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Obama Antichrist, America Mistery Babylon? Nov 1, 2012

The article that is posted below by Mr. Berryman brings two links who covers the identity of the Antichrist and Mistery Babylon the mother of harlots.

In this blog we have stated time and again that the coming Antichrist is Barack Hussein Obama and the videos present him as the Antichrist.

Mr. Berryman states that if he looses the election he may be made president of the UN. I strongly do not believe this, it is only through the office of the President of the USA that he has the power to take control of the world.

This brings us to the elections 5 days away. If he looses the election no matter what he does or provoke to the end of his term come January he will no longer be commander of the armed forces or ruler of the nation.

So what other alternative does he have to guarantee his continual position of authority?.

He can provoke WWIII with nuclear strikes in the USA before the 6th or postpone the elections to an indeterminate date or other means that avoids the elections.

If he and his supporters think that it is to close to call at this time, the USA is in mortal danger for the next 5 days. That is my humble opinion.


Carl Berryman (1 Nov 2012)
MYSTERY BABYLON & the BEAST with 7 HEADS & 10 HORNS REVEALED – more confirmations


Hi Doves,

Another great video series from Sackcloth & Ashes. They confirm my recent posts about freemasonry and its connection to America/Mystery Babylon and what the future holds for Obama.

Part 1

Part 2


I think Obama will lose this election and then be made leader of the UN? Time will surely tell.


In Him always

Carl Berryman





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  1. Alot depends on this coming election. For us who are looking for the coming of the Lord and believe that this is the decade in which He comes,-2010 to 2020, then whoever is elected would be the antichrist. If its BHO then we are talking possibly about a midtribulation Rapture because he would then be being revealed now as the antichrist. If its Romney then a pretribulation Rapture and he would be starting the 7 year trib period. Either way it looks like the false prophet is the one from the Middle East while the antichrist is an American president rather than vice versa.

    So many people have calculated and studied and revealed to us that this is indeed the last decade. Also from all points of view the antichrist has to come from the most powerful and internationaly influencial nation currently and that is the U.S So I guess it does not really matter who the U.S president is.


    November 2, 2012 at 8:27 am

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