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Rapture on Rosh Hashanah? Tribulation on Yom Kippur? Second Coming on Sukkot 2019? (Sept 16, 2012)

For many years I have looked for this time of the year for the Rapture of the church. As Jesus fulfilled the first four of the seven feasts given to Israel to celebrate at His first coming the rest of the feast will be fulfilled at the time of His second coming.

The timeline that I always thought was applicable to his second coming was:

! Rapture of Rosh Hashanah

2. Seven years of Tribulation starting on Yom Kippur
3. Second coming on Sukkot

The following link takes you to the feasts and its days for this year.



Happy Rosh Hashanah!

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  1. Well, so much for Rosh Hashana! No matter!…..counts were always to start on SUNDAYS (“….count from the first day of the week”!) Monday was Rosh Hashana, but the count can only begin on the Sunday AFTER Rosh Hashana. Also, Sunday, Sept 23 is LIBRA 1, the JUDGMENT SCALES (as to Belshazzar…”you are weighed in the balance and found wanting”….Daniel)…..and the JUDGMENT of the trib BEGINS at the SIGNING (starting the first 1260 days).


    …..the Great Trump heralds Messiah’s Return to & closes chances for repentance…thus LAST TRUMP.

    … day of 40-day repentance which began Elul 1 (as 40 days Ninevah’s call to repentance)

    …..Book of Life closed

    …..No more appeals (10 days of Awe over)

    …..Jacob’s troubles begin (Jerem 30:7)

    …..Torah opened on Yom Kip as Gates/Doors open in Heaven (Rev 4:1 “Come up hither/John saw gates open)

    …..only commanded FAST day

    …..High Priest into Holy of Holies FACE to FACE (in God’s Presence)…..I Corin 13:12, II Corin 3:18)

    Here are the high points now……all speculation, of course:

    A new 50-year Jubilee span (specifically that of the 121st Jubilee once all is figured with the -18 ‘unncounted years’) must begin on a Yom Kippur, Tishrei 10 (Leviticus 25:8-15) which is the case when the trib ends at Yom Kippur 2019 which is 52 days past the Return. Of course the 52 days is the 75 days (30+45) minus the 23-day tilt loss. I.e. Yom Kippur 2019 minus 18 ‘uncounted’ yrs is Yom Kippur 2001, exactly when the 121st Jubilee must begin (start of the 7th Millennium).

    May 8, 2013 is YOM YERUSHALAIM (Jerusalem Day/anniv of June 7, 1967), IYYAR 28, the probable start of TEMPLE WORSHIP lasting exactly 2300 days to the day Jesus enters the Temple (to reconsecrate/Isa 63) w/ the Remnant 30 days after the Return. The Return is Sunday, Aug 18, 2019, minus the 23 days tilt loss as earth straightens, then plus 30 days mourning bringing the date to Sunday, Aug 25, 2019 (exactly 2300 days past May 8, 2013, Yom Yerushalaim).

    If Temple Worship (Dan 8:13-14) starts on May 8, 2013, that is SEVEN MTHS (burying bodies/bldg 3rd Temple) past Oct 8-15, 2012 (Oct 8 = 8th Day Succoth/Tish 22), the possible Divine Mt Victory in the Israel (Ezek 38-39). We don’t know if the 7 mths are 207 days (Jewish mths), 210 days (perf mths) or 213 days (Greg mths).

    The TRUMP of God is blown on YOM KIPPUR; and Yom Kippur this year is WEDNESDAY, Sept 26, three days past Sunday, Sept 23, the likely day of the SIGNING. Three days later the Yom Kippur Trumpet Blast (LAST TRUMP/TRUMP of GOD) ends the 10 Days of Awe and raises/awakens the dead (RAPTURE). By Yom Kippur all opportunities for repentance are OVER and JUDGMENT is PASSED.

    Yom Kippur, Sept 26, 2012, is also the end of the 188-day earthquake cycle; and the Rapture could be accompanied by an earthquake (even though no one knows WHERE that quake may occur).

