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A UFO or fallen angels space craft? (Nov 16, 2012)

As is documented in this blog many times UFO are the vessels that Fallen Angels use to transport themselves from space or the dimension they come from. During the Tribulation the presence of this demonic and fallen angels will make their grand entrance to earth. At one point the Abyss is opened and millions of these beings come out to torment humanity.

Are we seeing the  first manifestation of these demonic spirits?


News station confirms that UFO sighting is neither bird nor plane

4 hrs ago

Who doesn’t love a UFO sighting on a slow news day? A Denver FOX31 news crew has confirmed a local man’s report of unidentified flying objects regularly zipping around the sky. Like the man, the crew was able to capture on camera the mysterious objects. The Federal Aviation Administration and the North American Aerospace Defense Command both shrugged, saying they had no records or reports of such activity, so the station summoned an aviation expert, who was also stumped. “That is not an airplane. That is not a helicopter. Those are not birds. I can’t identify it,” he said. But while he allowed that it might be some kind of debris, “as it fits the definition, it’s an unidentified flying object.” Cue the creepy music. [Source]

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November 16, 2012 at 8:52 pm

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