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Archive for July 17th, 2012

Obama and the Twin Towers July 17, 2012

The article below has links to very disturbing videos that link Obama to the occult. The information shown in animated video is sexually explicit at some points, but that is the nature of the occult who produced the video.

The link is there to the destruction of the twin towers and their observations about Bush and Obama are right of the pages of the NWO plans.

Good article Carl.


Carl Berryman (17 July 2012)
“Wow…a connection between my last two post…didn’t see this before”

HI Doves,

I decided to watch the I, Pet Goat 2 videos again and I couldn’t believe they showed the Psalm 23 and the destruction of the twin towers references, which are both in the Jonathan Kleck video links I provided in my other post.

Post 1 –

Post 2 –

Wow….I think there are some solid links here to do with Obama changing his DNA….is the Lord confirming who the AC is….amazing!!

In Him