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Rapture Possibility Oct 4 to 7 (Oct 2, 2012)

To speculate in an intelligent and logical way the timeline for the start of the Tribulations and the Rapture of the church requires a deep knowledge of scripture and Jewish Feasts and times as well as Biblical astronomy.

The article by Janet Herscu dwells on  her previous posts and theories to refine and fiddle with the possible times taking into consideration a lot of concepts and scriptures.

Good work Janet Herscu.


Submitted on 2012/10/02 at 9:16 pm


Attention should be given to the fact that Jesus came up to the Feast of Tabernacles in the MIDDLE of the 7-day Feast of Succoth (John 7… relation to His possible appearance/Rapture in the MIDDLE of Succoth, 2012). The middle day of day 1-7 of Succoth is Oct 4, Day 4 of Succoth, Tishrei 18), 3 days before SUNDAY, TISHREI 21 (Hoshana Rabah). The middle of the 7 days is day 4: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.

As it stands now, the 4th Day of the current Succoth is this Thursday, Oct 4; but the COUNT starts on SUNDAY, the 7th Day of Succoth, Hoshana Rabah. Counts always began on Sunday even though a significant event occurred during the previous 6 days; for instance, salvation was achieved on Nis 14 (Thurs) but the COUNT for the event began on SUNDAY, Nis 17 (Resurrection). If the count starts on TISHREI 21, 2012 (Sunday, Oct 7), the entire trib ENDS in 2019 on TISHREI 21 as well when the -23-day tilt loss is considered.

By the end of the 7th Day of Succoth in ancient times, all 70 blood/bull sacrifices (for 6 days) were completed to cover the sins of the 70 nations amidst the profound water pouring. In our case, these days exist in GRACE presently. But after Jesus returns (followed by the 30 days of mourning), the 45-day Judgment of the Nations takes place….days of horrific Divine judgment (not in GRACE) and completed on the 7th Day of Succoth/Tishrei 21 (Oct 20, 2019). That day will also be SCORPIO 21, TISHREI 21 and OCT 20-21 as well, since the 2 calendars and the Mazzarot will be in sync, each with a 360-day, straight-earth cycle.

Looking even farther ahead, exactly 360 days (1 perf Millen yr) after Oct 20, 2019 (end of trib) is Oct 15, 2020 which will be the first full TABERNACLES/Tishrei 15 Celebration of the Millennium (Zech 14): Tishrei 15, Oct 15, Scorpio 15……right on schedule…..and all in balance from then on for the 1000 yrs.

Now as for the 1-yr warning, note one exact Jewish year (354 days) from Oct 19, 2011/Tishrei 21 to Sunday, Tishrei 21, 2012 when the COUNT begins. Sunday, Oct 7, 2012 is also LIBRA 15 = ‘perfect, balanced judgment.’ Sunday Oct 7, 2012 is may also be the start of Elijah & Moses’ 1260-day ministry until their March 20, 2016 death 3 days after mid-trib.

If, however, one considers the 1-yr warning beginning at Oct 8, Yom Kippur (judgment sealed), then add exactly 365 days to arrive at SUNDAY, Oct 7, 2012, Tishrei 21 as well.

When one views the SUCCAH (booth/tent) of Tabernacles as a WEDDING CHUPPAH, the Bride and Groom would stand under it in the MIDDLE (Jesus and the Church at Rapture….MIDDLE Day of Succoth..?).

