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MathMan (20 June 2012) “MUST READ!! Love Story in the Sky!! 7 of 8 steps completed since February 25, 2012!! Next step is the Rapture!!”

Today about 2 PM I received a call from my very good friend Armando, he had read the article by Mathman posted below. He was full of joy with the anticipation that should be in all our hearts that our Lord Jesus is about to take His Bride(The Church) home to heaven for the marriage ceremony.

The analogy of the dance of planets with the traditional Jewish wedding ceremony is to perfect and beautiful to just dismiss as insignificant.

Do I believe that it means that Jesus is coming the 25th of June? Well I certainly think he may be correct in his presentation and  is with joy that I read this article. I also believe that these signs may be valid and that the Rapture can occur before or after this date. I do not see it taking a long period of time with all the prophetic things that are happening in the world.


MathMan (20 June 2012)
MUST READ!!  Love Story in the Sky!!  7 of 8 steps completed since February 25, 2012!!  Next step is the Rapture!!

Dear Doves,


This article is an absolute MUST READ!!


A Love Story, OUR Love Story, is being written in the sky by our Groom as we speak!!  7 of 8 steps in the Jewish Wedding Tradition have now been symbolically completed in the sky above us since February 25, 2012.  The 8th and Final Step will be our Rapture, our marriage to the Ultimate Groom.


PLEASE, take the time to read the below to see the exciting details.  Scripture is always the best place to start.  Using the rule of “First Mention” in the Bible, the following is what God tells us to do with the stars, planets, Sun and the Moon:


Genesis 1:14 reads as follows:  “And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years”.  This “command” to study the sky for signs is repeated MANY times in the New Testament!!


In our Jewish Wedding Tradition “Love Story”, there will be four specific “characters” in the sky, each with their own specific purpose.  I will first outline who they are and their role and then I will elaborate on each below:


        Venus as the Morning Star, our Groom (Jesus)!!


        Sun as the Father of the Groom (God)


        Jupiter as the Father of the Bride (the Holy Spirit)


        Moon as the Bride (the True Church)


Before moving on, please take an extra moment to re-read the above list and REALLY let the “characters” absorb in your mind before I explain why each “character” makes perfect sense.  I find that it is usually better when one pre-visualizes there own reasons for such symbolism, which may add to those I listed below (or simply perhaps confirm the list below).

Venus as the Morning Star, our Groom (Jesus)


Jesus refers to Himself as the morning star (while it is also true that Satan had been called the morning star, as per Isaiah, Isaiah explains that this title no longer applied to Satan after he fell):


Revelation 22:16 reads as follows:  “I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.”


This specific mention of Jesus as the morning star, Venus, in the Bible, has meant that, when something occurs with Venus, I sit up and take notice.  This “characterization” was so important an observation that this formed a part of His very last words in the Bible.  The very last chapter of the very last book to be specific!!


Sun as the Father of the Groom (God)


The Sun is often referred to as representing God the Father.  It is so bright that one cannot stare at it without losing their sight.  In comparison, God told Moses that looking on His full glory would cause instant death.

No life on this planet would exist without the Sun, just like it wouldn’t exist without God (sorry evolutionists).  The Sun supplies us with all of our energy.  When we burn wood, we are burning stored sunlight.  When we start our cars, we are burning stored sunlight.

The power of the Sun is beyond comprehension.  Similarly, the awesome power of its creator, GOD, the Father of the Groom, is also beyond comprehension!!


Jupiter as the Father of the Bride (the Holy Spirit)


Jupiter is known as the God planet due to being the biggest of all the planets.  Its size completely dwarfs the earths.  It is also one of the most visible of the planets from earth, easily visible with the naked eye.  However, this planet also serves another purpose.  Scientists have noticed that it frequently intercepts hurtling objects from space that could have later impacted the earth and destroyed all life, thereby protecting all of us.  This protection from flying debris is due to its immense gravity from its massive size, attracting these rogue objects like metal to a magnet.  In other words, similar to the Holy Spirit, Jupiter serves as our quiet, but extremely powerful, protector!!


Since the Sun already represents the Father of the Groom (God) and Venus already represents the Groom (Jesus), it would make sense to “characterize” the second biggest object in our solar system as the Father of the Bride (the Holy Spirit).  As outlined above, the similarities are stunning.


But there is another similarity that makes the Holy Spirit similar to “the Father of the Bride”!!  Notice that, in the New Testament, we are considered the Bride of Christ.  However, He hasn’t sent for us yet and we are still waiting to go to our new home, travelling eagerly away from our “birth home, earth”.  In Jewish Tradition, the Father of the Bride continues to look after his daughter until the Groom calls for her.  In a direct analogy, the Father of the Bride was literally sent to us at the first Pentecost after Christ died to do just that!!  The Holy Spirit has been looking after us ever since, just like a loving and doting Father of the Bride would take great pride in doing for His Daughter.  Again, this fits perfectly!!


