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Archive for September 3rd, 2012

OBAMA NAILED – Dreams from My Real Father Jim Bramlett (3 Sep 2012)

Thanks to Jim Bramlet we have the article below with the link to this article and video. We are at the critical point just before the elections when this man and his party are trying to pull blinders in our eyes to remain in power and ramrod their evil agenda to this country (USA) and the world.

To do nothing is to be a participant in their play, apathy is not an option. Democrat or Republican it does not matter, this is about the USA’s survival.

Obama has not only undermined our country internally, but he has also undermined the security of all the world specially Israel and all the middle east. His policy was instrumental in reinforcing the Muslim Brotherhood’s grip on power by supporting them in their drive to depose the existing stable governments of Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt and other Islamic countries. Their implied motto was that we are only supporting democracy in all these countries, when it was well known to all at the Sate Department that democracy would only serve as a means to freely elect the Muslim Brotherhood into power which would then abolish democracy to impose Sharia Law and a Theocratic Islamic dictatorship.

The real goal of this man (Obama) is to perpetuate himself in power and take control of the whole world, yes as ludicrous as it sounds “the whole world“.

Israel is in real danger here as the ultimate plan is the subjugation of the whole Nation of Israel in the hands of the man the Bible calls the Antichrist.


Jim Bramlett (3 Sep 2012)
OBAMA NAILED – Dreams from My Real Father: Director Joel  Gilbert at National Press Club, Washington DC

Dear friends:

This is an absolute must viewing, only an 11-minute presentation at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.  It is a bombshell.

Please forward this to every journalist or news person in your town or city.  Find them on the Internet.  It contains instructions on how any journalist can win the Pulitzer Prize.  Please take time to do this.

It’s time for news people to step up, and bravely report facts, and not be intimidated by their peers.  Until now, their behavior has been shameful and, in effect, traitorous.  Even FOX News is guilty, and not “fair and balanced” as they claim.

Now the evidence is abundant and incontrovertible, and the truth must come out.  I urge all news people to review The Journalist’s Creed, part of which says, “I believe that suppression of the news, for any consideration other than the welfare of society, is indefensible.”  That creed needs to be taken seriously.

See National Press Club: