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June 9, 2012 I also saw a 333 this morning Mathman

This morning I went to buy some auto parts, in my return I saw a license plate G333VF

The V is the first letter of my last name and the F is the first letter of my first name so of course I thought it was a message for me. I know that the number 333 is a highly occultist number  used by Masons. This afternoon I go to five doves and read the post below by Mathman.

Last night I went out to pick up our dinner and on the way I had a license plate 777 XXV, again a text by God (777) with V at the end and to XX to mean it was for me. I took it to mean that I had to write about the Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn a terrific book I had just finished and was about to write comments about.

Thanks for your post Mathman,


MathMan (8 June 2012)
Gerry and the 270 Days of Gestation (I’m seeing 333)!!

Dear Gerry & Doves,


Thanks for that fantastic post yesterday outlining in such detail the relationship between the Revelation 12 signs in the sky to the Gestation Period:


Here is a quote from a post on RITAN on your material that I found really exciting:


This observation comes from a woman named Lisaleenie, a long time member on RITAN with over 4,200 posts!!  Here is what she wrote:


“Thank you, Gerry, You made a lot of good observations.


GERRY QUOTE: “Now get this.  The constellation Virgo, back on 9 / 29 / 2011 had in the womb of Virgo, Venus, the Jesus star and Saturn, the red dragon star.  Venus exited first.  Later Saturn exited.  IT HAS BEEN 9 MONTHS SINCE VIRGO FORMED, THE GESTATION PERIOD OF A CHILD”


I liked the 9 month analogy of the gestation of a child.  If you added 9 months from September 29, 2011, you end up with the date of 06 / 29 / 12.  But if you add 9 Biblical months of 270 days from 9 / 29 / 11, you end up with the date of 06 / 25 / 12.  So that is another way of calculating the same date of 06 / 25 / 12 that you came up with!”


Lisaleenie’s observation was an accurate one.  Indeed, the average time lapse from the day a woman’s menstruation first begins until the birth of a child is, on average, 40 weeks or 280 days.  HOWEVER, actual fertilization does not occur until a number of days AFTER menstruation first begins!!  If fertilization occurs 10 days after her menstruation began, the average time period is equals 270 days from fertilization to birth (280 – 10)!!


Also, did you happen to notice that 270 = 3 x 3 x 3 x 10?  Is this one of the reasons so many Doves are seeing the number 333?  Of course I’m not sure, but I certainly thank Lisaleenie for sharing her wonderful observation that allows us to at least notice this!!


MARANATHA!!  Surely our redemption draws EXTREMELY near!!


YbiC, MathMan


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