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Nibiru documentary on BBC, a coming earth axis shift and 360 days per year?

At the coming Apocalypse time is going to change by reverting back to a 360 day year. This is documented in the book of Daniel the prophecy of the senty weeks of years (Daniel 9: 20-27, Rev. 11:3 and Rev. 12:6).

To change from 365+ days to 360 days God must make a miracle or use a planetary object like Nibiru to change the earth’s axis. This will cause great upheavals in the earth and sun which can be seen in the book of Revelation starting with the  opening of the sixth seal and up until the end of Revelation.

As Nibiru gets closer it will be more visible and its effects in our solar system have to increase. If this is bogus scientific theory it will soon be proven wrong so be alert either way and get closer to Jesus.

Thanks to Mike Plunkett for this link.


Mike Plunkett (18 July 2012)
New NIBIRU documentary on BBC………….click on link

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  1. […] Nibiru documentary on BBC, a coming earth axis shift and 360 days per year? […]

  2. The past bypasses of this cosmic body was when God was still judging the world. I believe that it will be one of the hallmarks of the imminent end of the age of Grace after which God goes back to judging the world again. During the God controlled coinciding cosmic events in the past – Noah’s flood and the exodus especially, there was a time period of obvious signs before bypass. Does anyone know of someone who has studied the time period of the miracles done through Moses as well as the time period of the whole exodus? I suspect that that could give us a clue of just how long this body can be visible at least to optical instruments.I don’t think that it will be an overnight or bypass in an hour. I think this will take weeks or months during which time it should be visible. Wouldn’t that provide a great evangelical tool when people finally realize that human intellect cannot solve that type of problem and yes people do die and no we are not evolving into superior beings as the world degenerates and all that new age stuff!


    July 19, 2012 at 4:18 am

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