Moon as the Bride (the True Church)


Like the Moon, we are a large part of the operation and sustainability of the earth!!  AND YET, the earth is not AT ALL our home.  Instead, we are visitors here on earth, but yet linked to the earth, waiting to be called to our eternal and true home with our precious Groom, Jesus!!


Like the Moon reflects the glory of the Sun, we the Bride merely reflect the glory of the Trinity, and Jesus in particular.  Some reflect the Lord’s grace to a great extent (Full Moon), while some barely reflect His grace at all (New Moon), but yet we still share our salvation through the Only One Who Saves via Grace thru Faith alone.


Again, before moving on, please take another few extra moment to REALLY let the above “characters” absorb in your mind.  The Jewish Wedding Tradition events that are about to unfold below depend on you understanding the precise roles each of these four “characters” will play (and symbolize)!!




During the course of this article, I will outline various quotes from the following Jewish source to show the strict adherence these celestial events as outlined below are being used to perfectly symbolize Jewish Wedding Tradition.  Quotes from the following article will later be shown in black font:

Now, let us look to see what the sky is specifically telling us (as we are instructed to do in the Bible).  However, before we do, it is important to emphasize that this analysis is Bible-based Astronomy, which has EVERYTHING to do with God!!  This is NOT Astrology, which has NOTHING to do with God and is an abomination to God:

Step 1 of 8:   February 25, 2012 – The Groom meets with the Father of the Bride and the Bride, wherein all three parties agree to a marriage “in principle”




CELESTIAL DESCRIPTION (from above link):  “The 2012 Venus Jupiter Moon conjunction was an astrological conjunction that occurred on February 25, 2012 between the Moon, Venus and Jupiter, forming a triple conjunction.  It was observed in the western sky at sunset globally.”

APPLICABLE SYMBOLIC CHARACTERS INVOLVED:  Moon = the Bride, Venus = the Groom, Jupiter = the Father of the Bride


INTERPRETATION:  The Groom meets with both the Father of the Bride and the Bride at the same time to meet for compatibility.  Eventually, after meeting, all parties present mutually agree to a marriage “in principle”.  In Jewish Tradition, the Bride is able to reject the proposal at this point.  Obviously, we, the Bride, whole heartedly accept the Lord’s marriage proposal.


From Jewish article:  “The very first stage of a traditional Jewish marriage is the shidduch, or matchmaking.  In this manner, the process of finding a partner is not haphazard or based on purely external aspects.  Rather, a close friend or relative of the young man or woman, who knows someone that they feel may be a compatible partner, suggests that they meet.  The purpose of the meeting is for the prospective bride and groom to determine if they are indeed compatible”


Step 2 of 8:   March 13, 2012 – The Groom once again meets with the Father of the Bride, this time to finalize the marriage contract




CELESTIAL DESCRIPTION (from above link):  “On March 13, 2012, Venus and Jupiter reentered conjunction and 5 celestial signs were observable, all around sunset local time, globally.”

APPLICABLE SYMBOLIC CHARACTERS INVOLVED:  Venus = the Groom, Jupiter = the Father of the Bride, 5 other celestial signs = small reception


INTERPRETATION:  With all parties present agreeing to the marriage “in principle” on February 25, 2012, the Bride leaves it to the Groom and her Father to discuss specifics of the marriage contract.  To do this, the Groom meets once again with the Father of the Bride (“reentered conjunction”), but this time without the Bride, and the marriage contract is formalized and signed.  We, the Bride, are now officially betrothed to Jesus in marriage (getting excited yet?).  A small reception is then gathered together in order announce the occasion, which is, amazingly, perfectly represented in the skies by the outstanding and noteworthy presence of “5 celestial signs being observable” at the EXACT same time (known in Yiddish as a vort)!!


From Jewish article:  “When the families have met, and the young couple has decided to marry, the families usually announce the occasion with a small reception, known in Yiddish as a vort.  Some families sign a contract, the tenaim (conditions) that delineates the obligations of each side regarding the wedding and setting its final date.  The tenaim symbolise the groom’s commitment to fulfil the promise to marry his bride.  They are just as binding as the marriage contract itself, so they are usually signed before the ceremony.”