    Yom Kippur, Sept 26, 2012 (possible Rapture) plus 1260 days reaches the day a.c. satanically ‘rises.’ The first 1260 spans the Signing (Sunday, Sept 23, 2012) to the day a.c. is killed, the same day that the 1260-day Petra protection begins. There are three 1260 spans. 1260 Signing to a.c. breaks covenant/killed, 1260 days Rapture to ‘resurrection’ of a.c., 1260 days Petra Protection of the Remnant.

    The one-yr warning (Jerem 51:46) is still very clear: Rosh Hashana, 2011 (Sept 29) to Sept 23, 2012 (SIGNING) is exactly 360 days (1 perfect/Millennial’straight earth’ solar year).

    Mid trib (1260 past Signing) is Sunday, March 6, 2016. Three days later (1260 past Yom Kip Rapture) is Wed, March 9, 2016. The only significance to March 6 is that it is PISCES 15, the exact middle of the 7th Mazzarot sign, that of the ‘multiplication’ of fish (believers) as the supernatural protection in Petra begins for the fleeing Jewish Remnant since this day is the FIRST day (upon seeing the a.c. IN the Temple to be ‘worshipped’) that the Remnant will begin to BELIEVE Scripture (heeding the 2 witnesses) and RUN. Three days later a.c. ‘rises’ on March 9, killing the 2 witnesses who rise after 3+ days.

    Note that the reason Jesus’ Entrance into the Temple is Aug 25 (just 7 days past the the Aug 18 Return) is that at the Aug 18, 2019 RETURN, the earth straightens (Isa 13:13, 24:1,19,20), losing 23 days (synchronizing both calendars and the Mazzarot….all 360 days each from then on). As the earth straightens (“days CUT SHORT”), Aug 18 reverts back to July 26, then plus 30 days mourning (Zech 12:10, 13:6) is Aug 25. If one does NOT subtract the 23 days, then Aug 18 plus 30 days mourning is Sept 17 which is exactly 1290 past mid trib. The END of the trib without the -23-day loss considered is Nov 1 which is 1335 days past mid trib.

    The 3 days at mid trib (Mar 6-9, 2016 when a.c. is ‘dead’) will not be counted as the 3 days Jesus in tomb were ‘not counted’ in the 49-day count to Pentecost. Therefore the 3 days from SIGNING (Sept 23) to Yom Kippur, Sept 26 are NOT counted in a sense because of how the three 1260’s span from each of those dates. The Hebrews fled Egypt on Nisan 14 but REALIZED their FREEDOM on Nisan 17 when the Red Sea opened.

    If applicable, the Return is in 2019 and Rev 19 is the Chapter of His Return as well . Also Isaiah 19:19 is the verse that speaks of the Great Pyramid (timeline Rosh 2011-Rosh 2018) measuring 5779″ with the capstone/coinciding with the total of the Hebrew letters = 5779 as well. But I’m inclined to think that those thoughts touch upon numerology and not worthy of further study.

    Remember that there are likely 18 yrs NOT COUNTED:

    4 yrs Jesus’ ministry (3.5 actual, but fractions of yrs never counted) as the TRINITY walked the earth with infinite possibilities of Resurrection, Salvation & Healings. Plus Jesus counted it all JOY to go to the cross meaning that the 120 Jubilees (6,000 full yrs) allotted to fallen man of GOD STRIVING w/ man (Gen 6:3) didn’t include these ministry yrs.

    2 yrs from Creation (man perfect & eternal) to the yr God started the 6,000-yr count for man, but only a year after the promise on a ONE year (when a Jubilee span could begin).

    1-yr warning/Jer 51:46 (since the Promise IS the event/as Abr, Hana, Nebuchad, Eliz, Esther….etc).

    1-yr Jesus’ birth at age 0 (Birth) to age 1, since mths were never counted…only whole numbers in one’s age.

    1-yr Jesus’ gestation (280 days) plus the 75 days remaining; & Church & Remnant need spiritual gestation.

