 7th Millennium…..beginning on Rosh Hashana of 2018 (which, minus the 17 ‘uncounted yrs’ is 2001/6001.) But the legal start of the New Year according to Ezek 45:18 has to be in Nisan, 2002/6002 six months after Rosh. The year 5779 (Rosh 2018) remains at 5779 until Rosh 2019.

    Below are the Jubilee spans of Biblical/primarily Hebrew history (120 Jubilees of earths’ trip around the sun):

    God said that on the 3rd Day Israel to be “RAISED UP” on the THIRD DAY (3rd 1000 from Jesus’ Birth, Hos 6:2-3).

    Creation plus 30 Jubilees (‘maturity of sin’) = flood 1500 yrs after Creation +4500 yrs to end (30 + 90 = 120)

    Flood plus 90 Jubilees (4500 yrs) = the END (90 + 30 = 120)

    Creation plus 40 Jubilees = Birth of Abraham (40 + 80 = 120)

    Birth of Abraham plus 40 Jubilees = Birth of Christ at yr 0 (80 + 40 = 120)

    Creation plus 80 Jubilees = Birth of Christ (80 + 40 = 120)

    Creation plus 60 Jubilees = David/Temple (60 + 60 = 120)

    Creation yr 0 plus 120 Jubilees = the END

    Jesus’ Birth yr 0 plus 40 Jubilees = the END (80 + 40 = 120)

    Thus, we now look to Shavuot, 2012………..J.H.

    Jan Herscu

    May 2, 2012 at 1:21 am

    • Thanks for this very possible and thorough study of the timeline of our Lord for the redemption of His creation.
      I will pass this study to so that other believers can share and distribute it.


      May 3, 2012 at 10:30 am

  2. Additional facts suggesting a Shavuot 2012 Rapture (continued speculation on my part):

    Shavuot/Pentecost is the only Feast of the Seven that is a ‘Gentile’ Feast in a sense. It is thought that Enoch (a GENTILE) was born on Pentecost and Raptured on his his b-day as well. The Book of Ruth (a GENTILE) is read in the synagogue on Shavuot including the account of Boaz who was the offspring of Rahab (a GENTILE)….with the bloodline down to birth of Messiah. Pentecost is both the birthday of Judaism (Giving of the Law) and the birthday of the Church (primarily GENTILE). ……two groups forming ONE BODY in the Messiah (thus 2 loaves with leaven…sin… brought to the Temple).

    Also, the Church (mainly GENTILE during the Age of Grace) BEGAN at Pentecost (Holy Spirit ENTERED the believers) and the Age of Grace ENDS at Pentecost with the Rapture (Restrainer/Holy Spirit in the Church EXITS earth). So the Rapture picks up right where the whole thing started!……at Pentecost.

    After the Rapture, God deals with the Jews for 7 yrs, to complete their SEVEN remaining yrs of punishment/trouble (Jerem 30:7) to total the 490 yrs of commanded punishment. At the cross 483 yrs of punishment were completed and there are yet seven yrs to go to finish the punishment commanded for not keeping the Sabbaticals, etc.

    Shavuot (O.T. and N. T.) is a beautiful picture of LAW and GRACE. At Shavuot 49 days after the Red Sea Crossing, 3,000 people DIED when God was angry with the Hebrews after the Giving of the Law. At Shavuot 49 days after Jesus’ Resurrection, 3,000 people were SAVED at the preaching of Peter.

    Pretty special day….that 4th Feast!………J.H.

    In the article above this one, 519 B.C. plus 2520 yrs is 2001, not 2011. Also note that Shavuot is 49 days from Apr 8, Nisan 16, Sunday (Firstfruits) to Shavuot, 2012. Interesting too is the fact that if one looks at Nisan 16, 2012 and counts exactly 7 Jewish yrs, the Return is the same Jewish day……Nisan 16. ……but with the 49-day delay added.

    Jan Herscu

    May 5, 2012 at 12:26 am

    • Two more items of interest:

      1. This year, 2012, Pentecost and Shavuot are on the SAME DAY…..very rarely the case.

      2. The FEAST of WEEKS (SHAVUOT/PENTECOST) is also called FIRSTFRUITS (the Firstfruits of the wheat harvest).

      Exodus 23:14-16: …..”three times (Unnleaved Bread, Shavuot, Tabernacles) you shall keep a feast unto Me in a year……….(vs 16)…”and the feast of harvest, the firstfruits of thy labours (Shavuot) and the feast of ingathering (Tabernacles) which is in the end of the year, when thou has gathered in thy labours out of the field.”

      Numbers 28:26:….”On the day of Firstfruits, when you present to the Lord an offering of new grain during the Feast of Weeks”

      I Corin 15:20…”Christ has indeed been raised from the dead, the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep.”

      Jan Herscu

      May 7, 2012 at 12:23 am

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