Step 3 of 8:   May 20, 2012 – The Father of the Groom ensures all is prepared to His satisfaction before telling His Son to “go get His Bride”




CELESTIAL DESCRIPTION (from above link):  “An annular solar eclipse took place on May 20, 2012 with a magnitude of 0.9439.  An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon’s apparent diameter is smaller than the Sun, causing the Sun to look like a ring, blocking most of the Sun’s light.  An annular eclipse appears as a partial eclipse over a region thousands of kilometres wide. This is also known as Ring of Fire.”

APPLICABLE SYMBOLIC CHARACTERS INVOLVED:  Moon = the Bride, Sun = the Father of the Groom (our Father-“in-Law”)


INTERPRETATION:  The Father of the Groom ensures that all is prepared to His satisfaction before He tells His Son to “go get His Bride”.  In Jewish tradition, the father makes sure all preparations are complete and adequate before “giving the order”!!  One of the things He does is to make sure the Bride is fully prepared and ready to marry His Son.  She meets with the Father of the Groom’s expectations!!  How does the Groom find out?  The shining ring in the sky on May 20th symbolically tells the Son that all went well and the He will soon give permission for Him to call His Bride!!


ADDITIONAL INTERPRETATION:  A ring of commitment is a major event in any Bride’s life, signifying in a material way to the world that she is committing herself to one man.  This is also particularly important in Jewish Marriage Tradition.  According to Jewish tradition, this wedding / betrothal ring should be of great worth, reflecting just how much the Groom values His Bride.  THIS IS JUST TOO PERFECT!!  Given that the Sun and the Moon are both absolutely vital to life continuing on earth, there is nothing more valuable to the world than the Sun and the Moon!!  In other words, the “Ring of Fire”, our Wedding Ring, symbolizes a ring of infinite value.


Step 4 of 8:   June 4, 2012 – The Father of the Groom sends out a final invitation to His Chosen Guests




CELESTIAL DESCRIPTION (from above link):  “A partial lunar eclipse took place on June 4, 2012.  The moon was about one third covered by the Earth’s northern umbral shadow at maximum eclipse.  The portion of the moon inside the umbral shadow was illuminated by sunlight refracted through the Earth’s atmosphere, thus much dimmer, and having a reddish hue.”

APPLICABLE SYMBOLIC CHARACTERS INVOLVED:  Moon = the Bride, Sun = the Father of the Groom, Earth = His Chosen Guests, the Jews


INTERPRETATION:    The Father of the Groom makes one last appeal to the Jews to come to the ceremony.  His invitation is rejected, just like His Son had been rejected by the Jews all those centuries ago.  However, 1/3rd will later change their mind, which is in the Biblical description that only 1/3rd of the Jews will heed the warning of the Lord about the coming wrath of the Anti-Christ and to flee to safety in the wilderness (Petra), away from the Anti-Christ’s grip of terror.  That fact that this was a lunar eclipse is perfectly appropriate as lunar eclipses are considered to be specific warnings to the Jews, whereas solar eclipses are considered to be specific warnings for the Gentiles.  However, not only was this event a Lunar Eclipse, but it was also a “1/3rd” Lunar Eclipse, again a PERFECT SYMBOL of what is about to occur in Israel!!


Step 5 of 8:   June 5-6, 2012 – The Father of the Groom finally tells His Son it is time to go get His Bride




CELESTIAL DESCRIPTION (from above link):  “The 2012 Transit of Venus, when the planet Venus appeared as a small, dark disk moving across the face of the Sun, began at 22:09 UTC on 5 June 2012, and finished at 04:49 UTC on 6 June.”

APPLICABLE SYMBOLIC CHARACTERS INVOLVED:  Sun = the Father of the Groom, Venus = the Groom


INTERPRETATION:  Ensuring that everything for the upcoming marriage of His Son is absolutely perfect, the Father of the Groom tells His Son to leave His right side and get His Bride.  From the “Sun’s perspective”, that is EXACTLY what happened that day (it travelled from the Sun’s right side to its left side)!!  Notice that this event is also exactly 21 days inclusive to June 25th / 26th; wherein this is a similar time span to the last war in heaven mentioned in the Book of Daniel (more on June 25th later)!!  However, there is a LOT more to this and it has all been previously described in great detail in the following article:


Step 6 of 8:   June 17, 2012 – The Groom is seen approaching the Bride and the Father of the Groom from a distance



CELESTIAL DESCRIPTION (from above link):  “Moon and Jupiter close together before sunrise June 17”

APPLICABLE SYMBOLIC CHARACTERS INVOLVED:  Moon = the Bride, Jupiter = the Father of the Bride, Venus = the Groom


INTERPRETATION:  While the Father of the Bride is standing with His Daughter, the Groom approaches them from a short distance away.  Both the Groom and the Bride feel great excitement as they know their day will soon arrive!!

