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Economic meltdown

Economic meltdown. This article is about the certain fate that awaits the USA and as a corollary the whole world when the buyers of our dept stop buying it and start selling the debt they have. There are no buyers capable of doing this so the countries of the world will go into the wors economic meltdown ever seen in the history of mankind.

The Apocalypse is coming and the black horse (the third) of the Apocalypse will devastate the economic system of the world. This is inevitable at this point and yesterday the head of the Federal Reserve stated that they are preparing another stimulus package to stave of the impending collapse of the economy. So start printing more money and increase the debt so that the collapse comes quickly as they evilly are planning.

Watch the videos on this link.



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  1. Fellow christians it is indeed good to do the right thing according to the bible and also make people aware of the truth. However we cannot change bible prophecy and neither should we be trying to. I believe that we – the church as the new seperate nation created in Jesus name in these end days should be racing aginst time to disciple people for two reasons:1. Hell and hell fire for unbelievers are drawing that much closer each day at very rapid speed.2.Only people who hold the morals of God and value God will want to vote for godly people or speak up against ungodly practises. Only saved people can do that. Unsaved people are influenced very much by the satanic system that rules this world system.

    It would be wonderful if the world could be turned around and all to be saved but Jesus tells us that that is not the case. So I use this information as evidence for endtime bible prophecy in my witnessing to people rather than for changing political or economic situations.


    September 4, 2012 at 6:59 am

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