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Romney or Obama the choice is clear Oct 4, 2012

It is important that all concerned Christians think deeply who the are going to vote or not in the next election. After last night debate there is a good possibility that Obama just lost the elections. It may turn out to be a prodding rod to induce him into provoking a WWIII to avoid the elections and remain in power.

It is my opinion that the peobability of this happening has increased greatly as of last night.

Thanks to Rene we have this very good letter spelling the clear choice that awaits all of us the coming elections.


Rene (4 Oct 2012)
re: Bramlett’s Can You Vote for Romney? Those who Don’t.

Great Post!  I AGREE! I saw a T-shirt that said “I’ll take the Mormon over the Moron!”
I feel the same way!
I’ll take the pro-American over the anti-American.
I’ll take the pro-lifer over the abortionist.
I’ll take the humble man over the narcissistic, proud and pompous fool that is in there now!
I’ll take the pro-God over the pro-allah;
I’ll take the pro-Israel over the anti-semite;
I’ll take the pro-capitalist over the pro-communist;
I’ll take the pro-business over the business-killer; 
I’ll take the pro-biblical marriage over the pro-gay marriage candidate;
I’ll take the one who is pro-American military over the one who is so anti-American military that he apologizes to all our enemies and is working to reduce our forces to a token army that couldn’t protect a room full of bean bags!
I’ll take the one who can PROVE he was born in the USA, over the one who is still LYING about his birth certificate, who has given us a fake document that has been doctored so many times, no one knows where the lies start and where they end! 
I’ll take the one who knows how to give a speech without needing a teleprompter  24/7 and stumbles & bumbles all over the place without it!
I’ll take the one who has genuine, memorable, and sociable friends over the one who has KNOWN sociopaths, murderers, bombers, liars, god-haters and rabid racists for friends!
I’ll take the one who has background records that are easily checked over the one who has spent millions HIDING all of his background records, and still refuses to release them!
To not VOTE IS A VOTE FOR B.O. CHRISTIANS, don’t be the SILENT majority this November!!!!! AND if you TRULY are a born-again Christian and you even THINK about voting for B.O., you better check your salvation, because I would sure question anyone who claims to be a Christian and can justify in their mind voting for the anti-American, pro-abortion, anti-Semite, pro-gay marriage liar who is currently in the oval office! God will hold YOU personally accountable for your choice when YOU stand before Him one day! God is NOT mocked! You won’t squirm OUT of your decision and justify it when you stand before HIM!

I’ll take the one who fears God over the ONE who thinks HE IS GOD!!!!