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UFO Over Temple Mount on Jan, 2011 (Oct 5, 2012)

This event that happened over Temple Mount in Jerusalem has been seen and analyzed by many people and many including me believe that it was an angle of the Lord Jesus Christ that descended over the Temple.

Is it a time piece relating to the Tribulation that is coming?


Frank R Molver (5 Oct 2012)
re Jerusalem Dome UFO, black dome, 23

Fay refers to the below video sent in by Steven King
I saw it for the first time even though I am sure it was mentioned here several times before
It is very convincing with several angles catching it at the same time
This event happened in January of 2011
This is what I got out of it, it happens over the most significant place on earth prophetically
The ship hovers over the Temple for 23 seconds
A flash of light appears and it shoots straight up
Then you see red flashing light going off in a clockwise pattern, as if marking time
Right after the flash you see a dome turn black
It is a different dome, the dome of the Holy Sepulcher, where the Catholics think Jesus was buried
The is a black dome next to it also
I have been in this dome too, it has an occult feeling to it
I have a picture of it below.
I felt this was significant.
The number 23 represents death in biblical numerology by Vallowe
10=law , 13= rebelious hear of man.
Sin through the law brings death.
So what happened appears around 2 years after Obama took office
I don’t know what it means other than a high powered curse and a marking of time
I think this video is worth watching and pondering.

View of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and surrounds, Old City, Jerusalem — August 4, 1996


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