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(July6,2012) Possible Rapture Tomorrow July 7 or next Tuesday July 10 A scriptural and astronomical speculation, Tammuz 17 start of 7 yr Tribulation

Jan Herscu I for one appreciate very much your dedication and perseverance in reveling the possible scenario of end times events that you have attempted to discover in your eschatology dissertation.
I for one will be looking with anticipation and joy for tomorrow and if not for Tuesday.
The numbers that you found are convincing and there is no need for any other bible scholar to validate them, the Holy Spirit will take car of the warning to the church and the world.
I am in full evangelical and end times warning system for many years and I have seen my labors yielding very sparse fruit, but the efforts of the watchers in the church will bear much fruit at the appointed time of the crop.
I will try to study your article and look back to the past ones as soon as I have a chance.

Yours in Jesus Christ,


….Fast of Tammuz 17 is still the trib starting point……& I gotta keep going, or else all previous figuring was for naught! PLUS there are WAY too many significant points! Daniel said that the subject would become CLEARER…..clearer to whom?!… those who keep looking & refuse to scoff! “No man knows the day”….of course not!…….but God didn’t say we can’t know the week or of 3 days! After all, one earth day is 72 hrs from beginning to end. Remember how Jesus reprimanded the Pharisees for not knowing the time of His coming?!

Shevat 24, 2011 (Temple Mt UFO) to Shevat 24, 2012 = 1-yr warning (Jewish) (Jerem 51:46)

Shevat 24, 2012 + 4 solar months (123 days) plus 23 more days (earth tilt # that will minus) = TUES, July 10. ‘Four mths to Harvest’ with a straight earth (360 days) is 120 (as Noah #); but our earth is on a 23-degree tilt and 4 mths is 123 days. The minus 23 days at the Return changes the SEASON by 23 days as per the specific sun rays at an exact spot on the earth since the sun’s position does not change, but the earth’s does (Isa 13:13, 24:1,19,20).

Tammuz 17 = the likely SIGNING (a.c. unrevealed til after the Rapture) & the beginning of the 1260 days a.c. ‘keeps’ covenant w/ Israel til a.c. ‘breaks’ the covenant w/ Israel on a Sabbath, Tevet 7, 2015). Three days later (a.c. ‘rises’/indwelt by Devil) is TEVET 10, Tues (Devil ‘weds’ the unbelieving earth on a Tues…spec). So Tuesday July 10, 2012 plus 1260 days is Tevet 10, 2015, Dec 22.

Av 9, 2012 = Divine Victory Mts of Israel plus 7 Jewish mths of burying (207 days) = Feb 20, 2013, Temple Worship begins (Dan 8:13-14). Those 7 mths involve the burying of bodies by Dead Sea, bldg of 3rd Temple and bone search to cleanse the land.

Temple Worship begins Feb 20, 2013 plus 2300 days Temple Desecration (Dan 8) until Temple Reconsecrated (when Jesus enters the Temple w/ the Remnant from Petra via Bozrah/Isa 63/thirty days after the Return.

Return is SAT, June 1, 2019 (2520 past SAT, Tammuz 17, 2012).

June 1, 2019 (Sat) is YOM YERUSHALAIM (Iyyar 27/anniv June 7, 1967…biggest day in modern history).

Minus 23 days as earth straightens (takes 1-2 days/Hos 6:2-3) is IYYAR 5, 71st anniv of May 14, 1948. Study the huge Biblical events following 70 yrs.

Iyyar 5 (May 10, 2019) + 30 days mourning (Zech 12:10/13:6) is SUNDAY, June 9, SHAVUOT (Jesus into Temple/Isa 63). Shavuot is the b-day of the LAW and the b-day of the CHURCH and will likely be as a ‘wedding procession.’ 1290 days spans mid-trib to the day Jesus Enters Temple w/ the Remnant (July 1 w/out the -23 considered, June 9 w/ the -23 considered). Of course the end of the trib is 1335 from mid-trib.

