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Massacre in Colorado and the Occult linked to: “The Dark Knight Rises – Link to Diagram/Chart online” Luis Vega (21 July 2012)

Today Mr. Luis Vega posted his revised article posted on July 19 with the correct month of July corrected and more info to the massacre.

Good work Luis!!


Luis Vega (21 July 2012)
The Dark Knight Rises – Link to Diagram/Chart online

The Dark Knight Rises
Cosmology of the ‘Birthing’ of a Titan
By Luis B. Vega
See PDF chart at:

*UPDATE: July 20, 2012
Our Hearts & Prayers go out to the family members who lost loved ones in this senseless apparent satanic murder ritual. This premeditated slaughter of the innocence at the Midnight ‘witching hour’ in that Aurora, Colorado shooting of the Batman movie premier is to date one of the most horrific in US history.

No doubt it seems that the dark forces are bent on soaking the Colorado ground with innocent blood that is required to invoke their evil powers & plans. Is it a coincidence also that Columbine & the New World Airport are in proximity to Aurora? Many researchers have presented proof that the area of the NWO Airport along with its many underground bunkers will be the site of the NWO when the time of the Tribulation hits.

It is interesting to note: 4840 days from the Columbine Massacre in April 20, 1999 to the Aurora Massacre of July 20, 2012. Or 13 years, 3 months (691 weeks).
July 19, 2012 posting:———–

It is common knowledge that the occult, illuminati controlled movie-Hollywood industry project their diabolical intent & plans through their cinema. Their world agenda use popular characters & symbols to convey the opposite of what would seem to be true. Without reading too much into a seemingly action-packed comic hero thriller, there seems to be some coincidence that the release date of this movie is on JUL 20, 2012. Specific dates & times are key in the occult that signals a projection of power & influence over its audiences.

It so happens that on JUL 20, 2012, cosmologically, Titan, one of Saturn’s Moons leads Saturn out of the ‘Womb’ of Virgo in the Constellations. Saturn, who in the occult is Kronos, or Satan—the Dark LORD or ‘Knight’ in this case is to ‘RISE’. Perhaps it is a storyline that will mirror reality –that ensuing ORDER will come out it this coming CHAOS in the world. Is this a precursor to the Rise of the Anti-Christ foretold in the Bible? For illustration purpose only.

The ‘Womb’ of Virgo
Saturn, with it satellites will be crossing the Virgo threshold of it ‘womb’ as Titan leads the way on JUL 20, 2012. Biblically speaking, the constellation Virgo always speaks of the Bride of Christ or those that are belonging to Christ, the Redeemer. The occult tries to mimic the account of how Christ, the Son of God become a Man to pay for sins on the Cross. He was uniquely birthed through a Virgin as prophesied in the Bible. Satan seeks to copy this storyline for himself & uses any means possible, even Creation as well as movies, etc.

The illuminati
They see themselves as holding to the ‘light’ of secret knowledge that they claim God seeks to withhold from Humanity’s evolutionary quest to attain ‘godhood’. Notice that despite the whole of the building’s illumination, the ‘Capstone’ is not. (See PDF for visuals.) It seems that the ‘masses’ of the world are now programmed to follow this coming Dark Knight that is to ‘Rise’ like a fire, a fire of a Phoenix perhaps.

Lucifer is referred to in the occult as the Dark Lord & the Phoenix in many occult references. According to the Biblical Book of Genesis, Ezekiel & Isaiah, Lucifer AKA satan was expelled from Heaven when ‘sin’ was found in him. He is the Father of LIES contrary to the teachings & belief of his followers. He is the Accuser of Followers of Jesus Christ. He is the Red Dragon that seeks to ‘Kill, Steal & Destroy’.

TIME 11:11
In one of the posters released, a building that is only ‘lit-up’ is a picture of the truncated pyramid with the Dark Lord having descended at the top. The picture can be inverted upside-down. The Clock time would be 720 when reversed. This reversed perspective possibly portrays a shaft of a Star-Gate, the Golden Gate in which the Dark Lord is to come through. This Gate is set to open on Dec 21, 2012.

Bottomless Pit
The Book of Revelation describes that in the Last Days, demonic creatures will be released during the Final Judgment of God on Earth. Of note, a BAT is considered an ‘Unclean’ animal in the Bible.

The Phoenix
Since the Fall of Satan, he has tricked Humanity into buying the LIE that the GOD of Creation is the One who lies & is the ‘evil’ one. Beware, as the Scriptures declare, Satan can disguise himself to appear as an ‘Angel of Light’, of Good.  The Bible does prophesize that in the Last Days, the Anti-Christ will Rise from the ashes of world conflict & Chaos to unite the World in the New Order.

NOV 11, 2011 (11-11-11)
We saw this same celestial configuration of Saturn being ‘Birthed’ out of Virgo. Many interpretations gave clues to the notion that a ‘Portal’ or Star-Gate was activated in some sort of fashion. Perhaps. This illustration just seeks to correlate the Date of JUL 20, 2012 with the release date of this final Trilogy. Perhaps this Dark Knight character may allude to actual personage that is to come & ‘Rise’.


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  1. Interesting. Confusing. But you may be onto something.

    patrick uzzell

    July 22, 2012 at 5:08 am

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