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Steven King (23 June 2012) “Giants are coming! A Satanic Conspiracy: July 4th 2012 anti christ revealed?”

My last post was # 1666 and it is therefore this post that takes me out of the post with the ending with the  number of the Beast the 666.

This post is a warning about a potentially significant day July 4 for the revealing of the 666 the Antichrist.

On the video link at the 1:01:21 mark it talks about another date where the Antichrist may be doing some magic and miracles.

As I and many of us believe that Obama is the Antichrist it is well to notice that August 4 is the birthday of Obama.


Steven King (23 June 2012)
Giants are coming! A Satanic Conspiracy: July 4th 2012 anti christ revealed?

Hi Doves,

Giants are coming! A Satanic Conspiracy
More proof of how close we now are to the “end times” is supplied in this film. Wonders mentioned in the Book of Revelation are taking place in the days we live in! Giants are coming…

Please click on link to view:

Steven King
Jesus is coming soon!
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