No one likes reference to the significant Mazzarot points, so I’ll ignore them in this letter; but they are the same as in the last letter except that the Rapture on July 10 is now CANCER 18, 11th sign/666)…..if applicable……NOT a lovely day numerically speaking in the Mazzarot’s 365-day cycle. When the earth is straight, Mazzarot & calendar will both be 360 days.

All else is same as last letter. Note just a FEW (out of 30 or more) of the perfect, completed MODERN patterns that end at the ROSH 2018 yr (realizing that the COUNT does not increase unti ROSH 2019, which is never reached in the above scenario):

1898 – 2018 = 120

1918 – 2018 = 100

1938 – 2018 = 80

1948 – 2018 = 70

1968 – 2018 = 50

In reference to the year 1968, the June 1967 Jerusalem Reclamation is counted as a ZERO year and 1968 is as the year ONE. When one subtracts the 17 ‘uncounted’ yrs from 1968, one arrives at the year 1951, the beginning of the 120th Jubilee (last 50 of the promised full 6000 yrs/Gen 6:3 and the word YEARS in that verse means ‘Jubilees’ in ancient Hebrew). 50 more years (last Jubilee) arrives at the year 2001, the beginning of the 121st Jubilee when all is figured; and of course the Millennium begins at Rosh 2001/seen as Rosh 2018 to us before all is figured (on into 2002 because any events can occur in the Rosh 2001/2018 yr and still count as such UNTIL Rosh 2002/2019 is REACHED). The preceding must be figured because God’s math has always been perfect and explainable throughout history; and who could ignore it at this point when Jesus told us to WATCH the FIG TREE (ISRAEL)! What do you watch??…..the weather of Israel? the skrmishes there? the Knesset’s actions? the evaporation of the Dead Sea? the bldg of the settlements?…..NO! We watch the PATTERNS! It’s the only country on earth with Patterns like this. God only expects the general Christian population to see the MODERN patterns; but the ANCIENT patterns are even more awesome; but who in their right mind has time to ponder all of this? Evangelization in mega-force mode is the only priority at this point (‘Holler & Run’ mode!)……because the Divinely-sent deception coming upon the earth at the Rapture will be such that it will be almost impossible to find truth; and earth’s last chance NOW is the enlightened CHURCH. The main reason I always write these crazy letters is that someone with hopefully more prophecy knowledge than myself will see the significance of it all and announce the soon Rapture via the media, thus fostering the salvation of many via last-minute, ‘thief on the cross’ decisions. But, alas, Harold Camping did his little ‘jobbie,’ eliminating any further chance of announcing a believable date. But, the Holy Spirit has His way of enlightening the public amidst all the scofferism and I always hope my ‘shocking’ numbers/facts/etc will effect someone somewhere somehow! I CANNOT ignore the patterns, thus I continue…….bothersome as it is to the recipient.

So if the Rapture is not Sat, Tammuz 17, then it surely must be 3 days later TUESDAY, July 10……..SPECULATIVELY speaking, of course. After all, we always have the 3-day overlap with the three 1260′s still spanning perfectly (1260 a.c. keeps covenant, 1260 Elijah & Moses’ ministry til killed when a.c. ‘rises,’ 1260 Petra Protection for believing Jews). TUESDAY is, of course, the THIRD DAY/GROOM-ARRIVAL-WEDDINGDAY as well.

The Pyramid timeline remains exact (2011/12 – 2018/19); as we note that the ht of the Pyramid in inches WITH the capstone is 5778-9 inches, end of the trib is the Jewish year 5778/9, degrees of the sun is 5778/9 KELVIN and the difference between the Jewish year 5778/9 and 2018/19 is 240 years exact. Isa 19:19-20 refers to the Great Pyramid of Giza as a Divine, Testimonial Monument for the Church to notice (built by Enoch via God’s instructions?).