    1-yr Church’s gestation (280 days + 75 remain)……part of BODY of CHRIST

    1-yr Remnant’s (part of BODY of CHRIST) gestation (280 days + 75 remain); two 75’s will cancel each other out.

    7-yr trib = Satan’s yrs, Restrainer (H.S.) taken out of the way, mega occultism/Divinely-sent delusion

    Thus, 18 yrs not counted; and Yom Kippur 2019 minus 18 uncounted yrs is Yom Kippur 2001,exactly when the 121st Jubilee has to start (start of 7th Millen).

    Surely you are aware of the patterns that all still hold and the significant fact that a Biblical generation is 52 yrs;and 1967 to 2019 is 52 yrs. Jesus does return in the Rosh 2018 year of 5779 (end of the Pyramid timeline) and 1918 (Balfour Decl) plus 100 yrs is Rosh 2018. Also 1898 (Zion Conf) + 120 yrs is Rosh 2018 and 1948 plus 70 yrs is Rosh 2018 as well (+ SO MANY other FIG TREE patterns ending at Rosh 2018, the patterns Jesus told us to watch).

    Basically, if the Rapture is YOM KIPPUR this year and the trib ENDS on YOM KIPPUR, 2019 (beginning the 121st Jub), then the entire trib is YOM KIP to YOM KIP (7 Jewish yrs); and from the above info, it seems to work out that way……..thus we look to this next SUNDAY-WEDNESDAY, Sept 23-26, possibly counted as one and the same day if those 3 days are NOT COUNTED w/ the Rapture possibly SUNDAY (TISHREI 7) since all other great events for Christians occurred on a SUNDAY (Jesus into Temple, Jesus’ Resurrection, Pentecost). After all, the 3 days at mid trib which are likely ‘not counted’ (just as Jesus’ 3 days in tomb were not counted) could likely balance (‘cancel out’) the 3 days from Signing to Rapture as not counted, becoming the ‘same day’ in a sense. Whatever the case, the big day is SOON and I thought it important for you to view the above scenario now before the 2nd day of Rosh Hashana passes giving way to possible discouragement (as if all of my unfulfilled dates haven’t discouraged you enough! But be reminded that the Prophet Daniel said that the scenario would become CLEARER as the day approaches; thus giving up on the subject seems a little senseless since there seems to be so much to ponder as we find ourselves immersed presently in the High Holy Days!…………..J.H.

    Janet Herscu

    September 18, 2012 at 4:08 am

    • Janet thank you for the letter-comment you gave us. You have not been a source of discouragement but of hope. The day of the Rapture in Rosh Hashanah is of course speculation as the Lord did not say when, but the day of the Tribulation is a much better to define date based on the signs and the times from critical events happening to Israel.
      Those events are fixed in time as they are past already and from them we can project into the future to give an educated guess. this you have done successfully.
      This week and the next should be very interesting.



      September 18, 2012 at 10:00 am

  2. Sort of interesting:

    The 2010 Chile earthquake (deepest ever) was in Concepcion measuring 8.8 and the Conception of Jesus was on the 8th day of the 8th Feast (because +280 days human gestation is Succoth, His Birth……7th Feast/Tabernacles).

    The 8th Feast was the anniversary of CREATION (immaculate/Heavenly/eternal). Jesus fulfilled all of the 8 Feasts, of course (to the day). It’s obvious that God perhaps wants the world to notice the current quakes and the numbers involved (“There shall be earthquakes in diverse places….”).

    The Concepcion quake was the first of the five which were each 188 days apart (all five 7.0 or above). The second quake was in CHRISTCHURCH, N.Z., again an interesting city NAME for the world to notice.

    The next quake expected (6th one), if the 188-day pattern holds, is tomorrow (Eve of Yom Kippur). Even with all that, I still think it’s coincidence, albeit mighty, astoundingly strange!