Step 7 of 8:   June 18, 2012 – The Bride visits the Groom for the last time before the actual wedding ceremony while her Father supervises the meeting



CELESTIAL DESCRIPTION(from above link):  “Moon, Venus below Jupiter before sunrise June 18”

APPLICABLE SYMBOLIC CHARACTERS INVOLVED:  Moon = the Bride, Jupiter = the Father of the Bride, Venus = the Groom


INTERPRETATION:  The Bride visits the Groom for the last time before the actual wedding ceremony while her Father supervises the meeting.  According to Jewish Tradition, this will be the last time the Bride sees her Groom prior to the actual wedding.  However, as is also strict Jewish tradition, she is still closely supervised by her Father during the meeting!!

Step 8 of 8:   ???? – Soon after, the Groom comes back, announcing His arrival with a Trumpet Blast, signaling that He has come to finally marry us, His Bride, in the Rapture!!


The first seven steps illustrated above shows us just how soon it will be before the Groom finally has the Trumpet Player call for us, His Bride, to meet Him in the sky for our final journey home to be married!!  FINALLY, we will be able to leave this temporary home in order to be married to the One we have so longed to be with.


In other words:  The Rapture is the very next, eighth and final step!!  Interestingly, eight is the number of New Beginnings, and WHAT A NEW BEGINNING IT WILL BE!!






There are still some other IMPORTANT SYMBOLIC SIMILARITIES to the Jewish Marriage Process that were strictly followed in the above symbolism in the sky that you simply must read about:


From Jewish article:  “According to Jewish law, physical contact is not allowed between a man and a woman until they are married (except for certain close relatives), and they may not be alone together in a closed room or secluded area. This helps to ensure that one’s choice of partner will be based on intellect and emotion and not on physical desire alone.”


Did you notice, in all of the above seven steps completed above, that Venus, representing the “man”, and the Moon, representing the “woman”, were NEVER alone together without Jupiter, the “father of the woman”, being ever present??  How awesome is that?


From Jewish article:  “Prior to the wedding day, the bride is required to visit the mikveh, the ritual bath, and immerse herself, to ensure a purified spiritual state as she prepares herself for married life.  The bride must show proof of having visited the mikveh before she is eligible to sign the marriage contract.”


Only those who have washed themselves in the blood of Christ and accepted His Sacrifice for our sins will be considered a part of the Bride, our debt completely paid in full by our Groom, making us completely eligible with proof of being able to sign the marriage contract!!  If you haven’t already, please make sure this vital step has been completed NOW!!!  It is almost too late to avoid the Great Tribulation!!  Once the Rapture occurs, you are stuck for another 1260+ days of incredible despair and persecution (however, chances are you will be beheaded WAY before making it even close to that long – just make sure you never take the Mark of the Beast)!!


From Jewish article:  “One week before the wedding the bride and groom, the chatan and kallah stop seeing each other in order to enhance the joy of their wedding through their separation.”


THIS IS THE MOST EXCITING PART OF THIS WHOLE ARTICLE!!!  Did you notice in Step 7 that Venus, representing the Groom, and the Moon, representing the Bride, are very close to each other for one last meeting, but yet still under complete supervision from Jupiter, representing the Father of the Bride?  Could this symbolically represent the VERY LAST MEETING before the one week separation as is customary in Jewish Wedding Tradition!!  That is, was the June 18th meeting symbolic of our very final meeting with the Groom prior to us being reunited with Him forever and ever in our wedding to the Lord Himself?  If so, did you notice that one week from June 18th is just around the corner?  And, IF SO, under Jewish Tradition, it is up to you to make yourself ready to be the proper Bride, ready to receive her Groom in marriage!!!!  Are you absolutely SURE you are ready?  You had better make sure!!


SIDE NOTE:  IF June 25th turns out to be “our wedding day”, look who “just happens” to be visiting Israel on that exact same day (Putin’s very first visit to Israel in SEVEN YEARS!!).  Certainly not a pleasant start to those left behind, especially the Jews, ESPECIALLY given the HUGE role Russia will play in end-time prophecy as outlined Ezekiel 38 / 39!!


FINAL APPEAL:  I normally would never ask this of you all, but IF you found the above inspiring and ONLY IF you feel inspired to do so, please write in to Five Doves with your thoughts AND a link to this article.  The more this article is referred to and linked, the great the chances of those later left behind coming across this article and being able to understand God’s Ultimate Control!!


Seriously, this couldn’t be written any better for us if we had wanted it to.  MARANATHA!!  Surely our redemption draws EXTREMELY near!!  The SKY SCREAMS THAT IT IS SOON!!!!!!


YbiC, MathMan



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