Thus, the 3 remaining FAST DAYS are turned to JOY in the above scenario, all the patterns are complete and perfect and the end points of all the spans are perfect. There’s nothing else to share at this point (I know you wanted SO much more!!!)…..and surely I’ll give up after Tuesday! I’m like the over-zealous ‘watchman on the wall’ that’s already been fired, but they can’t get him down as he determinedly holds on with all his might, shouting and kicking………………….J.H.


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  1. Hullo,
    Thank you for stimulating our thinking. I believe that there are three timelines to look at: First Israel’s which is very specific and calculable according to patterns and mathematical calculation. Then the Church’s which is already determined as being a rapture that can occur any time. Then the end time signs and wonders which generally affect all of creation. Of these only that concerning Israel and the Jew people can be specifically calculated I believe. There is nothing wrong with people bringing attention to events by pronouncing imminent Rapture because that is what it is. At least it sensitzes everyone so that when specific definite further signs happen, people will include the imminent rapture as a reason and may come to be born again.


    July 7, 2012 at 2:25 pm

    • Pamela, you are OPEN MINDED, indeed……rare! That’s what the Prophet Daniel meant when he said, “….those who are WISE (‘willing to learn’) will understand”……J.H.

      Jan Herscu

      July 8, 2012 at 1:25 am

  2. Subject: Yom Kippur 2011 plus 280 days to Rapture & trib is TAMMUZ 20, 2012 to TAMMUZ 20, 2019

    The Pyramid timeline was originally 2011-2018, meaning that Yom Kippur 2011 was to start the Millennium when one minuses the ‘uncounted’ years; and Yom Kippur 2011 would be the start of the 121st Jubilee. Jubilee spans ALWAYS had to start on TISHREI 10, Yom Kippur.

    The ‘uncounted yrs’:

    2 yrs from Creation to the first Jubilee year ONE count (man was perfect 1st yr, then the 6,000 full yrs were promised, but had to start on a ONE).

    4 yrs Jesus’ ministry (3.5 actual, counted as 4 since half yrs were never counted)

    1 yr Jesus birth to age 1 (age was counted in only whole numbers)

    1 yr warning (Jerem 51:46) before a huge catastrophe or a huge Divine promise fulfillment

    1 yr = Jesus’ gestation (280) plus 75 needed to equal a Jewish yr

    1 yr – a spiritual gestation period (280), likely that of the Church plus 75 needed to equal a Jewish yr

    10 yrs total, and 2011 minus 10 is 2001, start of 121st Jubilee (same as 6001).

    Thus Yom Kippur 2011 is Yom Kippur 2001, start of the 121st Jubilee. God will not surpass the promised full 6,000 yrs (Gen 6:3) for fallen man and the ‘uncounted’ yrs must be figured accordingly.

    SEVEN yrs of trib takes Yom Kippur 2011 to Yom Kippur 2018 = seven yrs not counted as well (Satan’s yrs).

    Anyway, the reason for the above info is to show that Yom Kippur 2011 plus exactly 280 days is Tues, Tammuz 20 (RAPTURE) with a perfect, straight earth, 30-day mth count. 75 days remain to equal a yr, the 75 post-Return days (30 + 45). Thus, from Yom Kippur last year, we (the Church) have been in the 280-day spiritual gestational count. Remember that Yom Kippur 2011 was slated as the beginning of the Pyramid timeline (presumed Rapture); but the 280 was to follow, finished at Tammuz 20, 2012, the presumed Rapture.


    280 is 40 wks

    280 x 9 = 2520

    280 = 4 x 70

    280 x 7 = 1960, +40 yrs (last wicked generation) = 2000 A.D. (40 FULL yrs = 2001)

    God also allowed fallen man ‘120 yrs’ = three wicked 40-yr generations (3×40=120):

    1st 40 Moses wandering w/ Hebrews in desert in unbelief & preceded by killing of babies (by Pharoah); also Moses’ life was divided in 40, 40, 40.

