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“The Rapture Date” John Tng (31 July 2012) On Tu B’ Av (8/3/12)

Today Mr. John Tng of posted an article about the possible date for the Rapture.

John has a very good mind to uncover messages in the Bible that are given numerically by God. In this article the numbers are pointing to an specific date with year, month and day. The article uses messages given by an angel as well as the numerical position of several Bible Chapters and verses. This info can be found in the Bible Wheel.

On a significant side note to these very important discoveries I will relate a personal note that I see as significant to this message and it is the birthday of my son who was adopted by us. The day we were told that he was assigned to us by the adopting agency I went and opened my Bible randomly and the page started with the angel Gabriel announcing to Mary as follows:  Luke 1:28  (The angel went to her and——This part was in the page before)

said. Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you”

The two pages ended in Luke 2:23 and in the text it describes the two most important births of the Bible the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and that of the voice that announces his coming the first time.

My sons birthday this year falls on Tu B’ AV (8/3/12) and could the message be that through him I would see the Rapture date? We will see in a few short days.


John Tng (31 July 2012)
“The Rapture Date”

Dear Doves,

At around midnight on Dec 23, 1993, Vincent Tan had an encounter with an unnamed angel who left him $2.34, a mysterious clue to the rapture. The story was first reported by Jim Bramlett around the time when I started surfing the Internet in the mid nineties. I got to know Jim because of his angel reports; you can read more about them here at this link:

I believe the angel is none other than the Archangel Gabriel since nine months earlier Vincent had his first encounter in which the angel identified himself as Gabriel. It behooves us watchers to take the number 234 seriously and ponder its link to the rapture if indeed the personage is a renown messenger of God, known to have announced the coming of the LORD in his four appearances recorded in the Bible (Dan 8, 9 and Luke 1).

The numeric clue is cryptic and has racked many a brain. I cannot lay claim to the riddle’s final cracking, but I think you will find my solution intriguing. In any case, in a few days’ time, we will know whether the riddle has been solved. If the rapture finally happens, then I hope many people will realize that God has given the world advanced warning and that the rapture is a Biblical truth; and I pray also that they will not be deceived by the Antichrist.

It appears that Gabriel is very much into Bible chapter counting much as I do! Let me explain. In the Old Testament, Gabriel only appears in the Book of Daniel chapter 8 and 9 — the latter is chapter 859 counting from Genesis chapter 1.


Let us see how Gabriel subtly brought in the number 859 during his encounter with Vincent. While waiting for the truck to be charged, Gabriel read six rapture-related scriptures to Vincent — Mat 24:36, 42, John 14:1,2,3, and Rev 3:11. Out of curiosity I added the chapter and verse numbers and obtained a sum of 5615 (2436 + 2442 + 141 + 142 + 143 + 311).  The sum 5615 looks like an ordinary number except that when treated as a Bible chapter number, it is chapter 859 (5615 = 1189×4 + 859)!

So the choice of the six scriptures is calculated. Gabriel, the angel who delivered the 70 Weeks Prophecy to Daniel in chapter 859 (Daniel chapter 9), seems to be directing our attention to the same chapter for some reason. Could it be that, the number 859 and the time marker number 234, both came through Gabriel, point us to the rapture date?

Chapter 859 is a remarkable prophetic chapter full of numeric clues. Indeed, it records one of the greatest prophetic passages in the Bible, containing prophecies of the first and second comings of Christ; hence, to find the rapture date hidden here should not surprise us.

The Number 234 & the Year 2012

Let me dwell a little first on the number 234 before linking it to 859. We have seen in Part 2 (link here) the curious property of the time marker number 234 in linking the same Gregorian year in three different year counts using Bible chapters; for example for year 2012:

ch 590 (Ps 112: year 2012)           ch 823 (year 2012)                 ch 1056 (year 2012)
<———–  234 chapters ———–>       <———  234 chapters ———>

Furthermore, the number 234 appears to be pointing to 2012 as a very SPECIAL YEAR matching its Hebrew equivalent year 5772. For many years I was aware that chapter 234 is chapter 2 of the Book of Ruth. With all the information that is coming out now on Tu B’Av (Aug 2/3, 2012), isn’t it astounding to know that the END OF THE WHEAT HARVEST recorded in the last verse of chapter 234 is TU B’AV?

Everything seems to fit in terms of feast and prophetic types in this beautiful love story between Boaz and Ruth.

