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Sukkot is it the start of the 7 years of Apocalypse and the Rapture of the church? Sept 27, 2012

Janet Herscu (Wrote article on Comments). Again Janet you have written a very good article which has a strong possibility of coming true as you have so eloquently expressed.
I will place the article as a post in my blog. Thank you


7 days Bride and Groom in marriage chamber (Succah)….AWAY from the village (ancient Jewish honeymoon)

“4 mths to Harvest” (Pentecost-Succoth, John 4), so Church was ‘Planted’ on Pentecost, ‘Harvested’ on Succoth

“Stay in BOOTH until wrath is passed” (Is 26:19-21)

Elijah and Moses on Mt (high as in a cloud) w/ Jesus likely on Succoth as disciples said, “Let’s make a Succah for them”

Elijah and Moses will ARRIVE (in cloud/w/ Jesus) on Rapture day/Succoth (to begin their 1260-day ministry)

Last Feast of the 7 (thus ‘last’ trump)

Jesus’ B-Day Celebration/Church invited to Marriage Supper of the Lamb

Succah is as a ‘chuppah’/marriage canopy; thus Succoth is also a MARRIAGE celebration

Harvest festival of CELEBRATION, not a Feast day dealing w/ sin……thus a HAPPY day

Partial harvest now (trib saints are the remainder of the Harvest)

Full moon (decreed that the Last Trump be blown/1st blown on New Moon/Rosh Hashana)

The Festival celebrating PROTECTION

Succoth is LIBRA 11 this yr (judgment scales and #11 is judgment #) i.e.Rapture is JOY for Church but JUDG for earth

End of trib also (w/ the tilt loss of 22-23 days considered)…..1st Zech 14:16 celebration in Millennium

Trib span is Tabernacles (2012) to Tabernacles (2019) = 7 Jewish yrs (‘not counted’….thus as ‘SAME DAY’)

7th Feast (of 7), 7th mth, 7 days long, 7 species of fruit Harvest brought to Temple, 70 sacrifices for 70 nations and 7th day is 3 x 7 = 21

BODY of Jesus BORN on Tabernacles, BODY of Christ (Church) likely BORN into Heaven on Tabernacles

Tevet 1 Conception of Jesus + 280 days GESTATION is Succoth (Jesus born) & holds true for SPIRITUAL ‘GESTATION’ of both Church (in 2012) and for the Remnant (in 2019)……..Tevet 1 was 8th day of 8th Feast

LOT taken OUT of Sodom BEFORE judg fell

Rahab taken out before Jericho fell

God is not a WIFE BEATER

A SUCCOTH Rapture would shock Israel into BELIEF

We (the CHURCH) are NOT appointed to WRATH (thus we’ll be kept OUT of the trib)

Any 75-day span (with the -22 tilt loss considered) is AV 1 to TISH 15 (Succoth) which IS the case in 2019

By the end of the trib, the Mazzarot/Greg calendar/Hebrew calendar are all three in SYNC and Succoth of 2019 is TISHREI 15, OCTOBER 15, SCORPIO 15 (also Kislev 24 Creation Day will be Dec 24 and Sivan 6 will be June 6, etc)………..360-day perfect, straight earth

Paul’s ship came to rest on the 15th day, 15th day=Feast of Unleavened Bread broken for us and Tishrei 15 is Succoth, +15 yrs Hezekiah’s life, 15 fruits of the flesh Gal 5:19, 15 shekels of silver (price of prostitute/Hos 3:2), 15,000 miles x same=dimen of New Jerusalem…..thus #15 alludes to ‘deliverance’

Christ TABERNACLED among us and we are IN Christ (‘protected IN the Succah’)



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  1. I really appreciaetd reading all that you have posted and the excellent study from J.H.
    If I might add a thought…….we know that the 7th week of Daniel will begin in a dramic fashion because one dispensation (Grace) will have ended w/ the Rapture of the Church, and the last week of the dispensation of the law which invloves the Jews only, or 7 yrs will commence to fulfill Israels 490 yrs of exile for disobedience.
    The 490 year period during which the Israelites failed to keep the Sabbath for the Land and incurred a 70 year penalty in Babylon was the third one. It ended when Persian King Artaxerxes Longimonus gave Nehemiah permission to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem in 445 BC (Nehemiah 2:1-9). The King’s edict also began the count on the fourth period (known as Daniel’s 70 weeks) which is the one we’re in now (Daniel 9:24-27).
    The Church is the Body of Christ and as His Body, we will be united with Him as He opens the Seals to BEGIN the 7th week of Daniel. It’s a time of refineing for Israel who has STILL rejected their Messiah, Jesus.
    The 7 years is designed to refine them in the fire and bring forth a remnant that WILL call on their Messiah Jesus! The tribulation also serves the purpose to rid the earth of all the wicked before the Millineum begins.
    We can see all the “signs” that Jesus gave us….to watch, pray, and look for our Blessed Hope! He never ONCE told us to look for a certain Feast Day to fulfill the Rapture. In fact, Peter’s gospel repeatedly told the people to be watchful and persevere!
    We are called a people of Faith! Faith in Christ Jesus saves us and looking and longing each day for His return is our daily testimony to HIM of our Faith!
    We are IN the Season and we SEE the signs…….that’s enough for me to expect HIM at any time!
    Thank you, Nando, and Janet for your awesome work!
    Maranatha Julie


    October 9, 2012 at 8:59 pm

    • Julie your words are joyful to my heart and I am sure Janet will fill the same. We labor to bring knowledge to a blind world and our work is not always appreciated by the readers.


      October 9, 2012 at 10:15 pm

  2. Janet,
    Here again you make an incredible point regarding 2019, copied below from above:

    “By the end of the trib the Mazzarot/greg calendar/ hebrew calendar are all three in sync and succoth 2019 is tishrei 15, october 15, scorpio 15……”

    But if you look on the calendar this does NOT occur in the year 2019, as kislev 24 is on dec. 22 in 2019, but it does occur in the year 2027. This allignment IS significant. October 15th is “erev sukkot,” in 2027, and “kislev 24” is december 24th, 2027. Now I am not familiar with the Mazzaroth, and do not know how this fits in to 2027? This was part of what led me to conclude that 2027 is the restart date for the solar, and Lunar Calendars, Like two clocks ticking at different speeds, that only have one number on them, say 12:00 They would allign many times, before they would both say 12:00 oclock again, But if we do not have that third reference point, the 12:00 on the dial, we would never know what the start time was. Is jupiter that third reference point??? Ironically, the jupiter clock has a cycle of nearly 12 years, and I believe there is a conjunction of significance with jupiter and the sun in 2027? Feb. 10th,2027 Jupiter will be the closest to the earth that it ever will be. Just thought that I would throw this out there for you to consider.


    October 10, 2012 at 2:52 pm

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