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Barack Obama Presented as god and our lord and savior (Nov 26, 2012)

This presentation was done by Jamie Foxx at the Music Awards. The thing to notice here is that this man would not dare do this without the consent and approval of Obama and if he was anybody else but the Antichrist he would have stopped this blasphemy to Jesus Christ in its tracks.

Now tell me that he is a Christian with a straight face!

He is the Antichrist and he will make the whole world worship him as god.



Actor Jamie Foxx at Soul Train Music Awards: ‘Give an Honor to…Our Lord & Savior Barack Obama’

Jamie Foxx Gives Honor to Our Lord & Savior Barack Obama | BET

Actor Jamie Foxx showers accolades upon President Barack Obama (Photo Credit: BET)

Actor Jamie Foxx recently had some extremely favorable words for President Barack Obama — words that are typically reserved for church sermons and personal prayers. The Oscar winner made his curious statements about the nation’s commander-in-chief at the Soul Train Music Awards, which aired on Sunday. During an on-stage appearance, he referred to Obama as “our lord and savior.”

Considering that many have quipped about Obama’s standing among his supporters — celebrities in particular — as a deity of sorts, this statement, though likely said in jest, is surely going to make its rounds.

“First of all, give an honor to God and our lord and savior Barack Obama,” Foxx proclaims in the clip.

Newsbusters reports that the actor’s words were used as a preview by BET, the network that aired the Soul Train Music Awards, leading up to the event. Conservative blogger Noel Sheppard wrote, in response to Foxx’s words, “I guess Obama really IS the messiah.”

Watch the clip, below:

(H/T: Newsbusters)



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  1. Its very unsettling to think that we may have missed the obvious signs of the antichrist coming as a man of peace. Rather than an obvious rough, rugged typical raging dictator that we are more familiar with, we may have a seemingly sophisticated articulate person who seems to know alot of military strategy/intelligence services. Just as we may have missed the start of the tribulation period in 2009 ending in 2016.One thing God has helped me accept is the fact that we see in part, not yet in whole.


    November 27, 2012 at 8:41 am

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