    2nd 40 Jn the Baptist’s ministry start to destruc of 2nd Temple in 70 A.D. & preceded by killing of babies (Herod)

    3rd 40 last generation 1960-2000, millions of abortions

    Total 120 yrs

    120 has several additional meanings: 120 Jubilees (120×50=6000) fallen man’s time on earth, 120 age of Moses at death (& his life was divided into three 40’s), 120 yrs Noah built ark, and 120 is 4 mths (to Harvest)/123 days on tilted earth. 120 is 12 x 10, and #12 is perfect gov’t and 10 is completion. Note too the 120 in the Upper Rm at Pentecost, 120 trumpeters preceding Isreli army, 120 days life of a red globule of blood, 120 cubits length of Ark…….+ over 20 more connections to the #120.

    God’s most vehement anger rages at the KILLING of BABIES!…..thus the trib.

    Notice the trib span of TAMMUZ 20, 2012 (presumed Rapture) to TAMMUZ 20, 2019 (July 23, 2019, end of trib w/ the -23 considered). The 280 gestation from Yom Kip, 2011 to the Rapture is the CHURCH’s spiritual gestation and the 280 gestation from Ym Kip 2018 to the end of the trib (Tammuz 20 also) is likely the spiritual gestation of the Remnant. Tammuz 20, 2012 to Tammuz 20, 2019 is an exact 7 Jewish yrs.

    So much for a few more details……..J.H.

    Jan Herscu

    July 8, 2012 at 5:45 pm

  3. I can’t read all this D: but I’ll definitely be on the look out 😀 God blez


    July 9, 2012 at 2:10 am

  4. Read below ONLY if you can ‘suffer’ through more speculation, as lame as it seems at this point. Let’s just call it ‘Famous Last Words.’

    Sadly, after Wednesday, I’ll only be entertaining the 2012 Rosh/Yom/Succoth specs of other prophecy students…..but I DETEST the Dec 21, 2012 Mayan date!….since I am determined to ignore a Mayan (pagan) calendar date in relation to God’s Divine time frame. How the trib start can begin any further into 2012 is beyond me!…..barely deserving of study in my opinion. Mind you, it’s no one’s fault since God knows EXACTLY what He is doing and He has the Last Days scenario under total control, more mathematically perfect than any human can figure. Apparently there are calendar discrepancies that I am not aware of OR the entire last days scenario requires a mid- or post-trib approach. After all, who says we deserve such a Great Escape from this cursed earth? A pre-trib Rapture sounds way too good to be true anyway. We’ll just ‘buckle down’ spiritually (and get ready for the ‘big stuff’… in the ‘Prince of Egypt’s’ song, “You’re dealing with the BIG BOYS now!!!!”……no joke). Other Christians went through horrific times; so I guess we can too… God’s overcoming power, of course……PLUS to be a part of the honored TRIB saints is something to be desired; but switching from pre- to mid-/post- trib mindset is VERY hard. I’ve been reveling in ‘escape mode’ for a long time now!

    But IF there is still hope for the patterns to be understood by a human, the 2520-day scenario CAN WELL BE EXTENDED by one day; thus all is well for WEDNESDAY too, meaning the first 1260 COUNT START begins on a SUNDAY (July 8), the day that counts are supposed to begin anyway. Now SUNDAYS are all across the board (SUNDAY ‘signing,’ SUNDAY a.c. ‘rises,’ SUNDAY Return). After all, only Jesus’ Resurrection added an 8th day to earth’s system of 7’s since Jesus arose on an EIGHTH Day as well as the FIRST DAY (1 & 8). Even the COUNT after CREATION (Kislev 24) began 7 days later on the 8th day of the 8th Feast (Tevet 1), Jesus’ conception anniv day, because +280 gestation is Succoth, His Birth.

