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The Mark of the Beast, UFO(Fallen Angels) human implants the Bible Code LA Marzulli and Sid Roth Nov 30, 2012

This video interview covers so many important topics that it is a must see for everybody interested in Bible Prophecy or things that are coming soon. It was interesting to learn a bit of Marzulli’s background. The book he quotes the Cult Explosion by Dave Hunt I read also about the time it came out  which is probably when he read it. Another book on the same subject for those who are interested is Larson’s Book of Cults by Bob Larson. I will point out at this time that in the course of my long lived life Satan has tried to seduce me with many of the cults listed in the latter book. I owe the guidance of the Holy Spirit my freedom from having been seduced away from the truth of the Bible.

UFO’s will play a major role in the coming demonic infestation of the Apocalypse and the world will be led astray as the interview details. The battle is serious and mortal and your eternal salvation is in the balance.

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