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Archive for September 4th, 2012

“Superman/Zeus/Lion King/Obama/Antichrist – Mark of the Beast” Nicole (4 Sep 2012)

This video ties Obama to the Bible’s Antichrist using his own words. Thanks to Nicole who gave us the link.


Nicole (4 Sep 2012)
Superman/Zeus/Lion King/Obama/Antichrist – Mark of the Beast

Remember, Zeus was married to Hera….Jupiter is the equivalent of Zeus and he was married to Juno.

The Federal Reserve gives away 16 Trillion of our money away!!!!! Sept 4, 2012

Thanks to B G Ellis for providing this link to a most shocking video about the Federal Reserve’s pilfering of the USA money supply by printing US dollars to give to the major banks of the world. Yes this organization that is allowed to control the finances of the United States is a private, not government controlled corporation. In the video they show the give away of 16 trillion dollars which they do and then charge the USA with the dept.

This sell out of our nation occurred a long time ago and as a consequence the way was paved to the outcome that we see now. They have hocked our nation into servitude.

The fault for this is on the shoulders of both parties. Politicians in general with a few exceptions have been complicit in this assault on our Nation’s economy. It may already be to late to reverse the tide.

Being a Christian prophecy blog it is imperative that you the reader be told that the meaning of this is that the world is being herded like sheep to the slaughter. The seven year Apocalypse is just around the corner and Christ is coming very soon to retrieve His church (Rapture) from the earth.


BG Ellis
(VIDEO) Watch “Audit of the Federal Reserve Reveals $16 Trillion in Secret Bailouts (September 3, 2012)” on YouTube