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Nephillin, Giants and aliens a video Sept 11, 2012

I just finished watching the video titled Giants done by Mr. Gary Stearman and Mr. Bob Ulrich. The subject is very educational in that it is one that is seldom discussed in the Christian churches and much less in the secular world we live on.

Greek mythology talks a lot about the issue treated in this video, but the public relegates it to the unreal, the it never happened, the it is not true and it is only fiction.

Well the conversation and dialog is serious and real and you will learn if you do not know that the earth not to long ago had a big population of Giants and a cross bread of humans with fallen angels  which produced Giants and the Nephillin.

These fallen angels are making their presence again manifest on earth and the phenomena that we see is disguised under the umbrella of aliens and extraterrestrials. They are none of that but the fallen angels that are allowed to return to participate in the final confrontation between God and them with the fallen humanity at their side.

The age of Aquarius is the coming age when a fallen angel Satan partakes a fallen human the Antichrist¬† to seduce and control the world and destroy it for God’s chosen humans.

The time is at the corner for the playing of this cosmic battle and the video explains very well the spiritual dimension that will be taking place in this battle.

This is full of information that the evil one has done its utmost to conceal. He does not want the world to know that he has been defeated and that his destiny is the Lake of Fire for all eternity. What drives Satan on knowing that he is defeated? Hate for God and His creation is all that is left for him and God will use his hate to vanquish the rest of those who chose to follow him in the way to perdition.

There is no pleasure that can drive man that is worth loosing salvation and ending up in hell for all eternity. There is no pain that could do the same also, but fallen angels and humans choose this way and end up in hell for all eternity.