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Lucy with Linus the Prophet a classical Peanuts August 26, 2012

As Tropical Storm Isaac is passing over my house in Miami and the worst is being felt I am pounding the keyboard to post this article about a prophet Linus that came in today’s paper the Miami Herald.

Linus is a creation of the late great cartoonist  Mr. Charles Schulz and today a classic Peanuts cartoon was published again.

The genius of the author to convey deep meaning using two children is enormous.

Who is a prophet? It is one who has seen the future and speaks or writes about it. But who can see the future?, only one “God”. In the Bible we have an account of the future by several prophets who were time traveled there and brought back to write about it for future generations of humans to increase their faith and to warn of the things that are coming for the punishment of the wicked and rewards to the faithful.




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