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The Next Seven Years for Israel and the World (Aug 21, 2012)

As time keeps its appointed date with Israel we the students of Bible prophecy see the coming of the Apocalypse at the door. The time we live in is the most prophetically intensive time since the coming of Jesus. The Bible is a book about the future, God has been there in a manner that is incomprehensible for humans. He not only saw the salient points of future history but all that is to take place here with every person, animal, planet, sun and all the heavenly bodies He created.

Mr. Gary Stearman wrote a wonderful prophetic book called Time Travelers of the Bible. In this video linked below he talks about the prophecies that will be affecting Israel in the seven years of Apocalypse that in my opinion is about to start this year.

I highly recommend this book and the DVD’s he is offering with the book.



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  1. Here is SPEC at its BEST and seemingly simpler than ever!

    FEAST of TRUMPETS WAS OUR DAY!!!!…….No, NOT Rosh Hashana 2012, but Rosh Hashana 2011 !!!….one yr, 6 mths and 5 mths AGO.

    You DO want an attempted explanation for the delay, don’t you? The 5th Feast, Rosh 2011/TRUMPETS, next one to be fulfilled WAS our day after all, except that the 280-day spiritual gestation had to be completed (Rosh +280 is Tammuz 13, 2012) then plus the 52 is the Rapture, Elul 6 (the 52 days that will balance/’cancel out’ the post Return 52 days which is the 75 (30+45) -23 days tilt loss at the Return when earth straightens to a 360-day yr. The 52 on THIS side is in GRACE; and the 52 on the post Return side is in JUDG. So our gestation was the 280 days from Rosh 2011 = Tammuz 13 (before the 52 is added) and the Return is right at Tammuz 13 (end of Remnant’s gestation) which is Rosh 2018 plus the 280 days Remnant’s spiritual gestation.

    Jesus had a physical gestation, and both the Church and the Remnant are the BODY of Christ and need a gestation period as well. Did Jesus NEED the gestation period?….no; but we DO! Remember, when the Christian accepted Christ, was it preceded by a 280-day gestation period?….No……We were just BORN into the Kingdom; so the Church and the Remnant both need the spiritual 280-day gestation period. Note that our 280-day gestation inside of our mothers did NOTHING for our spiritual condition as we were born in sin.

    Rosh 2011 plus 280 days ‘spiritual gestation of the Church’ (plus 52 more days) is FRIDAY, Aug 24, Elul 6.

    The Signing, 3 days earlier was Tuesday, Elul 3, Aug 21; and minus the projected -23 days is AV 9-10……FAST DAY.

    You already know that the Pyramid timeline is 5772 Rosh 2011 to 5779 Rosh 2018 which holds perfectly as well when all is considered. Again, the ht in inches of the Great Pyramid (w/ capstone Isa 19:19) is 5779 & sun’s temp is 5779 degrees Kelvin. Also add the Hebrew letters of Isa 19:19-20 (monument as testimony/Pyramid) to total 5449, the ht in inches of the Great Pyramid w/out the capstone.

    Also, the RETURN is TAMMUZ 13, 2019 (280 past Rosh 2018/the ‘spiritual gestation’ of the Remnant) and the 52 days follow in judgment (75-23=52 due to earth straightening). The RETURN is also a TUESDAY, 3rd day (as Hosea 6:2-3…..Israel ‘raised up as a plain…etc.’) Signing was as a yet unrevealed ‘Jewish wedding Ketubbah/contract’ on a TUESDAY, followed by 1260 days when a.c. breaks covenant/+killed on Feb 2, 2016…….a TUESDAY. The RETURN is also a TUESDAY.