Concerning the 2300 days of Temple Desecration:

Another positive connection validating the above info is that Karaite Judaism’s date for Shavuot/Pentecost 2013 (closest to the legal, original, Levitical date count) is SUNDAY, SIVAN 10, May 19, 2013, which, plus 2300 days (Dan 8:13-14) is Sept 5, 2019 (also Elul 5), the day Jesus enters the Temple to Reconsecrate it (Isaiah 63)…..with the -23-day tilt loss considered. In other words, the Return in 2019 at Thur, Aug 29, Av 28 (2520 past OCT 4, 2012) minus the 23-days (reverting back to Aug 6) then plus the 30 days mourning is Sept 5, exactly 2300 days past Shavuot, May 19, 2013 (start of 3rd Temple Worship). If the 7 mths of burying/bldg 3rd Temple ends of Shavuot, 2013, then the N. Invasion of Israel (Gog/Magog) would likely span Oct 4 or 7, 2012 ending somewhere between Oct 15-24, 2012 or thereabouts followed by the 7 mths cleansing of the land (Ezek 38-39).

When one views the entire trib from Oct 4, 2012 to the day Jesus enters the Temple/Isa 63, the total days are 2550 (matching the 2550 YEARS from 583 B.C., destruction of 1st Temple, to 1967 A.D., reclamation of Temple Mt.).

Hoshana Rabah (Tishrei 21) is the most joyful day on the Hebrew Calendar: all 70 sacrifices done, final day of water pouring (via Pool of Siloam), trumpets blasting with a mighty LAST TRUMP BLAST ending all 7 Feasts.

As per the Mazzarot, LIBRA 12 (Oct 4, 2012) to LIBRA 5. 2019 (Jesus into Temple/Isa 63) is 2550 days (1260 + 1260 + 30). Seven solar yrs are 2557 days and 7 perf, Millen yrs will be 2520 days (37-day difference).

It was on Hoshana Rabah (LAST DAY of SUCCOTH) when Jesus stood up and cried out saying, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” This is a likely day for the trib to be concluded since all the judgments are complete and total victory in all respects will have been Divinely wrought…..with a trib never again.

As for the mid trib in 2016, 1260 days past Thur, Oct 4, 2012 is Thur, Mar 17, II Adar 5; then plus the 1290 is Jesus’ Entrance into the Temple; and the mid trib plus 1335 days is the end of the trib.

Jesus’ Entrance into the Temple w/ the Remnant (Isa 63) is Sept 5, 2019; but w/out the -23 day tilt loss of days considered, that day is Sep 28.

Another interesting fact is that the end of the trib at Tishrei 21, Hoshana Rabah, is a SUNDAY. Now if the original creation was a SUNDAY (1st Day) and the count began on the 8th Day (a SUNDAY), add 280 days human gestation (divisible by 7) to arrive at a SUNDAY (Jesus’ Birth) and circumcised on a SUNDAY (8th Day, Tishrei 22), SUNDAY likely holds notable significance in may respects.

Know too that the LAST DAY of the LAST FEAST is the 7th Day of Succoth (Tishrei 21, Hoshana Rabah) and it is the awesome Day that the Jews have always hoped that Messish would arrive; and since the entire trib from count start at SUNDAY, TISHREI 21, 2012 to trib end at SUNDAY, TISHREI 21, 2019, the last of the 7 Feasts & most hopeful day for Divine relief, remedy and rescue takes on an appearance of actuality as never before.

Of course the Return (in Av of 2019) is still in the 2018 Rosh year 5779 (as per the Pyramid timeline of Rosh 2011 – Rosh 2018 (5772 – 5779) and you already know the height in inches of the Great Pyramid w/ the capstone and the Kelvin temp of the sun.

Thus the trib ends on SUNDAY,Tishrei 21, the 7th and final day of Succoth, Know too that Tishrei 21 is all SEVENS: 7 Jewish mth, 7th day of 7th Feast and day 21 = 3×7.

Zech 14:16-17 states that all the Nations that are left (by the end of the trib at Tish 21/last day Succoth)must come up annually to Jerusalem at Tabernacles or else there will be no rain for their country.

That’s all we have to go on at this point. So as you can see, I haven’t run out of possible scenarios….albeit it is the same scenario that you could have figured out as well. I’m just into constant figuring, understanding that not everyone has the same drive in this area. We all approach these last days differently.

Take care……J.H.


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