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June 19, 2012 Nuclear Weapons the instruments of God’s wrath in the Tribulations

The importance of nuclear weapons in todays world can not be set aside as inconsequential to world control and domination.

It is through these weapons of mass destruction that the nations of the world can take the initaitive to dominate and control all the inhabitants of the world.

Economics, industrial might, control of energy sources, big human armies all pale in comparison to the awesome destructive power of these weapons.  Hand to hand to the weapons is the technological advances required to their delivery and that is where the missile capabilities play an important part.

Islam now threatens the world with its militaristic and religious fanaticism to conquer and impose this false satanic religion on the world. Simple mathematical calculation will render this hypothesis null and void even if Islam allies themselves to Russia with the number one nuclear arsenal of the world. In this case the real power would remain with Russia and Islam would be subordinated or destroyed by them when deemed appropriate in their domination aspirations of controlling the world.

Because Satan is behind all the nations of the world and his true objective is the destruction of Israel and the Christian believers in the world his manipulations involving wars and religions in the world is towards those two objectives. The Bible prophetic writings attest to this fact many times and the book of Revelation is a prophetic enumeration of the destruction that is coming to the world when these arsenals of weapons are unleashed.

Coupled with these man made punishments will be a plethora of astronomical and God sent destruction’s originating from the throne of God in heaven.

Below you will find a very good article by Mr. Luis Vega with a link to a good illustration that covers the subject and puts emphases on Israel and its enemies.

This is an exhortation to the readers to accept the salvation given free by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ at the cross for the redemption of souls. It is imperative that you choose sides while there is time left. If you delay and Jesus comes to take His believers out of the world to heaven (Rapture) then you will find that the whirlwind of destruction will overtake you. At that time salvation of your soul will still be possible but it will cost you undue suffering and most probably a horrible death.



Luis Vega (19 June 2012)
Countdown to Armageddon – Israeli Nuclear Arsenal & the Mid-East Arms RaceNando

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