    ROSH 2011 plus the 6 months to NISAN 1/”beginning of days” as commanded by God to Noah (Millennial New Year’s Day/Ezek 45:18/see Grant Jeffrey’s ‘Armageddon, appt w/ Destiny, pg 61) is March 24, 2012; and exactly 5 solar months later is this Friday, August 24, Elul 6. If the 5 months are to be seen as 5 perfect months, then the end of the 5 months is TUESDAY, Elul 3, Aug 21, VIRGO 1…..the probable SIGNING. Virgo 1 is the first day of the Mazzarot cycle that Job challenged the reader to UNDERSTAND. 5 solar mths are 153 days, 5 Jewish mths are 148 days, 5 perf mths are 150 days. In the case of the signing & Rapture 3 days later, you have the 150 from Nisan 1 (Signing)and 153 from Nisan 1 (Rapture). Remember that Noah was in the Ark for an additional 150 days (5 perf/Millen mths) til his exit; and our delay is the same span (….”as in the days of Noah”….etc). The SIGNING is the actual start of the first 1260 of a.c. ‘keeping’ the covenant w/ Israel, but the Aug 24 Rapture 3 days after the SIGNING starts the 2nd 1260 span, that of Elijah and Moses’ ministry til their murder by the ‘risen’ a.c. on Feb 5, 2016 (three days after Feb 2). They will rise 3+ days after their death…….Feb 8-9).

    The SIGNING on Tues, Elul 3, Aug 21, 2012 minus the future tilt loss of 23 days is AV 9-10…….the projected START of the trib when all figuring is over when the trib scenario is seen in retrospect.

    MID-TRIB is TUESDAY, Feb 2, 2016 (Aquar 11, if applicable), Abomination of Desolation (a.c. in Temple/killed) and minus the projected 23-day loss brings the projected date back to Jan 11, 2016 (‘8th day Christmas’ Gk Orthod, orig date) which is really Dec 31, 2015 because of the 12-day calendar discrepancy. Dec 31 is the original, solar anniversary of the 8th day of the 8th Feast (from the KISLEV 24 originally Dec 24 first day Creation), the solar anniversary of the conception of Jesus at TEVET 1 because plus 280 days gestation is Succoth, His Birth. Kislev 24 is counted all the way through Tevet 1 (8th day) because those 7 days are still CREATION ‘DAY;’ thus Haggai 2 is still applicable in all its fury.

    PASSOVER, 2013 is March 26, TUESDAY NISAN 15….plus exactly 2300 days Temple Desecration/Dan 8:13-14 (blood of 1st lamb sacrifice ‘desecrates’ the Temple) to the RETURN at TUESDAY, TAMMUZ 13, July 16, 2019….END of Temple Desecration. If applicable, that day is also CANCER 24 (11th sign/judg via 888/Jesus); and 30 days mourning later is Jesus’ Isa 63 Entrance into the Temple LEO 24 (12th sign/Lion/Conqueror via 888/Jesus). There are 3 extra days added to the 2300 because the 3 days at mid-trib when a.c. is ‘dead’ are not counted just as Jesus’ 3 days in the tomb were NOT counted in the 49-day count to Pentecost……thus 2303 total.

    The day Jesus enters the Temple is also AV 15 (tu b’ Av), the same day the Hebrews entered Canaan (all age 20 at start to age 60 were dead), same day tribe of Benjamin rejoined, wedding day for tribes to choose virgins, ‘breaking of the Ax,’ Israel’s Valentines Day…..etc. That day is also AUGUST 15, 2019. Av 15 is a known as a Happy Day on the Hebrew Calendar…….a likely day for the great ‘wedding procession’ from Petra w/ His beloved Remnant (Isa 63).

    45 days judg of the Nations later is the end of the trib at Sept 6, 2019, ELUL 6, same Jewish day as the ELUL 6 Rapture 2012. Without the minus 23 day tilt loss figured in, the end is Sept 29, 2019, Elul 29, ONE DAY before Rosh Hashana 2019!!!……Wow!… about a close call! The date does NOT reach ROSH HASHANA 2019… just CAN’T (in MY eyes); thus it still counts as ROSH HASHANA 2018!! God always dealt in FULLNESS of TIME…….to the BRINK……to the EDGE…….to the absolute LIMIT……then RESCUE!!!!!!

