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Islam vs Judaism vs Christianity a clash of civilizations or religions or both? comments on an article written by Glenn Garvin in the Miami Herald Sept 25, 2012

Today the Miami Herald brought a very interesting article written by Glen Garvin and posted below.

This article in my opinion is one of the best articles written about the conflict between Islam and the Judeo-Christian nations of the Western democracies.

In my opinion the conflict is rooted in religious beliefs and their view of the world.

Both Islam and Christianity as well as Judaism believe in one God. They also believe and are waiting for a Messiah that will come to bring a Kingdom of peace on earth and they also believe that there is a Satan that is the enemy of God.

All three say that they oppose Satan and claim that their holy book, the Bible, old testament for the Jews, the Bible both old and new testaments for the Christians and the Koran for Islam, have the truth and that God is on their side. Is it any wonder that they are clashing now as they have been clashing for many years in the past?

How can we find the truth when Satan is the father of all lies and has been deceiving the nations and individuals for millennia.

It is my opinion that God who has seen the future and that has predetermined before creation who will be receptive to His call for a familial relationship along the lines of father and son-daughter relationship will guide those who seek Him to the truth.

Therefore unless you believe He will appear to you in person and reveal His truth as He has done in the past and still does to some in the present, the only way to get at the truth is by reading and studying all the Holy books. It is imperative to at least research what each book says about love and hate, good and evil and what kind of relationship God wants to have with human beings.

It is my opinion that Jews, Christians, Muslims and all the world will be persecuted by an evil man who will be possess by Satan and his false prophet or co-ruler. He will demand worship as God and will kill and persecute those who will not submit to him. the new testament calls this man the Antichrist, and God will allow him and the false prophet to impose his kingdom of evil in the whole world for seven years. At that time the whole world will be forced to do a decision as to whom they will obey.



Three lessons from the Middle East


There’s still a lot we don’t know about the anti-American violence that has wracked the Middle East for the past two weeks — especially the degree to which it was orchestrated by organized terrorist groups. In particular, the Obama administration’s contention that the deadly attack on the U.S. embassy in Libya began as a demonstration against an anti-Islamic film clip and then spontaneously escalated to mortars and rocket-propelled grenades seems far-fetched.

But even without knowing the full story, some conclusions are inescapable:

A more democratic Middle East isn’t the same thing as a more pro-American Middle East. In fact, it might be the opposite. The unpleasant fact is that even a Middle Eastern dictatorship run by a blood enemy of the United States, like Moammar Gadhafi’s Libya, may be suppressing a popular tide of even more profound anti-Americanism.

President Obama spent over a billion dollars last year lobbing missiles at Gadhafi, all supposedly in the name of democracy. His payback: a U.S. consulate reduced to a smoking ruin, with the corpses of four American diplomats inside. Egypt, Yemen and Tunisia, three of the countries where the U.S. applied fierce pressure to help oust authoritarian governments during the so-called Arab Spring, now host some of the most implacably hostile anti-American movements.

Don’t believe that it’s all George Bush’s fault. The people in the Middle East certainly don’t. When the White House changed hands in 2009, one of the most confident predictions of President Obama’s team was the calming effect he would have on foreign relations, especially in the Middle East. Getting rid of Bush’s cowboy hat and treating other countries like respected equals would make a huge difference.

So how did that work out? The most popular chant of the mobs thronging streets throughout the region last week was “Obama, Obama, we are all Osama.” It turns out that people in the Middle East, unlike the American chattering classes, are more impressed with deeds than words.

All the smooth talk in the world won’t distract them from the fact that Obama has turned the skies over the region into a killing field. In Pakistan alone, he’s unleashed nearly 300 aerial drone strikes (six times as many as were launched during the whole of the Bush administration) and inflicted a death toll numbering in the thousands. Cowboy is as cowboy does.

Let’s not kid ourselves — there really is a clash of civilizations. In 1996, the late political scientist Samuel P. Huntington wrote a book called The Clash Of Civilizations in which he predicted that, with the end of the Cold War, the global conflicts of the future would be over culture rather than ideology. At the top of his list was the chasm between the Judeo-Christian influenced liberal democracy of the West, and the theocratic totalitarianism of the Islamic world.

The chaos over the weekend, with dozens of people killed and hundreds injured in rioting against an obscure and nearly incomprehensible Internet film clip that Muslims find insulting to their religion, is further evidence that the cultural gap is growing more lethal by the moment.

The problem is that much of the Islamic world not only rejects Western conceptions of freedom but is willing to kill over them.

Any perceived insult to the Muslim religion, no matter how trivial or even imaginary, is a death-penalty offense. In 1977, Muslim gunmen in Washington D.C. killed two people, seized several buildings and took scores of hostages in an attempt to force a ban on a film called Mohammad, Messenger of God that they hadn’t seen but thought might contain religious insults. (It didn’t.)

The list of violent responses to supposed slights to Islam has only grown since then: The death sentence against author Salman Rushdie. The murder of the Dutch director of a hostile documentary on Muslim treatment of women. The hundreds of deaths in rioting over Danish cartoons of the prophet Muhammad and the swimsuit competition in a Miss World contest in Nigeria. (One Muslim cleric even called for the beheading of all the contestants.)

When American Christians make tepid complaints that works of art that blaspheme their religion (Andres Serrano’s infamous photo of a crucifix submerged in urine, for instance) shouldn’t be supported with taxpayer dollars, intellectual America labels them depraved fascists.

Muslims killing people over sacrilegious art, however, draws a much different reaction. Suddenly former Obama Middle East advisors like Sarah Chayes and free-speech absolutists like Anthony Lewis and even Supreme Court justice Stephen Breyer have discovered that insults to Islam aren’t really covered by the First Amendment.

In this clash of civilizations, the West seems to have a lot of fifth columnists.

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  1. At the end of the day, its about who you entrust your life after death to. Just about every religion and even atheists has some form of moral code of conduct which has similarities in what is determined to be good or evil. Not surprising seeing that God put that in the conscience of all of humanity.There is a danger to being so fixated in the here and now especially with endtimes bringing alot of challenges that people overlook the central core message of the bible which is: All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and Jesus is the only way back to God,- a choice which can only be made while one is alive. Today because of the prophecied endtime happening affecting everyone’s lives with great difficulties most people have overlooked this crucial message and are obsessed with politics and the economy and the antichrist. Meanwhile chances of dying suddenly are increasing dramatically as we go deeper into endtimes and hoards are dying without Christ,- condemned to hell.


    September 26, 2012 at 7:09 am

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