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The Mayan Calendar and a pole shift (Nov 20, 2012)

The Bible is 100 % accurate in predicting the future. It is also true that before the world was created with all that is in it including humans God had created the angelic host that are spirits at the service of God. The angels were there at the dawn of the Universe and were witnesses to it. The Bible also tells us that these angels had a hierarchy of power and the most powerful were called archangels. Satan was such an angel in a position of high authority when sin was found in him. He led a rebellion of 1/3 of the angels of heaven and some came to earth with great knowledge. It is those fallen angels that recorded all the prophecies in the many cultures of the world. These angels know the outlines of the future the same way we do, from the prophecies in the Bible and from the knowledge they had before their rebellion.

So it is no surprise to know the degree of accuracy that these civilizations had when the gods they coexisted with were no other that the fallen angels that were in position of authority in the courts of heaven prior to their fall.

A lot of information on this subject can be found in the web site and other prophecy sites.


Edwina (20 Nov 2012)
Amazing Coast to Coast interview about the Mayan Texts and the Pole Shift in the Bible.

Dear Doves,
Been wondering about Nibiru and that Pole Shift in Revelation? Well, the bowl judgments and the Pole Shift are all taken care of in this 15 minute section, you can also listen to the whole show if you want to.
We just cannot have long to go now.



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  1. Good summary about the fallen angels. Thanks Nando. The book of revelations does talk of actual beings as opposed to demonic spirits coming to earth as soon as this cosmic event occurs. They must be the same ones piloting all these ufos that have become an almost daily occurance worldwide. Whether they are deliberately trying to fulfil prophecy or just falling into prophecied plan of God they are an added clue to the timeline.


    November 21, 2012 at 8:53 am

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