    Of course mid trib Feb 2, 2016 plus the 1290 is Entrance into Temple 30 days after the Return; and Feb 2, 2016 plus 1335 is the end. The 1260 days of Petra Protection begins on Feb 2, 2016, the day the a.c. is killed…..til the Return at July 16, 2019, Tues, Tammuz 13.

    After the Rapture (likely this Fri, Aug 24, Elul 6) there will likely be 2-7 days of world chaos & N. Invasion of Israel followed by God’s

    Divine Victory in Israel’s mts (hail/quake/huge carnage…Ezek 38-39, Isa 17:1) then followed by 7 mths burying bodies/+bone search by Dead Sea along with the 7 mths of bldg the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem ending at PASSOVER, 2013 when 3rd Temple Worship begins.

    Thus in a sense, the trib spans are:

    Rosh 2011 to Rosh 2018

    Rosh 2011 +280 to Tammuz 13, 2012 (+52 to RAPTURE) to Rosh 2018 +280 to Tammuz 13, 2019 (RETURN)

    Nisan 1, 2012 to Nisan 1, 2019

    Elul 6, 2012 to Elul 6, 2019

    Tammuz 13, 2012 (end of Church’s gestation) to Tammuz 13, 2019 RETURN (end of Remnant’s gestation)

    Interestingly, the end of the trib (w/ the -23) is Sept 6, 2019 (and LIBRA 6); and if one adds the first, perfect, Millennial 360-day year, one comes to SEPT 1, 2020, the probable new and adjusted, Millennial ROSH HASHANA Tishrei 1, LIBRA 1, first day of FALL.

    One also notes the 2550 days from SIGNING to Jesus’ Tempe Entrance matching the 2550 YEARS from 583 B.C. destruction of Temple to 1967….one of SO many patterns.

    Of course all the modern Fig Tree patterns beginning at 1898 Zionist Conf (20,30,40,50,60,80,100,120….+more) to Rosh 2018 still hold perfectly……but after Rosh 2018, the 6 mths must be added to honor the Ezek 45:18 command (official, Millen start date), then the +5 additional mths……all to match the pre-Rapture delay from Rosh 2011…… an equation via God’s perfect math harmony in the patterns. Also, 1967 to 2019 is 52 yrs, supposedly a Biblical generation (according to Jack Van Impe). Praise God for the PATTERNS!

    If any further credence is to be give to the strange message given by the dying Rabbi Kaduri that the Messiah would come in the month of Av, yr 5772; subtract the future 23-day loss from the presumed Aug 21 SIGNING day/start of the first 1260 (Elul 3), and that day is AV 9. So that message holds IF it’s valid.

    Let me say again that with the above in mind, one should be able to WITNESS w/ VIGOR at this point since there’s little risk of rejection or negative reaction to the Gospel message……cause “We’re LEAVIN’ on a JET PLANE’/out the door/”can’t HEAR YOU!!”. Alas (trying that ‘Old English talk’…..sounds respectable), I’ve WATCHED all I can WATCH! Now leave me alone!……SORRY, I meant that I have to leave YOU alone!……………..You see, the study has driven me crazy after all……I’m even BESIDE myself!!!

    Jan Herscu

    August 21, 2012 at 6:27 pm

  2. correction: The first sentence is not Rosh Hashana 2011 followed by ONE year + 6 mths then 5 more months……instead it is simply Rosh Hashana 2011 plus the 6 mths & the 5 mths…..sorry.

    Jan Herscu

    August 21, 2012 at 10:42 pm

  3. I don’t believe that we should ever ever determine a certain date as being what God decided was the date and somehow missed it for various reasons!- be careful how much you desire to know as much as or better than God. The best we can do is to determine times and seasons and likely days but never particular date. That is what Jesus instructed us to do. Narrow it down but when you miss it YOU missed it not God. Just keep endeavoring to see more clearly.


    August 22, 2012 at 8:53 am

  4. thank you pamela, finally someone on here with both feet on the ground.


    August 23, 2012 at 3:31 pm

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