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The Pyramid of Giza and the astronomical markers it has. Are they pointing to the a new age for men or to the coming of the Antichrist? Dec 7, 2012

The following article was posted today by Jay Serpe and is very interesting. It is a class in Geometry of the Pyramid of Giza, astronomy and the time we are now in. The understanding of the movement of the earth, the moon and the Constellations is very important in the  coming of Jesus Christ. The author of these two videos is a pagan and has made a very good scientific presentation but draws a very wrong political, social and spiritual conclusion from the scientific facts.

The pyramids are not pointing to a new era of exalted man but to the rise of the Antichrist in the age of Aquarius. The worshipers of Satan are expecting the false messiah to come under the sign of Aquarius. Benjamin Creme a Luciferian worshiper is waiting for their lord Maytreya to rise under this sign.

Before our Lord Jesus Christ returns to set up His Kingdom the world must go through the seven year period of the Tribulations and the rule of the Antichrist which I believe is none other Than Barack Hussein Obama.

Make sure you see the second video where the author talks bout his divinity and of those in the world upon the arrival of the New Age. He proofs by this that he belongs in the camp of the deceived that will follow the Antichrist and herald the New Age of Aquarius with all the demons and fallen angels that will make their debut here on earth during that time.

The builder of the Giza Pyramids its believed to have been Enoch a descendant of Adam.

The projection of the geometric lines to the past is wrong in the video, as the earth and all of the Universe was created about six thousand years ago not the 40,000+ years he implies in his presentation. Please keep these facts in mind when viewing these videos.


Jay Serpe (7 Dec 2012)
12-21-12 and Age of Messiah

I was encouraged when watching this. More reason to believe that signs of Jesus are lining up to finally see Him.




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  1. One of the most difficult things to accept is that many or most people in the world today are satisfied with their own religions. True christianity is rejected quite often because it does not seem to offer better results than religions and has the added factor of persecution. Christianity is not attractive to most people. It is going to take serious tribulation as found in the coming great tribulation to shake people up. By then the easy way out to Jesus is gone and all that is left is terror and hardship and martyrdom as the way to Jesus.


    December 8, 2012 at 2:48 pm

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