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The United States Devastation and the Rapture in a prophetic dream (Aug 17, 2012)

Kevin M is a poster on fivedoves and today he posted this article about a prophetic dream he had about the destruction of the USA. It is important to understand that these messages come from a devout Christian through dreams.

Their content is parallel with all the prophetic things that are being fulfilled in the world at the present time, but they are very specific in nature. Discernment is important in the acceptance of the veracity and timing of the events.


Kevin M (17 Aug 2012)
I Will Not Be Surprised If The United States of America Will Be No More!!! By A Particular Month Which I Now Reveal

Praise the LORD,
I’m sharing this very important message because the LORD has spoken to me through prophetic dreams about very serious events that are about to befall the United States of America. And my desire is that the people of the earth and the people of the United States of America may grasp the seriousness of the point in which we are living at, so that they may embrace the message of Repentance and living in Righteousness, Holiness, Truth and Full Surrender to the LORD Jesus Christ before it is too late. This is because very massive judgments of the LORD God Almighty is about to hit USA and elsewhere on the earth. And these will occur any day and any moment now!!!  And thousands upon thousands (probably even millions) will die. And my desire and prayer is that those who will die from these disasters should have Repented and made peace with the LORD Jesus Christ before the disasters strike because once the Judgment of the LORD strikes and these people die, then it would be toooooooo late for them to Repent and make peace with the LORD Jesus Christ.
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