Let me give you another confirmation from the LORD concerning the number 234 and the current year. If we begin counting Bible chapters starting from Ruth chapter 2 (chapter 234), the curious property of 234 as a time marker number can once again be observed as follows in addition to the above illustration:

ch 234                                                               ch 1056 (year 2012)
<—————————–  2012 chapters —————————->

While the above for year 2012 is not unique, that is, it works also for other years from 2003 to 2145, however, the link below is SOMETHING ELSE ALTOGETHER:

ch 234                                                               ch 1121 (year 2012)
<—————————  888  chapters ————————->

There are precisely 888 chapters between chapter 234 and chapter 1121 (my birth month-day number pointing to year 2012). The Greek gematria value of JESUS is 888!

Of the years between 2003 and 2145, a window of years calved out by making chapter 234 the starting chapter, JESUS points to ONLY ONE YEAR — our current year!

Gabriel’s Numbers: 234 & 859

In the Old Testament, the mention of Ruth is confined solely to the Book of Ruth. At the end of chapter 234 (Ruth chapter 2), the name Ruth is mentioned for the 8th time, pointing to the month of August. The Book of Ruth is also the 8th book of the Bible. Chapter 2 could well point to the 2nd day of August, the start of Tu B’Av 6pm sundown.

But get this right. Adding the chapter and verse numbers of the first eight occurrences of ‘Ruth’ ending in chapter 234 yields a very interesting sum: 14+114+116+122+22+28+221+222 = 859, Gabriel’s number!!!

Just think for a moment. What are the chances that the number 859 pops out where 234 is found? We saw that in Vincent’s encounter; now we are seeing it in Ruth chapter 2, the chapter that intimates a Tu B’Av rapture.

But you may not be prepared for what I am about to write. Recall the statement I shouted:


The Prophecy of 70 Weeks recorded in Daniel chapter 9, that is chapter 859, is perhaps the most well-known and controversial prophecy in the Bible. With all due respect to all past Bible scholars, including the brilliant genius Isaac Newton, who attempted to crack the riddle hidden in the prophecy by examining the scriptures hermeneutically, my method is poles apart and based totally on Bible numerics.

First, notice this ‘coincidence’: Just before Gabriel laid out the riddle in Dan 9:24, he said to Daniel in verse 23,  “At the beginning of thy supplications the commandment came forth, and I am come to shew thee; for thou art greatly beloved: therefore understand the matter, and consider the vision.”


The year 2012 stares out at us. Maybe you want to shrug it off as a random occurrence, but what if there is another unlikely coincidence acting as a double witness?

Try this piece of unearthly arithmetic: Divide 2012 by the angelic token 2.34; the results is 859.83 rounded to two decimal digits!

Isolate Gabriel’s numbers, 234 & 859, and the rapture date is revealed by the remaining numbers in the division: 2012-8-3, or the 3rd of August, 2012!


There are 27 verses in Daniel chapter 9; 0.83 of 27 verses is 23 verses; Dan 9:23 is verse 22012.

The TORAH Witness

The Jews read through the Torah, the first five books of the Bible, during the sabbaths in a yearly cycle for the past two millennia since the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D. Few weeks ago I was curious as to which Torah passage is read the sabbath before Tu B’Av this year, which incidentally has just past three days ago; the passage that was read on what is known as the Shabbat Chazon, or Sabbath of Vision, is Deuteronomy 1:1 – 3:22.

You can already see a couple of neon signs flashing: 1) Shabbat Chazon this year fell on Tisha B’Av. 2) Gabriel exhorted Daniel to consider the VISION in verse 22012.

But what have all these to do with the rapture date on Tu B’Av?

Only two very simple yet direct connections.

First, Deuteronomy chapter 1 is chapter 154 of the Bible. Years ago Clay Cantrell pointed out these links: The clock time, 2:34, is minute 154; and the Greek gematria value of GABRIEL is 154! So Gabriel is turning our attention to Deuteronomy chapter 1, a chapter that describes the lifting of the curse of the 15,000 deaths which happened every Tisha B’Av during the Wilderness Wandering. The curse stopped on the last Tisha B’Av and the people only realized it one week later on Tu B’Av.

But the kicker is this. Deuteronomy chapter 1 is chapter 2012 of the Old Testament!

ch 154 = ch 2012 = 2 x 929 + 154

If the Torah reading proves to be prophetic, we are in a very small window of time within this week for prophecy to be fulfilled.

Let us hope for the best!




Written by twelvebooks

July 31, 2012 at 2:06 pm

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