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Nibiru seen in Australia during daytime (8/9/12)

In the post below the celestial object Nibiru is filmed by an Australian and the coordinates given are

13h 48m 0s, -8 24′ 25″

It is seen in daylight  at the early morning in Australia at 42 deg NW according to the video. Thanks to Ray for this informative video.
Is thsi the planetary event refered to by Dr. Owour?


Gavin Ray (9 Aug 2012)
New Film of the Australian Sky

As we look at these new films of what we think is Nibiru in the Australian skies, we remember Revelation 12 and the Woman Clothed With the Sun. The Aussies are now seeing this planet system in their daytime skies and we like a certain YouTube guy, Neddy Flanders.  I feel  that Neddy is looking at, and filming the correct object in the sky as this is coming up south of the ecliptic.  It is hard for us to see it here in the Northern Hemisphere.  Here’s his recent video:   (Watch out for the  S-word – sorry)

Neddy gives coordinates of this heavy mass object and when you plug those coordinates into World Wide Telescope, it says that this thing is now in Virgo.  Remember, this alignment that Revelation 12 talked about, occurred on 9/29/2011 and we were super impressed that the prophecy had come about and that we had properly identified the” Woman Clothed With the Sun” event.  We were excited that Comet Elenin had appeared on her cheek as she cried out in childbirth.  After all, that orbit for Elenin takes 3600+ years to complete so again, I feel that the event John spoke of really happened right then.

As far as the “Red Dragon” spoken of in that chapter, we thought it was Saturn.  In the scripture, there were 7 heads, 10 horns, and 7 crowns on each head – so we thought.  The number of moons was close.  We figured that they had just discovered a moon recently and there were articles to support that.  We were really trying hard to make this concept fit.

What if the “Red Dragon” coming out of Virgo is Nibiru?  Other names for this winged brown dwarf star include “The Red Planet” and the “Great Red Star” among others.  The ancient Sumerians said it was red, and it does apparently have7 orbiting bodies.  That debris field could also hit Earth with what looks like “a third of the stars” with the “tail” on this enormous heavy mass object.  In what we think is the “Rapture Story” in Rev. 12, there are 2 segments of time, one is 1260 days and what we think is a 3.5 year segment later in the chapter.  Put together, it’s the 7 years of tribulation after Nibiru does its thing and we’re gone.

This idea, for your discernment of course, is that the Rapture is tied to this cataclysmic event, perhaps just around the corner.  After the Red Dragon stands in front of the woman, “her child (the body of Christ) is snatched up…”

John Moore said on Dr. Deagle’s radio show that these events are certainly ramping up.

MP3 of Dr. Bill Deagle interview with John Moore

Praise Jesus,

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