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Obama the Antichrist! and the Occult (Oct 13, 2012)

The real question we must ask ourselves is who is Obama? I am not referring to who he is physically but spiritually.

Some say he is a Muslim, others say he is a Christian, I say he is neither.

For me Barack Hussein Obama is the Antichrist, this means he has no religion except Satan worship. As the Antichrist he will be possessed by Satan in the future or he already is at the present.

At one point in the future he will declare he is god and will demand worship as god from all the world. What is known of him at the present that drives some of us to emphatically recognize him as he is spiritually when he manages to deceive the majority of the public even those who oppose him politically as to his true identity?.

In the video that is linked at the article below you will learn some of the things that identify him thoroughly as his true identity.

Pastor J.R. Church died last year but in the interview of 2008 linked here he exposes Obama completely and with the time that has past it has become clear that what was said here is more evident today.

At the end of the interview they briefly go over the subject of Mormons and the Masonic connection to that sect which gives us a lot to ponder when the present contest for the presidency is between Obama and a Mormon Romney.

According to this interview Obama is a 32 degree black Mason. This I knew from before.


Steven King (12 Oct 2012)
Rick Wiles Interviews JR Church Excellent interview in retrospect Enjoy!!!!

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Please click on this link to hear.
Rick Wiles Interviews JR Church : Bible Prophecy : Royal Bloodlines to our President

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