    Return in 2019 is now SUNDAY, June 2, which is IYYAR 28, more accurate than Iyyar 27 (study June 7 of Six-day War via internet). Also the Iyyar 28 Return now backs up an EXACT 23 days to IYYAR 5 (May 10), Israel’s 71st anniv (Jewish)……VERY significant end date!

    May 10 plus the 30 days of mourning still brings the Mighty Petra/Bozrah Procession of Isa 63 to SHAVUOT/PENTECOST, Sunday, June 9. That day is also the exact end of the 2300 from Feb 20, 2013 which is exactly 7 Jewish mths past the Divine Victory of AV 9, 2012. Those 7 Jewish mths will see the burying of bodies & the bldg of the 3rd Temple.

    The 280 days past Yom Kippur, 2011 is still fine (SUNDAY, Oct 9, Tishrei 11 to a Wed, July 11 Rapture). TISHREI 11 starts the 280 count anyway because that’s the first day that FORGIVENESS would have been realized since the entire 24-hr Fast of Yom Kippur was held in suspense until the last moment when the High Priest would exit successfully.

    The ‘4 mths to Harvest’ (122 days/Greg mths) spanning the end of the 1-yr warning (Feb 17, 2012, SHEVAT 24, which was 1 Jewish yr past the SHEVAT 24, 2011 UFO event) plus another 23 days (which will minus at the Return) is Wed, July 11, the presumed Rapture.

    The mid trib date of SUNDAY, Dec 20, 2015 is TEVET 8, but it’s the SUNDAY that is the count beginning. So TEVET 10, 2 days later, still counts as the FAST of the 10th mth turned to joy since only SUNDAYS are counted.

    Tammuz 17 is the FAST of the 4th mth to be “turned to joy” and will likely be so because the AV 9 Divine Victory (July 28, 2012) in the mts of Israel MINUS the projected 22-23 day tilt loss at the Return will make Av 9 AS Tammuz 17 in retrospect (3 wk difference on the calendar). I’m still determined to see the 3 remaining Fast Days “turned to joy” in the full trib scenario, as speculative as it may seem.

    Well, the above either gives a slight ray of hope or RELIEF that this ‘Rapture fanatic’ MAY finally be out of steam plus you’ll get a few ‘megabytes’ back! But if, I say IF the day is Wednesday, July 11, you may have to admit that such speculative study was worth it all; for if only ONE person gave one more edifying thought to his or her salvation as a result of ANY of my shared info, it was WORTH it ALL! Now BUCKLE DOWN!!!……………….J.H.

    Jan Herscu

    July 9, 2012 at 10:13 pm

  5. Possible Rapture, SUNDAY, July 15, Tammuz 25

    Check out the latest speculative scenario and ponder these high points:

    Yom Kippur 2011 (Oct 8) plus 280 days (Jewish mths count) = Tammuz 25, 2012, Rapture. This 280-day span is likely the pre-trib spiritual ‘gestation’ of the Church. Know that 280 plus 75 days (30+45 post Return days) = 355, one Jewish year. By the way, the three letters, SHEEN, NUN, HEH (spelling of ‘shana’/year in Hebrew) equal 355…..interesting.

    Soo too Yom Kippur 2018 plus 280 days = Tammuz 25, 2019/END of TRIB, the likely post-Return spiritual ‘gestation’ period of the Remnant. Thus the entire trib (Rapture to end of the 1335 from mid trib) with the -23-day loss considered is exactly 7 Jewish years (Tam 25 to Tam 25).

    Know that Jesus had a 280-day gestation period as well (40 wks/Tevet 1, 8th day of 8th Feast, to Tishrei 15) and the Church is His Body and the Remnant will also be His Body 7 yrs from now, both needing a ‘gestation’ period.

