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The Hopelessness of Tomorrows Elections! Nov 5, 2012

Tomorrow is election day on the USA. No matter who your candidate is you the electors have already lost. On November 4, 2008 you the USA handed your destiny over to the Antichrist Barack Hussein Obama. Along the way the whole world follows suit and their destiny is also involved.

Yes we voted and opposed him in our writings, conversations and with every manner legally possible but it will all come to naught. As you will see and hear on the video link below all this was foreseen by our God Jesus Christ and written in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. The video linked below has been posted today on Prophecy in the News by Mr. Gary Stearman. In the video you will see him with the deceased JR Church going into detail who Obama is and what is coming very, very soon.

Is this information new to me, no. I have documented many of the things spoken in the video for a long long time, but finally it is coalescing into a well planned and coordinated evil plan to deceive and divide that is brilliant as it comes from the pit of hell and has been put into effect by the prince of darkness Lucifer or Satan as he is well known.

The good news is that those who are true Christians will be protected from this engulfing and all inclusive trap that is set up to snare and capture you the unsuspecting public.

No matter how many people hear and see this today it will not be at all significant to alter the results of tomorrows election one bit. The impact if at all will be in the future if at all when the red is being thrown to capture, kill and enslave the world.

The only hope you as an individual reading this have, is to get on your knees and reach to Jesus Christ to save you.




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  1. I believe i’ll be save come rapture day. The devil is a lier and will always be. Thank You Lord Jesus.


    November 10, 2012 at 6:16 pm

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