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June 11, 2012 The war of Gog vs Israel (Nuclear Weapons in the world 19,000)

Mr. Gary Stearman presents a 10 minute news of what is about to happen in the middle east and the wars that are prophesied. It is the Ezekiel 38 and 39 chapters that detail the participants of the war and the result of it.

Five minutes into the video he goes into an explanation of the nuclear arsenals of the world and it is from the table of the nuclear nations of the world and the estimated number of weapons that an inescapable conclusion has to be rendered.

The Antichrist has to come from either Russia with 10,000 nuclear weapons or the USA with 8,000. Nothing else be it the economy the religion the politics or the industrial might would carry greater weight for the leader of either of these two countries to be able to take control of the world.

No matter how many people any other nation may have it would be irrational to think that they could overcome the devastation that can fall on their countries and peoples if they oppose any of the two leaders mentioned.

The role of Russia is well defined by Ezekiel as he is Gog of the land of Magog and the two chapters describe their total destruction on the mountains of Israel.

The future Antichrist is here in the USA and he is Barack Hussein Obama. Difficult to see for the average citizen, but understandable for Bible believers with a good knowledge of scripture. Ample evidence to support this claim is given in several articles posted here. If you wait till he has full control of the world it is to late for you already.

Your eternal salvation will depend in your knowing the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior. Call on His name for deliverance and He will be there for you.



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