    Janet Herscu

    September 24, 2012 at 9:51 pm

    • Janet nice to comment on this. I think the 188 day pattern is real and will probably be manifest tomorrow or + or – a few days. There are articles in this blog that deal extensively with this phenomena and it is also linked to the position of the planets. See the headings under earthquakes. I also think that Jesus has a hand in all of this of course. That the reason He stress earthquakes as a sign of the end times.


      September 25, 2012 at 11:13 am


    Hopefully the rampant, contagious ‘SCOFFERITIS’ has not taken hold of your thinking…..cause I’m still at it (since the Prophet Daniel said it would become CLEARER) and it is just that! (sound ‘repetitive?’)

    NOTE the following:

    1-yr warning (Jerem 51:46) Oct 8, 2011 (YOM KIPPUR/judg passed) to Mon, Oct 1, 2012 (SUCCOTH) = 360 days (1 perf yr)……(note that Feb had 29 days in 2012).

    SUCCOTH, Monday, Oct 1, 2012, is LIBRA 8/perf judg via Jesus’# (if applic).
    The RETURN is VIRGO 1, the 1st day of the Mazzarot cycle (Fri, Aug 23, 2019/VIRGO 1), 2520 past SIGNING Fri, Sept 28, 2012…..(a.c. not revealed until after the Church is gone, thus identity of ‘signer’ likely unrevealed).

    The Return minus the 22-day loss (as earth straightens to a 360-day perf yr/Isa 13:13, 24:1,19,20) is AUG 1, VIRGO 1, AV 1 (2019)….both calendars & Mazzarot in perfect sync from then on….as at Creation.

    30 days of mourning (Zech 12:10) later is SEP 1, LIBRA 1, ELUL 1 & the 45-day judg of the nations begins (Libra = judg), Isa 63…..Jesus into Temple w/ the Petra Jewish Remnant who will have CALLED Him back.

    45 days (of judg of the Nations) after that is TABERNACLES, 2019, OCT 15, TISHREI 15, SCORPIO 15 (all in sync)…..end of trib. There can be no JOY until the Nations have been judged. The Nations will come UP to Jerusalem each yr at Tabernacles to worship the Lord.

    2300 days Temple Worship (Dan 8) after MAY 15, 2013 (Israel’s Statehood anniv) is SEPT 1, LIBRA 1, ELUL 1.
    If that is the case, then the 7 mths burying/bldg 3rd Temple woul span Oct 15-22, 2012 to May 15, 2013 meaning that the N. Invasion of Israel following the Rapture would occur between Oct 1 and 15, 2012.

    Monday, Oct 1, 2012/probable RAPTURE (Tishrei 15/Succoth/Tabernacles) plus exactly 2517 days (3 days short of 2520) is FRIDAY, AUG 23, 2019, the RETURN (VIRGO 1). The first of the three 1260’s starts on the day of the SIGNING w/ the RAPTURE 3 days later on SUCCOTH. The SIGNING plus exactly 2520 days is the RETURN.

    Mid trib FRIDAY, March 11, 2016 is the 1st day of the 13th mth, II ADAR 1….a.c. breaks covenant, sets self/image in Temple to be worshiped which is the Abom of Desolation/stops dy sacrifices/is killed. The a.c. satanically ‘rises’ three days later on MONDAY, March 15, when he kills the 2 witnesses (who rise 3.5 days later).

    We have now passed Rosh Hashana and Yom Kipper 2012 because the CHURCH is PAST judgment with no reason for the 10 days of Awe of serious repentance & introspection because the Church is COVERED by the blood and already forgiven (in GRACE). The only day that concerns the Church at this point is the celebration of Succoth (Zech 14).

    Remember that the Holy of Holies VEIL (only related to Yom Kippur) TORE at the Cross, eliminating forever the need for those awful 10 days of Awe. Forgiveness at the Cross either means TOTAL forgiveness (for those who accept the Gift of Salvation) or is DOESN’T. In other words, it seems obvious that the 5th and 6th Feasts (Rosh & Yom Kip) have been eliminated for the Church, and only the celebration of Succoth awaits the Church.

