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Is the Third Temple at Jerusalem ready to be built? Nov 27, 2012

The news in Israel is about the building of the Third Temple and the Arabs are having a fit over it.

Christians have long been waiting for the construction of the Temple as it is one of the important signs that must be there at the middle of the Tribulations for the Antichrist to place the Abomination of desolation and abolish sacrifice.

A lot of things must happen in the near future to permit the construction of this Temple by Israel.

The question is how close are we to the start of the Tribulations seven years and the start of construction in the Temple?


Muslims Claim Netanyahu Plans to Build ‘False’ Holy Temple

Netanyahu’s latest building plan for Jerusalem is none other than for the Third Temple, claims Al Aqsa Foundation.
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By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

First Publish: 11/28/2012, 11:05 AM
Overlooking the Temple Mount

Overlooking the Temple Mount
Flash 90

Al Aqsa officials warn that the “new Likud” is planning to build a “false” Third Holy Temple and divide the Muslim compound.

Muslim paranoia of Jews on the Temple Mount had reached panic stages even before this week’s Likud primaries that placed Jewish Leadership faction leader Moshe Feiglin in a ranking that assures his election to the Knesset in January.

Arab world media constantly report of Jewish “invasions” of the Temple Mount every time Jews try to ascend the holy site. Israeli authorities enforce the Muslim Waqf policy that forbids Jews to pray there or carry prayer books or other holy articles with them.

The Palestinian Authority and the Islamic Movement’s branch in the Galilee frequently claim that Israel is digging underneath the Temple Mount to cause its collapse.

Now, the Al Aqsa Foundation has pointed to the popular support for Feiglin and other strong nationalists of the Likud as proof that Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount will be “contaminated” by Jews.

Worst of all, the Foundation claims that the election results show that Prime Minister Netanyahu soon will announce plans for building the Third Temple, which it describes as “false,” in line with increasingly popular Muslim ideology that the First and Second Temples never existed.

All of the “evidence” is “undeniable proof that the Al Aqsa mosque is in danger and that the Muslim world must shoulder the responsibility to save it,” according to Al Aqsa.

Feiglin is known for his desire to pray on the Temple Mount, and after the Pillar of Defense counter terrorist operation, he wrote, “We must expel the Muslim Waqf from the Temple Mount and restore exclusive Israeli sovereignty over the Mount – Judaism’s most holy site. We must encourage Jews to ascend the Temple Mount after the proper halakhic preparations and to actualize their sovereignty over the beating heart of the Jewish Nation.”


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November 28, 2012 at 6:03 pm