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LOVE (Sept 22, 2012)

September 22, 2012

By: Nando


Throughout all this week I have been thinking of the importance of creating a major category in my blog with the Heading LOVE Well one thing lead to another and the argument went back and forth in my head as to do it, not do back and forth arguments for yes, and for no. Before you keep reading stop to think about this four letter word and all the books, articles, movies, magazines, novels, plays, you get the point, that are using this word as their major subject. As the saying goes, love makes the world go around and around. So why talk about it here. The against arguments were winning in my head. I do not want to appear mushy mushy in a serious, or so I hope, prophecy blog with very serious and life and death material in it.
This morning I wake up to leave my wife in the  airport at seven in the morning . I had called my daughter C to go and visit her, and her husband J and their two kids for breakfast after dropping my wife at the airport.
C is a very bright person with a degree in English and her hubby J is a lawyer. I cherish the time that I spend with them because I engage in heavy duty conversations with them on personal, political, theological, religious and other subjects.
C wanted to keep me interacting with the children to avoid heavy subjects which I usually push in my conversations, I know how boring I can be and her favorite phrase for me is keep it lite Nando. I did play some board games with C and her young daughter who is very bright. Her report card is all A’s with a 98 being the lowest grade. I know this is bragging and I beg your forgiveness.
At lunch the conversation turned away from lite into heavy. Islam and Christianity was being debated and of course the Bible versus the Koran. My argument was that Islam is a religion whose holy book the Koran and in the Sutras demand that the Jews and the Christians as well as the whole world be submitted to the will of Allah and that the true participants of Islam were following what was written there. J as a good lawyer presented arguments that went along these lines: What is the difference with Islam telling the Christians to submit or they would cut their heads and Christianity saying that if you do not believe in Jesus you go to hell. He was seeing these two things as synonymous and equally disdainful.
I pointed out that the obvious difference is that one is physical and its effects is immediate, off with the head or enslavement with the purpose of forcing believe and at the end, if this was not obtained then off with his head. The other was not a physical destruction but a future consequence of an action. By the way Islam also says that if you do not believe in Allah you are sent to hell, so they also have that and they also have the instantaneous sentence in this life.
I then stopped him and said, let me bring in another thought before we continue this reasoning and conversation,.
I said to J, why do you love your wife C?. Please tell me what love is and describe the love you have for her to me. After telling me many of the things that he loves about her and the subject introduced is one of love I said that this is what I think love is.
You love C because she is physically attractive to you, you know her thoughts, how she thinks, the way she keeps the house, how she takes care of your children and many other thinks you see in her that makes you be in admiration of her. The question is can she make you love her, or vice versa, her love you. Can this love be implemented at will in your case or for that matter in any bodies case. The answer is obviously “no”. Why, because love is a direct cause of will. Without will love is not and is meaningless it can not exist and is a characteristic of created or living humans and angels.
With the advances of science we can visualize, as many movies have done, the creation of a robot that can imitate life (a human), but no matter how close to the real thing we could strive to make it, it can only exist in our imaginations or the movies, this is so because the will to love or to hate is absent.
Now that we have discussed love J and C let us go back again to the discussion we were having. J you also used in defense of your argument that in the past Christianity behaved and demanded submission to their believes by the sword as in the Crusades and the inquisition and I pointed out that what they did was as wrong, but that one big difference is that in the Bible we can see that God sent Jesus to pay the penalty for our sins or acts of disobedience and told us that He wanted to have us be part of His family and to enter in a covenant of mutual love with Him. He wants true love relationships and not a coerced, forced, threaten, tortured or imposed false love relationship. Without knowledge of what love is it is impossible to experience it fully. You do not win the hearts and will of the people unless their will is fully engaged and even then only God can discern the true intentions of the heart.
I will try to expand on this subject much more in the future as much more can be written that is not already been said to the readers.




Written by twelvebooks

September 22, 2012 at 5:05 pm

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