    Attention can now be given to KISLEV 24 of Haggai 2. 1260 days past the Rapture is Sunday, Dec 27, 2015, the day the a.c. satanically ‘rises.’ This is also the day that he successfully destroys the 2 witnesses (via his newly-acquired satanic power). On this day the world will send gifts to one another in celebration of their demise (i.e. there will STILL be something on earth for people to ‘rejoice’ over; thus the GREAT TRIB will NOT have begun yet in all of its fury; but 3+ days later they RISE/& Raptured (Dec 30) and there will be nothing left on earth that warrants joy in any way, shape or form. Dec 30 (Tevet 18) minus the projected 23-day loss is KISLEV 24. When the earth is straight, the date of Dec 30, 2015 will be (in retrospect) as it would have been 23 days earlier, that of KISLEV 24, 2015. Thus the Haggai 2 verses referring to the extreme tumult of Kislev 24 will occur via that perspective.

    Of equal interest is the fact that the Jerem 51:46 1-yr warning (360 days/ Jan 29, 2011 Temple Mt UFO to Jan 24, 2012) plus exactly 150 days (as Noah story) plus another 23 (that will minus at the Return) is SUNDAY, TAMMUZ 25, July 15, presumed Rapture. 173 days (150+23)

    from Jan 24, 2012 (end of the 1-yr warning) is this coming Sunday, July 15. Noah & family WAITED 150 days (earth unlivable) til their exit from the Ark.

    As per the Mazzarot, this Sunday, July 15 is CANCER 24, the 11th sign/judg and the 24th day = 888/Jesus’ protection. There are verses of God’s protection of His own in His hand, “….no one can snatch them from My hand.” The crab has the praesapea/eggs inside, as per the ‘beehive,’ nebulous cluster (the Church) in the sign of Cancer. The 7-yr Pact SIGNING will likely be THURSDAY, CANCER 21 (11/777 if applic), 3 days before the Sunday Rapture.

    The Return is Thurs, June 6, 2019 (1260 past mid trib) and June 6 is GEMINI 15 (10th sign/the twins/God & Israel ‘walking’ evenly hand in hand as the Jews call Jesus back to earth). 75 more days (30 + 45) takes the Mazzarot to its very first day of the entire cycle, VIRGO 1, the first sign, a likely day for the trib to be completed and the Millennium to legally begin with attention to the Mazzarot cycle; i.e. Virgo 1 is the first day of the Millennial 360-day Mazzarot cycle. Virgo 1 will be Aug 1 & Av 1, during the Millennium.

    The Return plus 30 days of mourning is CANCER 15, the sign of the judg (beginning of the 45-day judg of the Nations), & balanced/exact middle of the sign. This is the day that Jesus walks with His Remnant (His protected OWN/’eggs’ of the praseapea)/Isaiah 63/from Petra. Then 45 days later is VIRGO 1, end of the 45 days of Judgment of the Nations. The Nations will be judged according to their treatment of Jews & Israel.

    Thirteen days past the Rapture is July 28, AV 9, 2012, the Divine Victory in the mts of Israel (hail, quake, huge carnage, etc/Ezek 38-39) followed by 7 perfect 30-day mths (210 days) of burying bodies & bldg 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. The END of the TRIB at Tammuz 25 is also JULY 28, 2019, matching the July 28, 2012 Victory (Av 9). Ezek 39:9 speaks of 7 yrs fuel use of Russian weaponry and July 28, 2012 to July 28, 2019 is 7 yrs.

    After the 7 mths of burying bodies, beginning Av 9-10, the date is FEB 23, 2013, when Temple Worship begins and lasts exactly 2300 days (+3 uncounted mid trib days)/Dan 8…..ending at the Great Temple Entrance of Isa 63, June 13, 2019 (30 days past May 14). The earth is straight, the 30 days of mourning will be over and the horrific 45-day judgment of the Nations will begin.

