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“Occult Origins Of The Olympics: Obama, Hitler and The Throne of Zeus” by Steven King (10 Aug 2012)

We are almost at the end of the Olympic games and as it is obvious all the world is looking at the athletes in competition and rooting for their nations participants. But it is hard to imagine that behind all this facade is a sinister and evil intention by the nations and powerful promoters of this spectacle.

It is the perfect venue to have billions of people watching and absorbing all the propaganda and images that they whant you to see and at the same time justifying all the security and population control that is part of the Olympics.

But the question to be asked is what is the purpose of this tremendous and entertaining spectacle?

What is the purpose of the games itself, are the athletes being used to promote national pride and human achievement?

Are these lofty goals used to hide an evil agenda?

The link of the alter of Zeus to Obama is much more involved that what is shown in this video. He also gave a very powerful speech in Germany at the steps of the alter of Zeus in that country and then he made the replica of the alter that you see in the video below.

Thanks to Steven King for this good video.


Steven King (10 Aug 2012)
Occult Origins Of The Olympics: Obama, Hitler & The Throne of Zeus

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Occult Origins Of The Olympics: Obama, Hitler & The Throne of Zeus

Steven King
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