    The trib (with the -22 day loss considered/days “cut short”) ENDS at TABERNACLES as well (TISHREI 15, 2019). That day (w/ both calendars & the Mazzarot in sync/360 days each) is OCT 15, TISHREI 15, SCORPIO 15.

    Do you think there is still the need to BLOW the TRUMPET for 10 days of REPENTANCE to start?!, or to send the AZAZEL/scapegoat w/ blood on its head out into the wilderness on Yom Kippur? The veil already tore at the cross, proving that those 10 awful days are forever over….only a memory. Why do you think TABERNACLES is the ONLY Feast that will be celebrated by the world during the 1000-yr Millennium?….notwithstanding that it is also JESUS’ BIRTHDAY!

    Monday (possible RAPTURE) Oct 1, 2012, TISHREI 15/Succoth is LIBRA 8 and Jesus enters the TEMPLE w/ the Remnant 7 yrs later (Isa 63) on LIBRA 1, exactly 2550 days later, matching the 2550 YEARS from 583 B.C. Destruction of 1st Temple to 1967, Temple Mt Reclaimed.

    The Return is still in the ROSH yr of 2018 (5779) because Av 22 is still in the Rosh 2018 year. Thus the Pyramid Timelin of Rosh 2011 to Rosh 2018 still holds. Remember that 5779 is the ht in inches of the Pyramid (w/ the capstone) AND the Kelvin temp of the sun is 5779 as well (if applicable).

    Of course all the patterns hold, ending at Rosh year 2018 (70 yrs, 100 yrs, 120 yrs, 52 yrs from 1967 to 2019, etc. +many others).

    The entire trib is 2520 days which is 7 x 360 and also 9 x 280 (9 gestation periods); #9 = 9 planets, 9 digits, 9 Fruits of the Spirit, 90 age of Sarah, 99 age of Abr, 99 sheep safe, 9th hr Jesus gave up His Spirit, #99=’Amen’ in Hebrew, 9 lepers unthankful (only 1 thanked Jesus)…etc.

    Note that at the Cross, 483 yrs (69 ‘wks’ of yrs) were completed with 7 more yrs (the trib) to go to reach the 490 yrs of punishment for the Jews (for not keeping the Sabbaticals, Sabbaths, Jubilees…..etc). 490 is also 7 x 70. Jerem 30:7 speaks of those 7 remaining yrs.

    The celebration of the 121st Jubilee (start of the 7th Millennium) will take place on SUCCOTH/TABERNACLES, 2019, with its ‘legal start’ 5 days before on YOM KIPPUR, 2019 (Lev 25:9….).

    So, briefly, here is the scenario:

    Signing Sep 28, 2012……+1260…….II Adar 1, 2016…..+1260…..Return Aug 23, 2019…..-22 days……Aug 1…+30….Sept 1…+45……Oct15, Tabernacles

    Of course the Rapture is 3 days AFTER the Signing (Mon/Succoth, Oct 1). There are also 1290 days mid trib to Temple Entrance and 1335 days to the end of the trib (Daniel 12:11-12). The 1290 from mid trib with the minus 22-day loss considered is Sept 1, 2019 and w/out the 22-day loss is Sept 22. So too the 1335 from mid trib with the minus 22-day loss considered is Oct 15, Tabernacles, and w/out the 22-day loss considered, it is Nov 5-7. The straightening of the earth will change the months to 30 days each, thus the 1 or 2-day inaccuracies noted.

    Thus the entire trib, if the above is valid, is TABERNACLES 2012 to TABERNACLES 2019, the most celebrated, anticipated of the Jewish Feasts. Jesus’ BODY was born on Tabernacles (His Birthday) and the BODY of Christ (the Church) will likely be BORN into Heaven on the very same day……TABERNACLES………….J.H.

    Janet Herscu

    September 25, 2012 at 5:54 pm

    • Janet I made your article into a regular post. Thank you it is very good, good work.


      September 25, 2012 at 7:57 pm

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