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Massacre in Colorado more info to link to the Occult and Satan’s time the Apocalypse (July 21, 2012)

More occult connections to the occult given by AngelB who posted two good comments in this blog.



Submitted on 2012/07/21 at 1:19 am

Lets just say this in no way was some weird coincidence that all this collides and lines up. Lets start the fact that this happened at the CENTURY 16 theater. The number 16 is Lucifer number/satans. It in symbolism means this and the reconstruction of destruction. Now what are the odds that it was Batman: “The dark night rising.” Quite obvious another blunt sign. And the fact that it happened in Aurora, CO. The word AUROA was derived from the word DAWN. Or the ancient Greek goddess of the DAWN. An lets not forget that this happened right after all the freak Colorado fires spreading everywhere. “Satan comes from the depths of hell and fire.” Now lets also state that in the bible the bat is known to be a “unclean” animal/creature. BATMAN.

Lets put all the shadowed messages given that very day together: See witness you of “this” CENTURY, this is the century that (16) Satan- the dark night is rising. (Satan has began to rise.)

Not only is this message bluntly hidden but what a way to pass Obama’s gun act now? What a “perfect” example this will be used as to take our guns away so when shit really hits the fan and we are tried for NEW WORLD ORDER..there is no way to defend ourselves against evil. How can the innocent do anything when we have no way of defending ourselves? Do you think military or evil will not have weapons/guns? What will you do when you cant fight back against it? You have family you want to save. You in turn end up “cooperating against will.” This sadly was probably all planned out. My prayers are with all those who have passed and their families. God be with us and embrace us during these times of darkness..

Second comment:

Submitted on 2012/07/21 at 1:23 am | In reply to AngelB.

To clear things up. The AURORA part means DAWN- “dawn of a new age” aka “new world order” This whole occurence is screaming signs. This is a message to the world.


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  1. Makes sense to me. I sure do miss the funny and groovy Batman of the 1960’s. Funny and cheerful. The new one is just evil. The fact that the old one will not be released is also cultural programming.

    patrick uzzell

    July 22, 2012 at 5:13 am

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