    The RETURN at June 6, 2019 minus 23 days tilt loss is MAY 14, the 1st day of the 71st anniversary of Statehood. May 14 is also a TUESDAY (3rd day/earth straight /one meaning of Hosea 6:2-3). The earth’s change of position (to straight) is reviewed in Isa 13:13, 24:1,19,20 AND the earth must revert back to a 360-day, pre-flood year.

    As for the Zech 8 four Fast Days to be turned to joy, Yom Kip/Tish 10 was already turned to joy when the veil tore (at the Cross). Thur, Dec 24, 2015 (1260 past the likely Thurs July 12 signing) is when the a.c. breaks the signed covenant/Tevet 12, which still counts as TEVET 10 (fast day) because of the previous Sunday holding the Tevet 10 count (counts are only determined on SUNDAYS). Also Av 9 minus the tilt loss is TAMMUZ 17, taking care of that fast day; and of course, AV 9 will be the great mountain Victory in Israel, most serious Fast Day to joy….thus all 4 Fast days will have been turned to joy.

    As you can see, the MAIN END DATE of the trib (as per the Pyramid timeline as well) is YOM KIPPUR 2018… the 280-day spiritual gestation period of the Remnant reaches the end of the trib, July 28, 2019, Tammuz 25. In other words, there is a 280-day period on EACH side of the trib….one for the Church & one for His Remnant……both HIS BODY.

    Yom Kippur is when a 50-yr Jubilee span must begin; and when the 17 ‘uncounted’ yrs are reviewed, one sees that Yom Kippur 2018 is really Yom Kippur 2001, beginning of the 121st Jubilee. God promised fallen man 120 yrs (Jubilees)/6,000 FULL yrs…..and He will not pass that mark because His Word is sacred.

    There is still SO much more that holds…..but, alas, I’ve offered so many ‘false’ dates (remember the ‘CLARIFICATION’ Daniel spoke of) that I’m sure your interest has waned beyond the chance to retrieve. But, I just thought I’d share these few points since the spans fit so well and there is still ample harmony in the scenario. Know that it was always on a SUNDAY when the most significant events happened for the Christian (Palm Sun, Resurrection Sunday, Pentecost Sunday….and of course CREATION and the 8th Day Count of Creation……etc.

    All is exact: 2520, the three 1260’s, 1290, 1335, 7 mths burying, 7 yrs fuel use, 7 exact yrs Av 9 to end of trib, all the Fast Days turned to joy, pre-Rapture pattern of the 150 days (as Noah in Ark) plus the 23 to the Rapture, the 2 gestation periods…..etc…..etc. What else is there? If you charted it all, you could see it more clearly. Anyway, for what it’s worth, look to Tammuz 25, Sunday…………J.H.

    Jan Herscu

    July 11, 2012 at 10:50 pm

    • MORE SPEC: If you even clicked onto the first WORD of this letter (instead of deleting), you are an AMAZING ‘watcher.’ But, I venture to say that the scenario is even clearer. Well, it HAS to be, since the Prophet Daniel SAID it would! What am I to do?…..Give up?? Remember that labor pains (as in childbirth) are continually closer as birth nears but I also understand it is VERY hard to give heed to a Rapture date at this point with all the previous failed dates. But, as in labor, the observer never knows which ‘contraction’ will bring about the birth!

      Here are the high points now:

      150 days from Jan 24, 2012 (which was 360…1 perfect yr…. from Jan 29, 2011, UFO) plus another 23 days is SUNDAY, TAMMUZ 25, the likely SIGNING. This is the start of the first 1260 days when a.c. keeps covenant w/ Israel. 150 days, of course, match the 150-day delay in the Noah story.

      Three days later is WED, July 18, presumed Rapture, which is the start of the 1260 days of Elijah and Moses’ ministry as well.

