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A lot of things are pointing to Friday July 20, 2012 for the Rapture and the beginning of the Apocalypse (July 19, 2012)

This article was left as a comment in the blog and I think it merits careful review.


There’s NO WAY I am taking the possible Rapture date past this FRIDAY, AV 1, 2012, July 20……NO WAY! After Friday, I’m DONE!……CHARTS DOWN!, I’ll EAT MY WORDS!, I’ll try to GET A LIFE, I’ll CHANGE MY ‘HOBBY,’ & perhaps BECOME REGULAR, GIVE MY COMPUTER AWAY (No, can’t do that!) and force this stubborn, prophecy-saturated brain into an uncomfortable pre/post-trib mode (THEN we deal with ‘them there’ Revelation judgments… fun!…..and NOT my territory!).

But, FRIDAY, AV 1 holds ASTOUNDING significance and MUST be considered! We’re still dealing with the BLESSED HOPE!!! (pre-trib Rapture promise)….and Friday seems like the last day to consider a pre-trib Rapture.

With AV 1 as the Rapture, the END POINT of the trib is also AV 1, 2019 (Aug 2) when all is figured. That day, when the 23.5 days are subtracted (w/ a 1-2-day flexibility), is:

AV 1



One must allow a 1-3-day flexibility in all of the figuring because of the span of 1 earth day (72 hrs). Also, God has always dealt in ‘fullness of time’ (and we don’t know if the Lord will deal with the END of a certain day or its start). VIRGO is, of course, the first day of the Millennial 360-day Mazzarot cycle and it’s the sign (1st of the 12) representing newness, purity/virginity as the purity of the Millennium’s start day. You also know that the earth tilt is from 21-24 degrees depending on its location during the year.

A very interesting point to notice is that July 20, 2012 (presumed Rapture) holds an exact 12-day difference to trib’s end of Aug 2, 2019 (w/out the 7-yr trib counted); and there is a 12-day calendar discrepancy in our present calendar ever since the 1500′s when the Pope added 12 days to the calendar (That’s why the Gk Orthod Christmas is Jan 5-6 & ours is Dec 25 since the Orthod never changed their calendar).

AV 9, 2012 is still the Divine Victory (Ezek 38-39) in the mts of Israel, plus 7 mths (209 days) burying/bldg 3rd Temple is Feb 22, 2013, start of Temple Worship. Add exactly 2300 days Temple Worship (Desecration/Dan 8:13-14) to arrive at the exact day of Christ’s Return TUESDAY, June 11, 2019. Hosea 6:2-3 states that Israel shall be RAISED UP on the third day…..TUESDAY.

That day, if applicable, is GEMINI 20, which is 10+10+10……triple 10/triple completion. You know the signif of Gemini.

Mid trib is TUESDAY, Dec 29, 2015 (a.c. breaks covenant/stops sacrif’s/sets self in Temple/killed); and when the projected/future -23+ days are considered, that day is KISLEV 24 (Hag 2)/mid trib/abomination of desolation/start of 1260 days Petra Protection.

If applicable, the mid trib is CAPRICORN 8-11; and Capricorn is the ‘sacrificed goat producing the live fish,’ a Mazzarot sign that Satan would covet as his ‘resurrection’ effect upon the world.

The 7-yr trib, of course, will NOT be counted in God’s Divine 120-Jub (6000 full yrs) time frame; thus AV 1, 2012 to AV 1, 2019 counts ‘as’the same day.’

Note that the RETURN at TUESDAY, June 11, 2019 minus 23.5 days brings earth’s date back to Saturday, May 18; but May 14 (the previous Sunday) is the actual count start because counts were only on Sundays, and Saturday, May 18 doesn’t reach Sunday. Thus May 14, 2019 is the 1st day of the 71st anniv of Israel’s Statehood.

Note too that in the Millennium the perfect year will be as follows (w/ 360 days for the Greg calendar, Jewish calendar & the Mazzarot…..all 3 in perfect balance & synchronization/straight earth:

Nis 1, Apr 1, Taur 1

Iyy 1, May 1, Gem 1

Siv 1, June 1, Can 1

Tam 1, Jul 1, Leo 1

Av 1, Aug 1, Virgo……etc.

Rabbi Kaduri’s prophecy of 5772/AV as Messiah’s arrival is a strange match indeed and Ramadan begins on July 20 (Av1)……so these two points lend credence to Friday as well. Isa 17:1 (Damascus) is certainly taking on an eerie prophetic fulfillment as well along with the enormous threat to Israel (+ Bulgaria’s bus tragedy/Israeli tourists).

Note that this last TUES, July 17, was the possible SIGNING since 1260 days of a.c. ‘keeping’ covenant ends at the breaking of the covenant on Dec 29, 2015. That is also the start of the 1260-day Petra Protection for the fleeing Remnant. The 1260 days of Elijah and Moses’ ministry spans the Rapture day to the day a.c. satanically ‘rises’ Jan 1, 2016. Both the 1290 and the 1335 (Dan 12:11-12) start at the mid-trib, Dec 29, 2015 as well. Of course the SIGNING to CHRIST’s RETURN is 2520 days.

All of the other spans as reviewed in the last letter still hold…….the two 280′s, the 52, the 150 +23, etc……..still hold perfectly and it should be a bit obvious that there is nothing more to study…………..J.H.

Jan Herscu

Written by twelvebooks

July 19, 2012 at 11:46 pm