      1260 days of Elijah & Moses’ ministry til their murder by the satanically ‘risen’ a.c. is Wed, Dec 30, 2015; and I made it clear that Dec 30 minus the projected loss of 23 days (when earth straightens) is the KISLEV 24 of Haggai 2. So Dec 30, the day the a.c. ‘rises’ (Great Trib starts) will be seen as Kislev 24 in retrospect when the trib is over. It stands to reason that the day Satan enters the a.c. is the day that ‘all Hell breaks loose’ upon this earth. Read Haggai 2 & know that no other day on the Jewish calendar holds such an extreme prophecy of world tumult.

      RETURN (2520 from Sun, July 15, 2012 SIGNING) is SHAVUOT, SIVAN 6, June 9, 2019 (SUNDAY). Shavuot is, of course, the b-day of the Law and the b-day of the Church (Pentecost). It is a type of ‘Wedding Day’ since this is the day the Jews will have called Jesus back. Shavuot is the day that the Church STARTED and it will be the day the trib ‘ENDS’ when Jesus RETURNS.

      75 days (30 mourning/45 judg Nations) past June 9 reaches August 23, VIRGO 1, the first day of the Mazzarot cycle.

      10 days past the Rapture is the Fast Day of AV 9, the likely Divine Victory in the mts of Israel. Add exactly 207 days (7 Jewish mths) of burying bodies & bldg of 3rd Temple to arrive at Feb 20, 2013, Adar 9, start of the 2300 days (exact) of Temple Worship (Dan 8).

      This means that the N. Invasion of Israel will occur within the 9 days after the Rapture (amidst the incomparable world chaos)….Ezek 38-39.

      The 1260 days of Petra Protection span Sunday, Dec 27, 2015 (a.c. stops dy sacrifices/breaks covenant/sets self in Temple/is killed) to the Return Sunday, Sivan 6, Shavuot, 2019.

      1290 & 1335 from mid trib are fine with the trib ending on the LAST day of the Mazzarot cycle, LEO 30 with the next day being VIRGO 1.

      At the Return the earth date ‘backs up’ to May 17, which is a Wed, 3 days past May 14……..but no matter, since the count of May 14 holds because of the Sunday count start BEFORE May 17. It is still the beginning of the 71st yr of Statehood.

      Av 9 minus the 3 wks (earth tilt that will minus) still counts as Tammuz 17 (4th mth Fast Day); but as for the Fast of Tevet 10 being a day turned to joy, there doesn’t seem to be an exact day upon which to focus. It really doesn’t matter, though, since the Return of Christ creates joy for all 4 Fast Days anyway.

      As for the 280-day ‘spiritual gestation’ period for the Church and for the Remnant (both being the ‘BODY of Christ’), the 280 fits even better, since both 280’s span Succoth to Tammuz 28. (Succoth is the primary celebration of the Millennium). The Rapture is Tammuz 28 and the end of the trib is Tammuz 28 (exactly 7 Jewish yrs), both dates 280 from Succoth.

      So now, I’m looking to Wednesday, July 18. As for the presumed SIGNING this Sunday, July 15, know that the threat of chemical attack from Syria has Israel extremely concerned (among other MEGA threats); and if Israel ever needed a ‘Peace Pact’ for protection, it’s NOW. As far as I can see, the next few days should be very interesting. The July 15th solar flare effect and eclipse of moon & Jupiter add some validation as well, if applicable.


      Jan Herscu

      July 14, 2012 at 11:32 pm

  6. May Day is a National Communist Holiday and millions showed up in Havana to listen to Fidel Castro mirroring the illegal alien protest marchers in the United States of America, as Castro condemned the American Government. While the United States Congress and the United States Senate cave into the demands of the protesters and boycott participants. Fidel Castro the Communist Dictator of Cuba who promised government reform for the peasants, instead took over the country for himself after over throwing the government. He says he sees the start of the same movement in the United States and is so very proud of all the protestors in the United States of America on this historic May Day Communist Holiday.`

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    Joshua Jeffry

    March 26, 2013 at 8:25 pm

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